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  1. Hacker Report

    None of these footage proves that he is cheating tho. Only thing i see is players with high gear and dont know how to use it. Sorry but it is the truth. I did more than 600 raids since the last wipe and encountered just 1 cheater. You just assume he is cheating because you are arrogant to think that 1 player can out play you
  2. Big customer ? chemical part 4 cant complete .

    instead of night time try to survive at day time and ''Survive'' not Run Through
  3. Customs Map not Designed too well

    Boiler spawn with just Grach, this was the out come :)
  4. Chemical P1

    You need 220 key
  5. Item details?

    @Androni did you check the date of the video? may be it was a feature taken out later.
  6. Unaccessible SCAVs

    I can confirm that they sometimes they spawn with Sks + bravo
  7. Unaccessible SCAVs

    If you are lucky, they will falldown from roofs at boiler side of the customs
  8. 10/10 Anti Cheat

    Anti Cheat doesnt prevent players to cheat tho, it requires them to cheat to ban otherwise it cannot ban someone who is not cheating. Tell me 1 game which is 100% cheat proof. A cheating player is not the proof of a broken anti cheat. If 7/10 games of yours have the same results as this video then you are right AC is not working but i dont think this is the case here. So stop annoying people. Thanks...
  9. This game is no longer fun.

    I bought the game at 28th of December, since then i play 8 hours a day on every map and reached 37 level. In my first 6 days i just played factory. my survival rate is %35 and i havent encountered a single exit camper yet
  10. Hello everyone i encountered this issue yesterday, i will also send a ticket after this message, there is a problem with my Messenger screen, after running the game i open up my chat tab i can click any of the trader chats or pm chats but the therapist when i click her name it stays in the last chat screen, i can scroll up and down but cannot switch to another chat, i can type into the current channel and it stays that way until i rerun the game, because of this problem i cannot retreive my insurence from therapist( her chat does not open at all). In the first screenshot i am at global chat as seen in the second i manage to click prapor and in the third switch to peacekeeper as you can see my mouse hower over therapist an i am trying to click her, after clicking her i cant click back to prapor i am stuck with peacekeeper
  11. Instantly dying at spawn

    if you have a slow loading pc, players with ssd can run and kill you before you spawn
  12. So title explains the situation, i couldnt manage to reconnect, If i get the ''deserter exit status'' do i get my insured gear? I assume everybody on the server lost the connection
  13. Zaten raid süresi dolunca kaybetmiş sayılıyorsun. itemlerin sende kalmasının tek yolu haritadan canlı çıkmak, secure container da Pouch yazanyerde karakterinin uzerinde ama Pouchdan cıkarıp başka bir yere koyarsan öldüğünde kaybedersin. Pouch da durması lazım
  14. Daha önce bu sorunu yaşayan oldu mı ?

    botların bazen bir bug dolayısı ile duvarların icini görebilme durumu var herhangi bir haritada olabilir
  15. Key aldım ama nasıl gideceğimi bilmiyorum bu linke girip elindeki kodu yazmayı denedin mi?