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  1. SpineyNorman

    Surrounded by idiots

    Why do they titter so?
  2. SpineyNorman

    What Headphone's should I use?

    I use the HyperX Cloud Alphas... outstanding cans for the price.
  3. SpineyNorman

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To "PastramiGod" Jebus dude...learn how to aim It took you and your partner what? 4 full mags to bring down a hatchling running in the open. Serpentine baby serpentine ... Not that it really matters since I took 50K+ and ALL the meds outta the gas station. Since they listened to the whining and crazy nerfed hatchets I'm ONLY running hatchet till the next wipe so NO LOOT FOR YOU ;-)
  4. SpineyNorman

    Please Stop the Hatchling on Hatchling Violence!

    I run at least half of my raids solo as a hatchling just for the fun of it and I ALWAYS wear at least a Kolpak and PACA just to keep from getting one shot by other hatchlings...the ducking murderous little thugs should be shot on sight...including me because IF you see me I've played it badly ;-)
  5. SpineyNorman

    Hatchlings converted ?

    Hopefully wholesale hatchling murder will ease off when Factions are implemented and the game stops being so CheekiPUBreeki...I for one hope Friendly Fire douchery results in an all kill tag/bounty just like when scavs see you kill another scav.
  6. Started a shoreline run as a hatchling, spawned at tunnel and looted my way across the map. 55 minutes later LOADED with loot 5 minutes left in the raid I find the Road To Customs extract locked down by 4 terminator scavs...I start taking accurate fire from distances where I can't even see them with iron sights...flank 'em and every time I pop my head up they are all lasered in on me. 4 1/2 sphincter clenching minutes of shooting at muzzle flashes later I manage to extract...The scavs have seriously upped their game. ;-)
  7. SpineyNorman

    Rare Items Not Rare?

    I can't turn around without finding gold chains, bitcoins and quest items but I've only found 2 cans of Tushonka in the last 2 weeks...wtf?
  8. SpineyNorman


    Seems super random...25 straight runs no drives, then found them 2 runs in a row. Just a grind I guess. But I can't turn around without tripping over these ducking gas analyzers...go figure
  9. SpineyNorman

    Dying simulator

    Just finished a hatchet run on customs...killed 8 scavs and 2 PMC's, so it CAN be done. BUT I've noticed a HUGE upswing in fully geared squads at the garages as far as I can tell just hunting hatchlings.
  10. SpineyNorman

    On Hatchetlings & Response

    Running hatchet on Sunday night I killed 2 Bear hatchlings and a USEC with a shotgun in less than 30 seconds...tonight while hatcheting I turned a corner into a Scav with an SKS that blacked out both legs and shot my stomach to rags before he went down to my blade. While desperately searching his body for meds I hear running and snap out of inventory just in time to cut down the level 25 hatchling charging me from the side. The moral...MOST hatchlings suck and are barely a threat. I on the other hand am a fist full of steel death...keep your gear, I'm good. ;-)
  11. SpineyNorman

    On Hatchetlings & Response

    Quite honestly I play the same way I play DayZ, lone wolf. If I'm running hatchet it's because I ENJOY the challange...I've got ONE shot at enemy be it Scav or PMC to die or get bit of gear which I then use to kill for better gear and so on and so on until I extract or die. No amount of puling from tanked up kill squads about how "unfair" it is that I out played them by extracting, or wasn't enough of a "loot piñata" is gonna make me play any way other than the way I want to.
  12. SpineyNorman

    You shoot, then ask?

    No one can be trusted...I wear a helmet and soft armor on hatchet runs because my biggest danger is other hatchlings. The backstabbing maniacs DO look suprised tho when you shrug off their sneak attack and split their unprotected melons...oh so cheeki like.
  13. SpineyNorman

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the Thedudemick, Sirkushmin and PoppyChula ...thanks for swarming me at customs just now. Splitting the skulls of 2 BEAR hatchlings AND a USEC with a shotgun in less than 30 seconds was the highlight of my EFT experience so far :-) While the shotty blew my stomach out and I only lived long enough to limp about 100 feet after the battle the 65K in rubles from your tags bought me some nice gear...I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!
  14. SpineyNorman

    New survivor in the freeze...

    "Gaming laptop" is an oxymoron.
  15. SpineyNorman

    Hatchet Running as a PMC

    I STILL don't understand how if I enter a raid with a metal stick and extract/ESCAPE loaded with gear after killing 2 PMC and 5 Scavs "I'M" the one that's playing "WRONG". If you get your panties wadded cause I refuse to be your loot piñata that's just to damn bad. I didn't pay MY money to play the way YOU demand.