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  1. oh. cool, I seriously haven't seen that yet. Im usually just dead
  2. Prices can change sometimes
  3. Only those that are really good or have tons of hours to play get there fast. They will get there fast no matter what and you are in the same boat. For the rest of us, scav only helps us so much but it allows us to progress in gear so we can slowly progress in pmc.
  4. Yea this… face shileds taking a bullet and yoy keep running along. Youd be on you ass and not doing much.
  5. To go along with this, good players will always remain good players regardless of the gear they have. Good gear just makes you even better. You are a minority statistically (usually). Everyone else needs to attempt to better themselves but they will struggle greatly if they don't even have the possibility of getting 'decent' gear. You will end up with some small amount having it all and everyone else having nothing. What does that do? Create massive frustration for the majority of players which in turn makes many leave the game. Again, they can make the game as hard-stupid-core that they want but in the end they will have to bow to some sort of balance or else no one is going to stick around to play. Its fairly accessible right now. Good Gear != Good Player, it might help them enjoy the game more instead of it being a chore and at least give everyone a chance. The good players will always remain good while most will be bad to mediocre. I am not good. I enjoy scav because it is an alternate way to play the game, get gear, and possibly even better gear. It lacks progression of your PMC so it only serve to allow you a chance to continue your PMC with some basic gear. assuming you survive your scav run. Scavs serv as another way for PMC to gain EXP and stuff to store or sell. It is a two way street.
  6. bigbacon

    How to lose Addicted player :) (clear post)

    and this is everything wrong with factory.
  7. bigbacon

    How to lose Addicted player :) (clear post)

    don't play factory??
  8. I was on a roll too... working on the 14 scav in the woods mission. went in lean with only a 74u and 1 30rd mag. Dropped 5 with the one mag, found another 74u in a create with a full mag. I see someone run in front of me and I hide behind a rock. Wait...a bit. another scav comes by, have to kill him before he spots me. take out my spare 74u, 4 rounds and drop him. I know there is a human scav around. Go to guy i just kill, crouch and wait like im searching trying to bait. it works but can't get a shot on him. he pelts me with a shot gun, run around the rocks, climb them, wait some more. Finally start creeping come around a rock and the scav is there with his back to me, pull trigger,......nothing doesn't fire at all. 26 rounds left it I die. I was near-ish to my extract as well... It would have been a monster round had I survived. Least I don't have too many scav left to go. amazing thing is, 74u actually freaking worked well for once!! Hate those guns so bad.
  9. Or maybe those who want a balance will win in the end. Stupid realism is well stupid for a game. They will seriously kill the game if they go balls to the wall realism, low the loot like they want, and whatever other chores they add in. Few will play it.. just wait and see. it is seriously in a great position right now. If they could fix the network, sound, and performance problems it would a perfect mix of real vs fantasy which is something almost no one has right now game play wise.
  10. bigbacon

    Weapon Blocking

    this is how you used to hatchet AI but since most of the time they snap you or your axe no longer swings when you are 10 feet from an object it doesn't work anymore. The scav couldn't shoot back.
  11. bigbacon

    Make Kiba Store great again !

    Dont worry they plan to lower the amount of loot so you will get less! Progress!
  12. bigbacon

    getting killed by bs instaheadshots

    I gave up on combat this patch. Its ridiculous. Unarmored people taking 15 plus rounds to drop. Multiple.head shots. Lightly armored folks doing.the same against good ammo. I die.inone shot everytime. I can sit in the pitch dark for 5 minures and not move and someone will run around the corner and pop me in one round. Always. It has to desync because i wasnt this bad prior. I havent killed a single pmc this entire wipe. It is impossible for me.
  13. I think the good players that play all day just want to stay that way. This stuff is a non issue in the name.of having a playable.fun game that isnt a chore to play which is what they seem to want anyway. Chores are fun right?
  14. bigbacon

    Nice Experience...

    Visors wouldnt save you at all. If it hapoened to block a round youd be in a world.of hurt.from that rou.d smacking off that visor which is attached to your head. The visor.thing is totalt bull.
  15. bigbacon

    This is still a thing?

    So that is.how the scav snap shot head kill. Sneaky bastards.