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  1. New survivor in the freeze...

    you can't.....which is stupid but..... what else do you have running in the background when you play?
  2. realism

    because full realism wouldn't be any fun.
  3. Hatchet Running as a PMC

    WHO CARES ALREADY..... Hatcheteers are not a problem....
  4. Im broke

    Customs gas station money runs?
  5. Fort Armor

    i have yet to find a single scav with this stuff on.
  6. Really trying to enjoy this game...

    your first mistake is playing factory. DO NOT PLAY FACTORY AS A NEW PLAYER. Play Shoreline or woods. this game is FRUSTRATING as heck until you figure it out. This is how I ended up playing for a while and it eventually clicked and now I'm having fun. 1. print out maps of each area so you know where extracts are. 2. Play around in PvE for a bit just to get used to everything. 3. When you start dropping PvP DO NOT PLAY factory or customs!! Play shoreline or woods but shoreline is the easiest (IMO). Factory and Customs are HARD and you will get frustrated and burnt out quickly. Especially on factory. STAY AWAY. 4. Your first many raids drop with little to no gear. Seriously, you are going to die many many times, no point in losing everything. Take a PM or some other pistol if you want but I wouldn't go any further. 5. Stay away from high contact areas. Examples are on shoreline, don't go near the Spa or the radar tower. Woods, stay away from the lumber mill. 6. Play slow. I mean really slow. Sit in bushes and just listen, don't move. sit there for 3 to 5 minutes even. Then slowly move somewhere else. Try to stay in the raids as long as possible. Its easier to get away when there is only 5 minutes left over 25 minutes. 7. Use the maps you printed and pick a loot location on the outskirts of the map. Use that as your goal. Whatever is in the box(es)/Bag(s)/Etc, take it all and then try to extract. Again use #6 to help you do that. 8. Do this for 10+ raids or until you feel comfortable enough or the game has "clicked" in your mind and you understand it. 9. Sell everything you find, keep nothing (except money). Build up a bigger money reserve while at it. SCAV: Use scav runs as well. when you have a run available go do it. Make it your goal to just escape. If you do, awesome! free gear, toss it on your PMC and continue. this way you lose nothing when you die. You also get to try out other weapons and what not. It may sound boring but you'll eventually get the hang of it. I was having a VERY hard time until I just started doing this. You'll eventually get more confident and you will have learned the maps enough to know what to do and where to go/not to go to your play style. Even now I'm still pretty much a passive player but I'll try to take on fights as necessary but I'd rather still be sneaky in-n-out but I'm having a lot more fun now. I still don't even have access to super armor and weapons and I rarely get the rare loot. Pick your fights, run if needed and stay alive. Last tip is: DO NOT GET GREEDY!!!!! If you goal is to get to extraction, get there, don't stop to search and don't stop to fight. Don't know how many times I've died next to the extract cause I got greedy and wanted to search that box by it or kill some scav.
  7. EXTREMELY dissapointed

    its just a hard game to grasp at first. it isn't realistic, tactical, or a simulation at all!!!
  8. it is not a simulation!!!!!!
  9. scav attacks

    AI Scav are wacky. Sometimes they a dumb and deaf and other times I swear they have dog hearing and night vision. its possible it could have seen or heard you. they can get sneaky at times. Huam controlled Scav can hang with the AI and not be shot at. So if you were there shooting someone then the over scav heard you. Scav player can sometimes use the AI to their advantage. If you were a scav then once you shoot other scav they all start shooting you on sight.
  10. A lot of the higher end gear shouldn't even be purchase able. It should either found, built, or traded for with the vendors. that would lessen the impact on it.
  11. spawn camping

    i always thought the spawns should place you in a bush and prone or at least start you out prone. my first action is always just to drop.
  12. think the beauty of the game right now is that you can play it how you want. you can be aggressive, you can be sneaky, you be a hatcheteer. In the end, it allows you to choose your play style which you either succeed or die like everyone else. I don't want to be forced into fire fights but if I want to seek them out then I can. I like the passive play. Its intense trying to get around and avoid people. its pretty neat hiding and evading. watching people try to find you and then ambush them as needed. So many way to tackle whatever task you want (assuming you aren't playing factory then all bets are off)
  13. No Sound damage/shots bug

    sound in this game has a lot of issues. It works both ways sometimes things make no noise at all but the flip side is things that make noise often sound like they come from some random distance that isn't even correct. I spawned on shoreline yesterday as scav, right outside the village south side. I immediately hear shooting from the tunnel area. I slow creep up the hill to the ridge by the tunnel. See a scav in the street. Take a shot at him and he runs. For the next few minutes I sat there thinking there was a second person creeping just below the cliff. I could hear softg footsteps that sounded like they were right there below me. I finally creep back down to street level to find the scav had moved all the way to bunker and was creeping around. I mean, the sound is ALL OVER the place and it makes it difficult to play. I sat in that spot for good five minutes waitinf for some human person to creep up behind me when it was really that scav 100 yards away creeping around. Another example on shoreline. on second flood of the building by the docks. Hear shooting that sounds VERY close from outside the window. sounds like it in the street. Peek out the window nothing, hear more shooting, again sounds SUPER close. As the shooting continued I determined it was coming from the radar installation, which I could see from the window. they really need to work on the sound engine ASAP. If they could fix this stuff add 3d surround sound it would be glorious because the sound effects themselves are top notch.
  14. seriously.. the hatchling issue isn't that bad as long as you aren't a hatchling. You take your chances either way but gun vs hatchet usually wins.
  15. The Punisher PT.6 Impossible

    timed missions are the worst in any game as well. The collection missions at least you can do whenever and kill some scav is fine but timed stuff is the killer.