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  1. Insomnium1981

    Armor & Blunt Damage

    not absorbed, but distributed. ...deflects... did you see what happens if a opscore helmet gets hit by a .44 magnum, which has about half the energy of a 12ga slug?
  2. Insomnium1981

    Armor & Blunt Damage

    12 gauge. That is completely different. It´s a fractal ( 1⁄12) of a pound of lead, so if the gauge goes up, it increases in size, thus 12ga is a bigger diameter than 16ga. 12ga = 18,53 mm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shotgun_shell <-- check out "sizes" Yeah... so show us your math and sources, then. Mine looks like this: (all sources from wikipedia) Muzzle velocity of a Mossberg 500: - 1,325 ft/s (404 m/s) for 12-gauge, 23⁄4", 00 buckshot load - 1,560 ft/s (480 m/s) for 12-gauge 437-grain rifled slug ( ~ 1 oz. = 28,35 gramms) E = 1/2m * v² E = 0,014175 kg * 230400 m/s E = 3265,92 J = 3.266 kJ The kinetic energy of a 1oz slug fired from a mossberg 590 is somewhere around 3.2 kilo Joule. You can substract some Joules for the rotation that might occur... I guess there also might be a missunderstanding about "sheer". It has multiple meanings, like: "That's sheer madness." and "By its sheer force". The later example can be paraphrased into: "By its raw power" and "By its cutting ability". This seems to be happening here... No one tries to insist that a slug "cuts" or sheers through armor. It is just a huge and fast chunk of lead that will hurt a target badly if it only has soft body armor on.
  3. Insomnium1981

    Bans for using forbidden software

    ...Cheats? By that you mean a program that lets you see in the dark without nightvision, or zoom in without a scope, for example?
  4. Insomnium1981

    Guess what the subject is! Vol.2

    Yes. And yes.
  5. Insomnium1981

    Guess what the subject is! Vol.2

    What day, to be precise? Groundhog day?
  6. I think this idea is not that bad at all. This skill system is quite unbalanced / unfinished, anyway. If we take in account what is was designed for, we could put some good ideas on the table. The first one @KAALE made, was a quite interresting approach. By making it a "morrowind-style-system" the devs sure wanted to use it to underline the training aspect that we have in RL. They wanted to support the different playstyles of the community. You do what you like and you get better at it. Sounds logical, doesn´t it? But there sure is a problem. What do we do to keep some players from abusing the system? Like running around the map all the time and carrying 120kg of garbage around, while throwing handgranades aimlessly around? Because that is something that has to be reduced to the lowest possible amount, otherwise it will: 1. Destroy immersion. First goal of the game is to make it realistic. Carrying 120Kg and jumping around isn´t, running 50 km/h isn´t either. 2. Put EFT in a bad light for claiming to be kind of a "battle sim", but having to deal with exploiters/abusers isn´t a sign of quality. 3. Create an artificial aspect of unfairness that has no reason to exist. @KAALE Your idea is a good start. I would like to add the idea that not all skills could be levelled in raid, or maybe not as fast as it would make no sense in trying to exploit it in raids. My idea is that skills like strengh, endurance and (running-)speed could be "leveled" / trained at best in the hideout / outside of the raids. It would make pretty much sense in the way that you will undoubtly gain more muscles by doing a well balanced workout, then getting in a stressful, lifethreatening situation, without access to supportive nutrients, sometimes even lacking water. By putting this two ideas together, we would get something like this example: At your base / hideout you could choose a trainig program that your PMC can execute, while you don´t go out on raids and if he is at sufficient health / constitution. You would have to choose for 1, 2, or 3 skills to train. If you only coose 1, for example strength, you would become able to kick in doors better and carry / lift heavier things, but you would suffer speed and endurance. If you would choose speed and endurance (2 picks) you would become able to run/jog faster and longer distances, but would lack the strenght to carry the heaviest things, etc... By picking all 3 skills you would reach maybe 33% of what you could get if you would train just one. Beeing a jack of all trades isn´t always the best descision. It´s a evaluation, of what you want to play. Any comments to that?
  7. Insomnium1981

    Recoil is not nearly as bad as it should be

    I am a bit torn as well, sure the gunplay as it is right now, sucks a bit. BUT i would argue that automatic fire is too accurate. To be more precise it is good as it is from prone or while knees down. While standing it could be more inaccurate and while moving it should be even less precise. Shooting while moving is quite a challange. That´s something that will be fixed for sure in the future. And it is something that is quite easy to change, so i don´t see it as a real big problem at all.
  8. Insomnium1981

    Skier Chemical P1 220 key

    This is partially incorrect. In the first part of the mission, you have to give the 220 key to Skier as part of resolving the quest. (Item that helps th investigation) Then at the start of the next one, you get it instantly back from him, which is kind of silly.
  9. Insomnium1981

    Skier Chemical P1 220 key

    It spawns ranomly in file cabinets and the pockets of scavs. BUT. I myself only found it once, way past lvl 25. I lend it from before a friend, to do the quest. You should try the same.
  10. Insomnium1981

    Add civilian M4s-m16s

    Yeah. But the rights for the MP5 are so damn cheap, as far as i know. I bet even candy-crush has them. For the G36, i belive they are much more expansive and valued by HK, because it is still in service and has some mixed reputation. Maybe they want it to dissapear and move on with the "promotion" of other systems. I would love to have the G36 in game, non the less. yeah... try to find one in russia. I might be wrong, but as far as i know they are something like a purple unicorn.
  11. Insomnium1981


    Hallo deutsches Forum. Ich habe hier ein Anliegen in eigener Sache. Im englischen Beta Forum hab ich ne Abstimmung / Befragung gestartet. Ich würde gerne eure Meinung zum Thema wissen. Bitte seid doch so nett und gebt kurz eure Stimme ab, damit der poll etwas aussagekräftiger wird, oder tragt auch gerne etwas zur Diskussion bei. DANKE!
  12. Insomnium1981

    halloween 2017 in EFT

    I personally do not like these sesional events at all in any game. I guess it is mostly made to cater the younger, US-affine players, to me it´s just crap in a decorated bucket. I can´t quite get my head around why games like EFT or for example TheHunter which have an emphasis on realism do such a nonsense thing. It is quite immersion-breaking. I automatically can only see that the dev´s time could be better invested in one of the many issues this game really has. Don´t get me wrong, i do understand that some of the dev´s are into this, but why don´t they just put masks on the traders faces, or something in the menue background or something like that? I also get that the dev´s need some time to fool around, too. "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy". Cool. But they don´t need to push it into this sesional crap, in my opinion.
  13. Insomnium1981

    It happens

    Did u get him by now? ;-D
  14. They want the community (Emissars) to promote the game on social media FB, Steam, VC. Like amazon reviews, advertising, propaganda, commercials... letting the customers write something like an article about how great the game is.
  15. Insomnium1981

    I Search German Players

    just what i thought....