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  1. Its alt+right click (if the sight has 1x/4x like elcan)
  2. Escape from Tarkov will go to the Sun!

    My CPU goes to the sun when im playing shoreline.....
  3. The Wipe is Coming??? Pilgrim bags?! Just gonna leave this here.
  4. @Dole4711 Would really like to know how you killed me while I was in the bathroom looking at the door just now on shoreline nightime, ducking cheater.
  5. 2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    Please "plan" on optimizing Shoreline . Otherwise nice to keep us updated.
  6. Aim punch

    What is "google" literally the first result
  7. Aim punch

    Was there a change to the aim punch in the last patch it seems even a pistol shot sends your mouse flying. I dont have video, because my pc is bad but a scav attacked me on old gas station while I was on top and hit me 2-3 times and it was so much shaking I thought I was dead however no damage to my paca, kiver or hands just low dmg to my chest which I healed immediately. I dont know if it was just a bug or it was always like this.
  8. 20% discount in celebration of February 23

    Thanks BSG , gonna get my standard upgraded to EOD!! Keep doing what you are doing the game is coming along nicely.
  9. Scavs'(AI) aim is way too good

    Just buy a helmet and you wont be headshotted as easily, they are worth almost nothing. Remember to always stand behind cover, and dont understimate them just because they are AI. See you in Tarkov!
  10. Interchange

    Hey guys I wanted to share something cool which I didnt see posted yet, on the screenshot below right in the middle you can see the sign in the back that says "IDEA" or "Идея" (sorry for the potato graphics) which is the same as the one in the most recent Interchange screenshots,not also the raised roads on the left side which do look like an Interchange. I dont know, I thought it was cool to share, go there and see it for yourselves. See you in Tarkov!
  11. Any chances of finding M4 bolt in crates?

    The green boxes (wooden) seem to only spawn mods, I would suggest trying the weapon boxes, like the ones in lumber mill (woods), there are also 2 in scav wearhouse on customs you can check. See you in Tarkov! (hopefully with the m4 )
  12. Were you by any chance playing scav? Because a few days ago I went to the same car as as scav to get some meds and I couldnt open it but next game on my PMC when I was extracting I saw it had already been opened. I dont know if its a scav bug but they do have to look into it.
  13. 1 vs 5

    Wow, that looked so cool, too bad if I start firing in the complex on shoreline i get sub 10 fps and god help me if one of the shots breaks a window.
  14. Shoreline optimization

    Was something done to Shoreline in the latest hotfix, I dont see any patchnotes but im running 10 fps higher almost all areas and now 30 fps in resort which i havent had even offline. I really want to know what updates are, also made if there are any patchnotes link please,Thank you and see you in Tarkov!
  15. To @adrian_shepard with who we had a fight near the second exit on customs where I hid under the platform FIRST OF ALL i was peeing and came back to you shooting me. Secondly WHAT THE TARKOV HOW DID I WIN THIS. check the screenshot