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    Too hard for beginners???

    You 100% can stand a chance alone in this game. You just need to be smarter than a squad.
  2. Title says it all. Its an abuse of a game mechanic and not intended. Should fix asap and ban those abusing it.
  3. PebbleMaster

    People that glitch their weapons should be banned

    I would usually agree but this is not an intended and I think that means that it should be treated differently. Many games will ban people for abusing a glitch that is clearly not intended. I cannot find this games policy but I hope it is addressed. Glitches should be reported and we should be working together as a community to improve the game not abuse glitches.
  4. PebbleMaster

    Bugs can be devastating

    I had a all my stuff in my WTRig in my gamma container, I drop my Rig on accident and it glitches through the ground and dissapears. All my keys, including marked room, the important San keys, all that is gone. Losing stuff is a normal part of the game. Losing stuff like that is extremely disheartening.
  5. PebbleMaster

    Bugs can be devastating

    Thats a good point. I guess I'll be doing that from here on out.
  6. PebbleMaster

    Complete Extraction, But Still "In Raid"?

    I am upset about it I went into a game and killed 4 kitted players. I had 4 silenced guns, extracted and then it said i was still in raid. not wanting to lose all that good stuff i hit reconnect but then only had what i had originally loaded in with and all the good loot was gone from my inventory.
  7. Title says it all. Just need to get to marked room, will pay something idk I do not need anything out of there but the door open.