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  1. Factory exits BROKEN!

    Well its happened three out of four times tonight. Really frustrating. I have a factory key now so can try the third exit. I just go from one to the next and nothing. Hope this gets fixed soon.
  2. Factory exits BROKEN!

    I have no idea how to make a video. Cant be hard to replicate. Go into factory at night (haven't tried day), and try to extract. Sometimes the old extraction works, if not then you're stuck. I'm level 19 now, played before the wipe, trust me I know where the exits are. They just don't work. I'm presuming the last exit (factory key) is the only one enabled in these cases. Havent found another factory key yet to check. Really, really frustrating though. Should have main extract always on, and the other two optional. Tried loading with a map in my inventory also...
  3. Factory exits BROKEN!

    Hi. Love the new update but its broken factory exits. So I understand the exits are variable between three locations, but if you don't have a factory key then you can only access two of those locations (this is at night). This is really frustrating to have a good raid, lots of loot then find you are stuck. Factory key is a rare find so there should at least be one available extract point. Can you please fix this.