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  1. Warning to all players

    Survivors, If you want to keep this title, do not get complacent. If you do not check your corners, and your surroundings I will kill you. I have been stepped on and looked over time and again. If you think you've killed everyone and that you're safe, then I will show you how wrong you are. I will continue to set up my ambushes and punish those that do not move with purpose. This is not call of duty, so do not treat it as so, or you will be next...
  2. Alpha testing, update 2

    Wait so invites were sent out? I got the edge of darkness and didn't get in?
  3. Release Alpha?

    Should they release the alpha even though there are problems? I think so, we know it's an alpha and not a finished game. In my opinion I think more people finding issues will help the developers figure out what they need to tackle first; however, the developers have more insight into what their servers/game can handle and if the alpha is delayed it is for the better of the game.