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  1. AlJabberwock

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To Murazama... Oh.... DAMMIT! I only just realized what must have happened on top of that hill in the new sector of Customs... OH F I am SO sorry... I feel terrible and would like to apologize and add you to my friend list so I can do some runs to make it up to you. Also I am sure I have some items you could use, I am a wicked bad hoarder... You will recall a pistol-armed PMC meeting you at the top of the hill, and I aimed my pistol you aimed your shotgun, but did not shoot, so I hesitated. You flashed your light, and I put my gun down, and you put yours down... as you walked forward closer to me, however, you raised your gun and began firing in my direction -which I- trained in the harsh human-hatred-wasteland that is Tarkov, figured you only used that as a ruse to get close enough to me where your shotgun would be lethal.... SO I dodged around a cement support and shot you ... It was only later as I looked at your level 2 dogtag that I realized you were shooting at someone BEHIND ME, who, of course, shot me in the back of the head as i inspected what I thought was another untrustworthy player's corpse. In fact unbeknownst to me, you must have been shooting at someone behind me (which is why I took little or no damage) and _I_ was the apparently untrustworthy player. There are no words or adequate descriptions of how bad / stupid I feel, even though anyone that has played this game for a year or more like I have, will admit they might very well have done the same... Murazama, please respond to my friend request, and hope you find this, even though it is like a prayer in the wilderness. Your hopeful friend to be, AlJabberwock / Poorlifechoices.
  2. AlJabberwock

    10.6 update messed up the game even more

    We also have seen all three of these problems. Additionally, there still appears to be a very high incidence of fracture when being shot. While this may be bad rng, the three problems mentioned above are ubiquitous.
  3. AlJabberwock

    Reduce the aim of the Scav boss and his guards

    It appears to me, at least, just reading the words, that he is sort of saying both of those things. I cannot know OP's intent other than how I interpret the words, which, of course, is the whole problem of communicating in wavery electrons fixed on a screen - we often can misinterpret or be misinterpreted. Seems to me, In the first part of the message he is suggesting people doing economy runs (hopefully we all know what that means) should be able to deal with the Scav Boss and his Detail. Personally, I, an ancient and doddering old player think this is quite possible already -though with difficulty. You simply don't want to go into CQC with 'economy' gear with those bots. Comments on how variously best to deal with this AI concentration is fairly well described by posters above depending on your gear (limited or otherwise). Of course third parties make engagements problematic regardless of gear, and if it weren't for that challenge, Customs wouldn't be nearly so active as it still most certainly is! In the second part of the message the OP appears to be complaining about 'superhuman' capabilities of the Scav Boss and Detail. This is (in my opinion) still a valid point, although the behavior has been improved to be a bit less aim-bot-like. Having been killed by bot-nades a few times (!!) after the first barrage of nades missed me, or hit by the inevitable nearly 360 degree one-shot if I failed to kill the scav with a single burst, I can sympathize with the idea this seems to happen sometimes a bit too often. Everyone lands the outrageous incredible shot now and then (far more often it seems when you have high-end/super res. with large screens ) and so too should the Scav Boss and Detail... But it COULD be reduced perhaps just a bit since it is far more often one might be winged, but not downed by such a spin and fire move...
  4. AlJabberwock

    Can someone explain this?

    This, although some people have reported it with invisible PMC, my experience of it has always been Scav, nearly always identifiable as player scav because of where/how. As Skemba said, scheduled for termination... although every time we add another major module, we can expect a chance it returns. Doh!! Welcome to Early Access. Heh!
  5. AlJabberwock

    Next wipe?

    Uh... well his response of two to three weeks was given on Oct 6th. It is the 25th, and it has been suggested by TheWay that incoming patch 10.5 is nearing completion and we will get a wipe soon. Since the recent announced date for 10.5 was around the end of the month, this looks like it is going to be close to those more recent announcements, following up on the fairly accurate release date for 10.2. This is an old thread that smokey-phil posted on weeks after it was dead to PURPOSEFULLY mislead you... BAD smokey... LMAO Just joking... Sometimes things are misleading because... they just happen that way. Wipe is 'SOON', but... hell, it actually couuld be. ~Al
  6. AlJabberwock

    "Backend empty response status: 0"

