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  1. PVE mode , hear me out

    well there is hope and so i know a lot devs who changed their mind on various things , even bigger things then just adding coop:) stay positive people if they don't its fine , but would be nice.
  2. PVE mode , hear me out

    could you post source?
  3. PVE mode , hear me out

    its ok , as for reputation i not really spoke about the game itself , just was replying to your hypothetical scenario you mentioned in last quote. As for extreme realism , there was set of dayz servers where dying meant permanent ban meaning everyone truly had 1 life.(not sure how long lived server/concept was) i am aware its unfinished , was replying to just the things you said Mostly and foremost i just wanted to discuss potential of possible PVE as concept as it would not interfere with PVP and main aspect of the game. on end of the day maybe they change ther mind , or not but that's what forums are for , discussing ideas and concepts.
  4. PVE mode , hear me out

    I never said it will fail
  5. PVE mode , hear me out

    Because all "re-spawning mechanics" , having stash of presistant gear despite you died is realistic because levelling up is realistic Levels are retained(despite you died anyway and you not exist any more) Because possessing random bandit on map is realistic Because items magic aper into your inventory using email code(Christmas) AND EVEN IF what you said was set in stone , all other games and common sense explained it well , even in stalker you had missions to investigate stalker who was killing his buddies he went with , people would eventually found out that going on mission with this guy means death , they would find proof , or he would be killed eventually , especially said person keeps returning with "insured" "marked gear" "and lots of items including USEC armours/weapons" not to say if victim was on radio and managed to report anything to anyone all your concept of "no witnesses" would go out of the window , not to say you never know if someone is not watching this from far away but like i said 3 times before(yet you keep insisting to bring up realism concepts back) this is talk about potential PVE , not if if its realistic or not
  6. PVE mode , hear me out

    im not even discussing realism , developers are free to make their vision and lore , but i wont ever get "player" quoting realism or saying "they wont add it because its not realistic" , its a game , its hardcore realistic to some extent but that's about it. lots things even in realistic games have to be compromised because they simply would not make game fun , even scraped sometimes during development(i seen some be scraped even in dayz) and yes friendly fire happens , but when group would know its intentional they would not let person go and in current form its death match. but this been explained and discussed earlier so i not see point in expanding that now(as game is still not finished). but even in stalker whos considered "dark suvival" kill own faction , quite soon enough they become hostile to you as for story , their game , i wont debate what they want to do. its their world to create as its their vision. but as comes to game play being fun , adding separate game mode would bring more players its a fact , question is is it that large i think it would be (or small developers think it would be not worth the hassle) that's where pool comes in i understand balance issues , i played dayz and i know to balance would be best to leave it as separate mode , people just could farm easy good gear in PVE and then wreck people pvp , thats why my first suggestion was if implemented keep it separate mode with own skills/inventory/quests/everything separate from first mode
  7. PVE mode , hear me out

    I like how lots quote realism , while this is probably most unrealistic game ever made(your member of private military group and you kill your buddies daily and face no repercussions , even if world would end tomorrow and we would be bunch savages , they would face probably death penalty from own group sooner or later and be outcasted) even if we consider developer vision whe its finished , bringing up realism card is stupid , i can understand when developers say "its their vision" as its their game , but quoting realism in video game is laughable , realism is just game play element who can make game more fun , but even ARMA can only be considered vaguely realistic if we really look closer. as for PVE outline is already there made , question is if developers would possibly go a bit out of the way and finish it as there even for pvp playerbase pvp mode could be served as tutorial for them , learning map , how core mechanics works , and then they can jump into pvp , while PVE's stay , enjoy "team play" and encouragement of team play , instead "kill him before he has thought to kill me" we both could enjoy same game if it was made both modes are separate , they could even just "add small amount of servers and see if this mode is popular" and eventually add more if its popular enough Noone is really forcing or demanding "half of development time and servers" but i would understand if they would say no in the end , but would be nice if they discussed possibility on one of the meetings of implementing it.
  8. PVE mode , hear me out

    People of payday said they never add micro transactions and look where they are Im still in hopes maybe devs change their mind , if they made broad pool and seen how many people are interested they would change their mind maybe , there is always hopes , dont starve did get multilayer also finally despite developer said no for years Reason i made this post i know PVE player base is big in games , PVP population dies the fastest and coop is what keeps games active , even 6 year old games are still being played very very often and are in top 100 steam play list because they have coop pvp games? if player base is big and game is top notch AAA it lives for a while , but some pvp AAA games even die out in 6 or less months , fastest i seen is 3 months(on really good game)
  9. PVE mode , hear me out

