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  1. SkyCloud


    It seems your PC is not "high end" after all.
  2. SkyCloud

    Head, eyes

    Instead of saying "It is not what you are saying." Can you explaing better? It is obvious he shot first, hit him in the head before getting shot and couldn't kill him + no damage report in after game stats. Without inflicting damage how can you expect the kill trade?
  3. SkyCloud

    Head, eyes

    mate are you unable to comprehend a simple sentence? let me quote myself but read it really really carefully this time.
  4. SkyCloud

    Head, eyes

    First of all this sentence explain it self. You had jaw protection, you killed by a bullet to your eyes. There would be a problem if the end game stats told you that 2 ammo with x amount of damage which means you hit him in the head and he survived without a helmet but that's not the case here. You shot him on YOUR SCREEN but it was not a registered shot on the server side maybe lag maybe desync, probably both. Basicly you shot and missed, he shot and didn't. You just thought that you hit him because of the blood splater and injury sound effect.
  5. Hey everyone I am looking for experienced teammates without fear or hesitation that you can count on without a second thought. The qualifications I am looking for are; -Fast thinking and responding. -Without gear fear. -Knowing, when to push and when to hold the angle. -Detailed knowladge about maps to rotate and flank asap. -Knowing where to hide gear for insurance. -Being able to relay information(about enemy location or his own) clearly with less words as possible. -Speaking english and playing on Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Strasbourg, London, Turkey-2. -Preferably minimum Level of 35 and above and experienced more than 2 wipes. These are the stats of my PMC for the current Wipe; To reach me you can send me a message or write under this post. Also for discord contact; SkyCloud#1928
  6. SkyCloud

    Crazy character glitch!

    I feel ya bruh...
  7. SkyCloud

    How to increase Health skill

    Whenever you gain EXP for Strength, Endurance or Stress Resistance you also gain EXP for Health. This does not mean (Endurance+Strenght)/2=Health Walking, running, Healing, eating, drinking will increase your Health , but it is a slow proccess you need to endure
  8. SkyCloud

    so um, can i get my 1Mil roubles back for this raid?

    m4, dvl urbana, gen4 assualt, grizzly, camo 6b47, ana tac, the 2 worthless grenades, sordins, etc The items you are talking about are worthless and insignificant. Stop overvaluing the gear.
  9. SkyCloud

    unity 2018

    They were saying open beta will come with Interchange, then they were saying open beta will start in the first quarter of 2019, almost in the half of the first quarter no news.
  10. SkyCloud

    unity 2018

    There won't be any huge improvments until full release you know that right? they keep adding, subtracting and changing stuff all the time, you have to wait until all parts fit togetheri think it like a puzzle; you need all pieces to see the whole picture working as intended.
  11. SkyCloud

    unity 2018

    how high end? high high end? or high endish high end?
  12. The gear you lost is insignificant. It is not hard to obtain best gears in the game.
  13. SkyCloud

    hats off to the devs

    Nikita specifically stated that, helmets won't be as realistic as their RL counterparts. There are different Tiers of helmets which will stop bullets. This is a fact accept it and move on, your enjoyment will increase if you accept this fact.
  14. SkyCloud

    i dont undsertand how anyone plays this

    I play "this game" everyday and i enjoy it and nobody forces you to play the game, you can wait till release.
  15. SkyCloud

    great game

    Happened to me in labs after throwing a grenade it wouldn't be fixed even if you could join, i wouldn't be able to move or look around. This is the image i get after ALT F4 This is the message i get from support after telling the story including the logs. Hello! The information contained in your request is accepted for processing by our specialists. If we need additional information from you on this issue, we will request it. Thank you for your help in improving the game.