    These sorts of things are best discussed in the support section. I usually go down the simplicity route. Verify game files, then try the limited lobotomy route (you will see where this involves removing the main game files, temp files and your general users temp file, and so on if you look in Backend error threads in Support section), and then I start trying to see if Comcast could have sent me a warning about data usage, experiment with turning off security (don't bother if all you are carrying is Windows Defender), and then consider whether I want to go more nuclear which is a general uninstall of the game client, AND a reinstallation of a NEW clean verified copy of Win 10.
  7. AlJabberwock

    Canais de Youtube e Twitch PT / BR

    Nao Acredito... PSYCHO do... ADK antigamente? (Sou DIMWIT, ai)...
  8. AlJabberwock

    Obscenity Gaming - 18+ - Casual

    Predominantly West Coast USA and Canada here. We already have some informal groups. Can you give me a clue as to where your player base is so I can see whether that makes sense for us to look at?
  9. AlJabberwock

    Little update for you

    Thanks @TheWay Great to have this be in a new thread on the official forums in a timely way, and great to have a headsup to use up some of that backedup damn stock in the stash. Look forward to the seeing what's new, and how your list of what is big is implemented . Rock On!
  10. AlJabberwock

    Q&A with Nikita Buyanov from Russian Forum section

    A few comments... Let me try to avoid the obvious arguments-just-for-the-sake-of-argument-points... >I want to use this comment to thank @o4zloiroman for his generally excellent and easy-to-understand translation of the QA. Cool! Thanks man! Discussion in someone's non-native language often tends to be confusing, and often leads to misunderstanding. It makes sense to assume someone MAY not have expressed what they truly meant if you find it odious, or another did not understand the intent of the discussion. Can we be a bit patient? It is such a good discussion, let's not screw it up! >Realism vs Playability is one of the oldest tensions in combat simulation (of any kind), and saying something is about one or the other is really probably more an argument about implementation: What the Devs decide to do with NVGs versus using the Nvidia 3D color and gamma controls (let alone Reshade or any other evasion of intended game mechanics), and having Traders on the Game Map :::> is down to them getting to the point where they can worry about that. With the game still in an early if somewhat-polished Alpha, much of how the finished product might actually play is a matter of conjecture, since implementation and even _inclusion_ is a matter of conjecture for so many things _by the Devs themselves_. Heh! Sure, thinking of the worst case scenario, I don't want to have wait to take a chunk of my net worth or grinding time to the trader if I can't get together 4 other players with the best monitors and other hardware/connection throughput (because those currently can trump any in game equipment run by less than elite levels of throughput and hardware), but we are only receiving a 'CONCEPT' in this Q and A. We cannot know how these might mesh with all the other imponderables still indeterminate that either are major changes to the current systems, conditions and playability, or aren't even in yet (I am sure anyone who has been playing or reading around here can think of three or more major game concepts that aren't yet part of the testing experience). Sure, implementation might suck, or... it might not. Lets see when they get to the testing part of that...? Coding a newish engine with a newish agenda and limited funds has been challenging, but even with limited progress, I have been glad to be a part of the attempt to get this game to reality. Looking forward, I hope we get there, and so it does make sense to put comments in about 'reefs ahead' for this or that concept where they may have been problematic in earlier titles, or to say having a concept included was beneficial to a title. What is important is to (as some posters above have carefully been sure to suggest) make sure to include 'in my perception', 'in my humble opinion', or 'at least it seemed so to me'. That is how it seeems - at least to me.
  11. AlJabberwock

    Why am I so bad at Tarkov no matter what I try?

    Some pretty good advice. Took me months to figure it out 'on the streets of Tarkov' as it were. SO not much to add to the general advice but just to highlight a few things: Things that most increase your chance of survival? 1) Squadmates. More eyes and ears and higher the chance you aren't the first guy that boring-camper-sniper jerk guy shoots (sure and that guy could be me - its entertainment value folks, c'mon! I'm not talking down anybody who couldn't be me. ) 2) DO take the advice here to get some cheapo basic stuff from a scav raid or three and use that stuff on your PMC for CAREFUL, execution of the missions - those eventually net huge XP and access to equip. bonuses. Avoid PVP encounters while concentrating on the missions - unless it is clear you can't evade the other guy(s), or, you have the drop AND the guy is lightly geared. Anybody who looks fat, it's better to simply hide, wait, and or run away. 3) As you progress, you will have access to (and be able to afford) sound equipment. Use it whenever you can afford it to hear people before they can hear you or at least as soon as they can hear you (mostly). Learn how noisy you really are even when you think you're not making any noise without sound equipment. 4) Scopes 3.5 or better. Get them and use them when you can afford to. These allow you to see people before they see you or at least as soon as they can see you. 5)Suppressors double as flash hiders (and some things that say they are flash hiders, aren't, really). Not being able to see a barrel flash severely limits players' ability to find their attacker, AND third party or enemy squadmates will have a harder time finding you as well. Obviously this goes double for dark environments. good luck!
  12. AlJabberwock