    PVPVE term does not exist , just becouse there are "bots" in your pvp game does not mean its PVE mode in it From gameplay standpoint i would say it is survival game and everything implies it , trailer , all experience i had , ultimately you survive within the harsh brutal word , there is thirst , hunger , its easy to die , feels a bit like DayZ but without zombies(who i find good because DayZ was very inconsistant , it called itself zombie survival where zombies are just placeholders/filler and all game is pvp) i understand main premise of the game , just personally(as gamer who plays games since c64 and beyond) i personalty would say extra game mode would not hurt , it would not leach "half development time" and could be ultimately scraped , if devs were really interested they could make global "pool" how many players would be interested in PVE special separate mode i seen developers did this and it helped swift development as for "ShiroTenshi" as post is too long to quote , i know its not simple:) i worked on some mods , games , servers before , if they knew how many people would be interest(numbers may surprise you , if noone would be really interested , there would no be questions if people were interested(lets assume half of players would be interested) it would mean potentially 2x copies sold , even if that would need more staff it would pay for itself , if only 15% or less needed it , people would know , and developers could easily say "there is no player base here for this kind of mode" i personally think pools and asking your player base is good thing , especially this is not who completely changed its mind because players said what they want , dont starve never even wanted to implement multilayer , but after finding how lots players want it , they completely rewrite the game , i see lots beta , and early access games communicate and ask player base what they want:) and it helps game become better(getting similar examples is hard as "survival" games genre is still quite something new , like pubG and dayz and hard to classify) i am aware it needs resources and development time , my question is if there is really player base here or outside tarkov who would be interested in this game if it had PVE mode too , as if it was substantial , it would pay for itself and earn bigger more healthy player base. to these who say get better , how you get better if enemy spawns on top of you , you die within 30 seconds , and cool down on being a bandit is 30-50minutes:) i wont sit for 50mins to play again , and for sure i wont risk my gear because enemies literally spawn really close to you on some maps
  10. PVE mode , hear me out

    i was too when i signed up in beta but trailer is much different from reality where current game is and i still think PVE mode or "local play" would do much harm , especially with separate loot , while i understand main appeal of present players realism is just an ascetic , meanwhile battlefront 2 micro transactions fiasco EA blamed on "starwars canon" on end of the day having "extra game mode" would not hurt would it? especially it would please other side of coin and earn the game more money reason why im poking it , "local mode" is already there , and from what i can see with halted rewards , maybe implementing "separate inventory for local/pve" would not be that hard to implement and more players would play test , and also more players would play , and i almost sure bored hardcore PVP may would try "other mode" and i get realism apeal , i played DayZ mod and standalone , i played arma3 dayz equivalent ripoff mod , i played dark souls , i played men of war asault squad(whos RTS who is more realistic then maybe even arma) but game play is more valuable , sometimes compromise is better
  11. PVE mode , hear me out

    "Coop PVE is unrealistic, this just can't be in real life, and therefore it has no place in EFT." current form we are playing is not more realistic then my proposition i am aware that realism is big part but coop would not go much away from realism Having scavs be players is less realistic even then my predictions , free guns , random spawn out of nowhere on battlefield is not "very realistic" , in my proposition they would be just AI and players fighting "them" I am aware you going for "hardcore survival" but road is far , and this is probably most unfun beta game i played in 12 years as not only "your said realism" is limiting and very count intuative (as currently its extremly selective) but current lack of implementation of , PVE mode would seam like salvation , especialy local one , it would make servers less overburdened , loot could be local or "separate" from main mode people or at least some would able to test far more , how i can even test anything as even veteran FPS i get 1-2 shoted by my own faction 10-30 seconds after i spawn , as scav , and i would not even to think spawn as PMC as all loot would be also lost..within same amount of time due spawning system , how i can test game without playing? it would also appeal to broader audience PVP games dies quicker , there are lots examples of that and most 1-3 year old or older games are not played because "coop" because that population dies quickest but "coop" ones last the longest
  12. PVE mode , hear me out

    i dont think its enough at any rate , current game mods as scav: spawn , get kiled by another scav(human controled) 10-30 seconds in(often 1 shoted) , from 12 spawns so far as bandit , i died 2 times before loading screen faded , 7 times within 30 seconds , 2 times i survived long enough to see other faction once i evacuated because i spawned with better gun , kiled other scav and got to evac zone instantly as for normal "spawning" seeing how easily you die i wont use my gear so far to spawn at all but skirmish with placing of AI has same problem i played almost all dayz clones and survival games , this game feels really like fake deathmatch and feels unrewarding i had fun in "offline mode" to better extent then online but nothing carries over , i would not mind really if inventory was separate or even "local only" i could have fun and test the game , now i cant even test it properly to give any insights because "game is limiting me" and not really rewarding my any efforts to even try especially i found out scav XP dont carries over ether(why you even gain it then and get screen saying you get xp)
  13. PVE mode , hear me out

    Im writing this post for few reasons , this opinion is probably very unpopular one within current player base, but game very advertises itself as survival , team oriented faction scav vs PMC but...nothing as i am aware , seen in lets plays actually exists There is no team play , so far most time i died as scav , is by being shot by another scav and same PMC being shot by another PMC , why have factions at all if it does not make any sense , no repercussions for killing other player for gear no consistency. At least if there was PVE mode some of it could still exist as currently i dont feel current way of play is nothing more then deathmatch(because you never can trust anyone and people are only encouraged to kill people within own faction with no consequences , even if world ended , there would be repercussions if people killed people within own faction) it baffles my mind why they even bothered with factions if it "practically" does not exist within game play beyond the menu unless you have friends on voice chat factions could as well not exist and be it "be or be killed" without any factions. i really hate to bringup dayz...but even in dayz who was fully "me vs everyone" understood there needs to be morality system of some kind , of "hero and bandit" my proposition of pve mode would be: -100% separate from main game mode , gear , skills , nothing carries over to other mode -Team play is rewarded , team killing is heavily punished -Scavs have better gear in some areas -More scavs , but no player scavs -it would be like alternative universe , or some could say.."tutorial"
  14. Progress not saving? (local server)

    aah i see was just wondering and so
  15. i browsed forum for 20 mins and could not find this Well i was finaly selected for beta and gave it a go but since i seen forums servers are very very overloaded i decided to try "local server" and explore map and get hang of the game But progress is not saving(is it intentional) was thinking maybe it only saves when i finish but after 4 tries i managed to finish and does not save anything form play (items , xp , anything) is that intentional? or just bug?