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  1. Scavving into same game you just left

    You can, I did it on factory while not meaning to (I know because I found my own tags, that's really an odd thing to find in a raid). I even got killed by the same guy (im guessing he was the only PMC left by that time). It seems to be a lot harder than it used to be.. The window for scavs seems to be a lot larger than it used to be and the chances of you managing to get in at the right time and being pot in to the right raid seems to be pretty small now.
  2. AK-74s without dust covers

    Scavs? I've got a few without dust covers from scavs..
  3. Why do i get this error

    Sounds like a permissions issue if running as admin fixes it.. (Run the launcher as admin)
  4. Friendly Wiggle

    It makes me sad that people don't trust the wiggle, and people abuse the wiggle.. What happened to the friendly days of hatchet wiggeling and forming gangs to get everyone loot.. Oh wait its tarkov, nevermind! I had a good wiggeling experience on the weekend. I was a scav looking for my loot. I was busy looting and I hear footsteps so I drop out of the looting menu but it was too late! Infront of me was another scav, SKS in hand pointed at my head. I wiggled like my life depended on it. He wiggled back and walked away... As far as I know we both left that raid with scav loot in hand (not that it did me any good, it was slim pickings)
  5. vepr vs sks

    They are both close enough that it comes down to personal preference. I know a LOT of people that love the SKS, but i just cant handle the iron sights on it so I prefer the Vepr..
  6. Recoil is not nearly as bad as it should be

    Are you people not playing the same game as me? At low levels with next to no recoil control skill the AKS-74U with no mods is almost impossible to get multiple hits on a target at 50+ meters.. I think this is the key. Skills improve your recoil control a lot so the point that when you get a VAL or M4 you already have really good control and you can get good mods for them, which makes the higher level guns look easy to control. Possibly the issue is that its too easy to get mods for guns? Less foregrips and good buttstocks for more uncontrolled madness?
  7. To the guy that killed me twice on factory, IN THE SAME RAID.. I was level 4 (account reset) and you killed me coming out of the office. I wasn't the first in and the safe was empty. i knew my pistol wouldn't be enough for the geared player I could hear but I was hoping to either run for the exit or at least take out a few scavs on the way out.. 2 steps out of the door and I get mowed down from behind. I re-kit my PMC, but I'm low on funds so I decide to scav in to factory and see if I can find a free gun or 2 to keep me going. I spawn and hear some gunfire and scavs screaming so I hide for a bit. I'm here to loot after all. After a while the shooting has stopped and all is quiet, so I decide everyone must have left and now is my time to loot. I creep around and find an SKS, but I've done this before and I know that all the good loot is usually up near the office or down under the rafters. The office is closer so I go there first with the plan to swing around. Sure enough outside the office are 3 or 4 bodies so I start to loot them.. Second body I find a pistol AND MY OWN TAGS... You didn't even take them! And then bam, back of the head.. im dead again to the same PMC.
  8. Night vs Day raids

    I like night raids because i like being sneaky. Bonus points for a headlock, no armor and a silenced pistol only.
  9. Nade hatchlings

    Can you not get them at Level 1 prapor anymore? Also can we call them nadelings?
  10. The Wipe is Coming??? Pilgrim bags?!

    Yeah its all for nothing.. Its beta.. You are going to be losing your progress several times before release with the next wipe being (hopefully) open beta. There will also be a wipe before release. I'm guessing there will be several between open beta and release. Wipe means exactly that. Everyone loses everything and everything is reset like no one has ever played the game before. After release there will be no wipes.
  11. Correct. right now the head is its own hitbox and the helmet protects all of it. The plan going forward is there will be an unprotected hitbox for the parts that the helmet doesnt cover but its not implemented yet.
  12. Sadface

    It's not about money, money just buys you time.. It's about resources.. CD Projekt Red for example is currently working on 2 games and supporting some of their older games. They are a much larger company though with (reportedly) around 700 employees.. I would hazard a guess they have somewhere between 100 and 200 staff working on Cyberpunk 2077 in one way or another. The game was announced in 2012 and looks to have a release date sometime in 2019. i honestly don't know how big Battlestate is as a company but I would guess somewhere between a dozen and 2 dozen employees working on the game. (That is however just a guess, they could have 500 staff for all I know)
  13. Since my last post was locked

    A combination of hardware and account registration (and account) bans works kinda well. Ban the account so they have to re-buy to play again. Ban the email/address/credit card/paypal they registered with so there not a zero effort in re-buying the game. Ban the hardware serials (CPUID, Network MAC, Windows GUID, etc). if someone gets banned and goes through the trouble of a new paypal account, new email address and new hardware just so they can continue cheating then I feel they should get a few days out of it before they get caught and banned again... Its only fair.
  14. Squads, Squads, Squads...

    They haven't.. You can play solo. You can win solo. You can loot solo. You can die solo. All you cant do is put your self in to easy mode to get more loot, you have to play the game the same as everyone else and either find a buddy (there are plenty of people around looking for groups) or do it tough. Besides, putting ungrouped players in to their own queue will only result in teaming in game anyway, which they would have to police, in a game that's supposed to be hard.
  15. Sadface

    I thought the involvement from BSG went as far as 'make a new subforum'.. Everything else has been run by the Emissaries who are other players like you and me. I'm also sure those graphic artists making the models for the new guns know heaps about netcode design, just like every coder knows all there is to know about lighting and texturing models.. (Replying to the guy you replied to) You aren't seeing any progress on the code side because the coders are all buys fixing the big problem (or converting us to Unity 2018). You ARE seeing progress on the asset side because the modelers have a working pipeline and are still able to get stuff done while the coding work is being done. BSG isn't 1 guy, the company can work on more than 1 thing at a time. Its also not 100 guys and things take time with limited resources.