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  1. Yet you can heal youself after traamatic wounds and run around for another 20 minutes. Yea game is realistic.....
  2. I never took good gear. It was pointless. Low grade armor, some cheap ak or siaga shotgun, basic mods and go. No point because you cab to a fully kitted dude or a random headshot from a pistol at 50 yards.
  3. bigbacon

    PVE mode , hear me out

    We didnt buy an online game and now want pve. We want both.
  4. bigbacon

    Insurance :-P

    Prove me wrong. It will never happen.
  5. bigbacon

    New player here - Can't hear footsteps?

    This game does nit support anything other than stereo because the dev hacent gotten to 2001 game develpoment yet. For a gane the requires sound the engi e sucks and no surround is ducking stupid. Dont worry. Even just setting to stereo wont fix the missing sound issues. Its just a bad sound engine.
  6. bigbacon

    Insurance :-P

    This will never happen. At least not any time this century.
  7. bigbacon

    Insurance :-P

    Because its hardcore....... Or at least tgat is what others will tell you.
  8. bigbacon

    kill cam revisited

    Lol, you think they woukd be able to implement replay recording when they cant even fix issues that have been around forever.
  9. bigbacon

    This is broken

    lol, another basic thing that is still completely broken in this game like 2 years later..... game is seriously a joke.
  10. bigbacon

    Flea market BOT!

    How is that not a bot per se?? Seriously reread what you posted.
  11. bigbacon

    Remove Flea market

    not my job to do their job for them.
  12. bigbacon

    Remove Flea market

    I hated looking for rng items but i dont think this is the way do it either. Tasks shouldnt be completed by buying and selling. They just need to make non poo tasks but they cant be bothered to make anything good.
  13. bigbacon

    RIP 7.62 PS rounds

    Probably need to sell more packages. Cant continue development of your completely broken and shallow game without money. Been forever since tgey really fixed anything and at this point i woukd not expect it to be finished any time in the next decade.
  14. No it clearly.says beta already. Stop giving.them a pass