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  1. bigbacon

    Is Playclaw allowed?

    If the well known streamers use.it on stream them it must be ok. They wont kill off their cash cows.
  2. Some exfils are 1 tine use only. Are using those or the one without the ???
  3. bigbacon

    Late Spawns - A Different Perspective

    oh i agree it shouldn't happen but it sucks no matter what side of the late spawn you are on.
  4. bigbacon

    Explain Why

    That is what ai scav do. Always, most.of the time.
  5. bigbacon

    Late Spawns - A Different Perspective

    it all works both ways. only real fix is to not have late spawning at all. I have never had late spawning be an advantage, it is always negative. Just the fact that you no longer know where you stand with the other PMCs is enough of a disadvantage every time. I still get late spawned some times even with an SSD and lots of ram. I'm sitting on waiting for players and still drop 2 minutes late sometimes.
  6. bigbacon

    Vaulting jumping system should be considered

    What? Why woukd you take damage vaulting over an object?
  7. bigbacon

    Vaulting jumping system should be considered

    Complete tasks by just waiting around until there is like 10 min keft then go.
  8. bigbacon

    dehydration is BS OP

    Out of curiosity, what do you think is an appropriate amount of time when you reach 0 till you die? Woukd it make more sense.if you died differently and not by health loss?
  9. bigbacon

    New massive frame drops every 10 seconds

    Out of curiosity what settings are you using in game? Did they change after the last majornpatch? Every huge patch i always have to resetup everything in the game
  10. bigbacon

    Vaulting jumping system should be considered

    Why it wasnt there from the get go is crazy. But they also need to fix what your guy can step over normally as well. Your dude walks up to a curb and gets stuck like his feet cant be lifted off the ground more than an inch or two.
  11. bigbacon

    Leedle Lee, Sitar With Me

    Please dont do this again.
  12. bigbacon


    Too late now, i kept playing. I tried the refund route days after i purchased cause at that time the gane was completely unplayable.forme.
  13. bigbacon


    Not all of them, i tried with chase and they said nope,tos says nope.
  14. bigbacon


    So he said that come final release anyone who paid for early access and request a refund?
  15. bigbacon


    they are not going to refund anyone that pre-paid even after the final version. You can try to duke it out with your CC company but chances are you will lose any charge back attempt because of the TOS when you purchased the game.