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  1. Got um!

    5 Hatcheters at the exit of factory. Look at the time stamps on the kills. Insane. Glad I had the fully auto mini ak. TCO
  2. Forum Ranks

    Rookie is no rep I believe.
  3. Player's Questions and Answers by Developers

    You are a God among Gods. Sir. Glad we are on the same page.
  4. Player's Questions and Answers by Developers

    Excellent. I needed that today.
  5. Player's Questions and Answers by Developers

    Is there really ever enough women?
  6. Player's Questions and Answers by Developers

    Oh, Ill be more than Patient. Ill send some women yall way if you need some Motivation Jack of all trades right here.
  7. Player's Questions and Answers by Developers

    Oh I never stated it was "simple", I wouldn't underestimate a developers role in a game building experience. But I mean, How bout that .45 ?
  8. Player's Questions and Answers by Developers

    Not one of the "testers" has asked about weapons that would be added in the future (Beta) update? Example: Colt .45?
  9. Closed Beta will start in July!

    I've got no reason to troll. I have been getting wrecked and wrecking people for a couple wipes now. ( I am no veteran) I have acquired the knowledge of holding a rifle, healing (A lot), reloading, running, jumping (Watching your legs breaking after hopping over a small rail for no reason ), opening doors repeatedly while watching them close for no reason also, and taking in the great sights of the AI running into walls: scanning through the areas while running to players, away from players etc. You get the idea. It's been a pleasure watching the developers tweak for the worse/better all the while giving us a Beta Date, and in turn introducing fresh meat into the World Known As Tarkov.
  10. Closed Beta will start in July!

    At this point in my Tarkov Career, I am ready to (Right Click, Run as Admin) "What, what is this? A major Update to my Launcher, Game File? Oh MY GOODNESS IT"S HERE" I am ready for the Feeling.
  11. What monitors are you running?

    Using at 32" Crossover 2160p Monitor. 60hz. Model Is 324k (Discontinued at this moment) Replaced with the 324KS? At Work I have a 24" Asus VG24U? 144hz montior. Play it at a max refresh rate of 120Hz though.
  12. Ah... customs. I remember now...

    That was nuts.
  13. 1 vs 5 on woods - Story, video(s)

    Great vids! Good to see the tri zip in this vid. I have never had my hands on one yet!
  14. What recording program do you use?

    MSI. Just screenshots for now. It records great video, then convert the vid file with AVS. Takes a 10gb file and compresses it to about 900mb. Good stuff.
  15. How old are you?

    29 in July. God Bless America. (How I imagine myself in the Game) (Matrix) How I really look.