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  1. -HK- HeroicKings Recruiting!

    Still recruiting guys! Please pop on into our discord to talk further!
  2. -HK- HeroicKings Recruiting!

    CHILLXXEZ FROM PK NATION HERE BOYS!!! So my guys and I have decided to pop on over to HeroicKings about a week ago and I must say these guys r great! So inviting, they have some good solid players who are friendly, and I have yet to see less than 2 groups of guys already formed looking to gather up those loots. Tired of useless groups who run off in seperate directions and then the inevitable happens and the tking starts to fly......or the groups who can't seem to find their push to talk button and seemingly refuse to communicate their location...... only for u to second guess an actual enemy and die? Hit us up! New or experienced there's a tier of guys in here for ur gameplay style.
  3. PK Nation now recruiting

    PK Nation is a NA based clan mostly consisting of about 8 irl friends ages 25-30. We have all played together for years in many survival games. Currently looking for new members to fill a few squads. This clan is not for the casual. Rules include: - Mic and discord required no exceptions -20+ years of age -Active, playing other games more than EFT will result in a no warning kick -Can follow direction and do not play in a squad as if ur in a solo -Have a PC that can handle the game, deaths due to pc issues will result in not being invited to squads Most of all, this is NOT a community, this is a Escape from Tarkov clan. Members are free to play other games but the clan does not support this. If you need a channel to talk with people while playing another game, make ur own discord. Please pm me on discord at Chill#0785 or post here thanks guys
  4. ETV-Elite Tarkov Veteran

    How long you have been playing ? 2 months Age? 30 Why should we accept you? only accept me if ur not a fly by night clan and plan to actually play the game. I have no time for people or clans who play multiple games. What's your favorite gun in EFT? OP SKS silenced, HMMR scope with delta point Location (Time-Zone)? EST Will you wear are clan tag with pride? Sure if its members have my back just like I will have theirs. Who's the owner of the game? The company who charged me this ridiculous amount for my EoD edition Most epic raid you completed? every raid is epic. even my hatchet runs ive come out with 300k worth of stuff just in my man pouch What other games have you played? Dayz, miscreated, Arma 2 and 3, Rust, Pubg...pretty much any survival game ive dipped my wick in. Do you have a mic and discord? yes.