    Are players just being salty ?

    While it is true that it is currently difficult to state with 100% surety that something weird happening is due to either cheat use or maybe _deliberate_ glitch exploitation, because the game state is so rife with: errors, bad mapping, bad syncing/lag, bad code, and general engine-based issues that depend on heavy server side assets... ...it is hardly a vote of confidence and glad tidings in the game state that makes this condition so! I for one have observed a number of deliberate use of glitch exploits, and at least ONE hack (speed) since patch 10. One that may or may not always be deliberate depending on the user - the invisible and silent Scav exploit on Interchange - is maybe one of the most annoying still occurring (day before yesterday, took out our entire squad save me - since I knew what was happening and simply ran off). If you haven't see a hack, you may have been very fortunate. More likely, unfortunately, you either cannot differentiate it from the rest of the chaos that is the state of the game, or you may not play enough populated servers enough of the time to see what most people see eventually. There is a cheat ban list for a reason. The list is _not_ made up only of wrongly accused players. The wider collection of profligate glitch exploiters, is of course another thing entirely. If you haven't seen any of those, either you are not terribly observant, or you probably aren't playing much Tarkov on servers with significant player populations.
  13. AlJabberwock

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    Some serious BS Endonium. My regrets this happened. We wish we could trust people too, but don't make or accept random invitations for just this likelihood. Any of us would run with you anytime.
  14. AlJabberwock

    Can anyone explain this?

    In addition to any cheats that enable this, we have seen two separate occasions where a group of players have entered third story of 3 story dorm without opening a door on the building on the construction side of Dorms but rather simply 'passed through the wall' on that side. Having had unit players both inside and outside the dorms on two occasions we can confirm that there is bad mapping and odd things happen in Three story dorms in several places. IN the two cases we witnessed, the outside player(s) announced the incoming tangos climbing metal stairs on Construction side while the inside group prepared to fire. Suddenly these inside players were dead from shots immediately behind them with no doors ever having been opened on Construction side, and no activity from outside on Edge-of-map side. There is also a bad mapping section between 2nd and 3rd story INSIDE along the wall on the last section of stairs before 3rd story. Under the right conditions you have been able to pass between 'being on the stairwell' and being inside a room - and sometimes NOT the room that is to the left of the stairwell which is a bathroom...
  15. AlJabberwock

    Stop the Balancing Act

    Hey @Gh0stB0nes, liked your OP. What ShiroTenshi is saying is that part of the planned dynamic of unpredictable stocks of anything in a limited size, cut-off region, is the inability to link what you think prices and supplies ought to be to what they are. In game lore, Tarkov isn't really Russia because it has become isolated. Like hyperinflation in economies where foreign exchange has been limited to government only, and price freezes imposed, where price cannot control supply, first price and then supply show that demand is beyond what the market can meet. In your own, and very reasonable OP, which I generally agree with, you show the reason price has doubled in the US. Now imagine NO supply could reach the US, and NO foreign exchange corrections were allowed. Price would go through the roof, and then, none would be available (for US dollars, anyway). If we cycle back to the random price fluctuations imposed by the devs from time to time prior to wipes, this is only a taste of what unpredictable impacts might take place in a very limited (microscopic, really) economy for the slightest of flutters of supply. Vlad drove his weekly peddler truck off the road, and was unable to meet the shift of guards he pays off. No 'good x' this week... or maybe it's MONTH... Larry got drunk and fell off the roof. He is the guy that knew where to find bleach for the duty-roster's undies. Undies don't get laundered with bleach for now, presto, more bleach for everyone else. Welcome to chaos, which we already know by the name 'Tarkov'. It isn't Russia's economy, even if it is IN Russia.