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  1. Sirjonnyboy

    Projected fix for invisible scavs/players

    Not only are you not a moderator or developer, but you also did not reference where you got your information. Search function has 5+ pages with the word invisible tagged. and non of which are directly addressed by the developer. Unless... you know... you have that link to the right thread....
  2. Any projected fix for That invisible bug? Or is it possible to let us know where on the priority list it is?
  3. Sirjonnyboy

    Max Level Traders?

    Doing all the missions and turning them in to the proper quest giver will give you max rank in the end
  4. i recommend NOT doing time limited quest @ ~8pm - 3AM Eastern Canada/USA
  5. Sirjonnyboy

    Killed by invisible soundless player

    It's not desync. In a traditional sense. If you are desynced you would rubber band back to the initial instance of desyncing. And anything you did would not count. A perfect example of desync is when u kill a Player and their char model stays stationary on screen and when your bullets hit them they bleed make noise but don't move or drop. Invisible players is an issue with their servers not configured well enough to reduce this from happening. How can I say this. Because you're still interacting with the game. You just can't see the other Player. Even more so when u drop dead. U drop dead at where you were standing not back at the start of a desync. Another example of desync is when u can't put an item in a bookbag. Forcing you to drop your bookbag pick up a new one then place something in there. Invisible players is different because u can still interact with them and make a change to the game.
  6. to better trouble shoot. did u - restart the game? - wait out that hour timer? - press the refresh button? -sell or purchase something?
  7. Sirjonnyboy

    Outrageous Wait Times

    pre·or·der prēˈôrdər/ verb 1. order (an item of merchandise) before it is available, with the understanding that it will be shipped later. And this is from the beta/Pre order page. Not only does this imply being able to PLAY the game early. (Gender here) will ALSO get the pre order. Guaranteed instant access to closed beta Digital copy pre-load Basic stash (10x23 cells) bugs in a game. is different than the servers which host an instance of a game. Having the last word means nothing if you're wrong.
  8. Sirjonnyboy

    Outrageous Wait Times

    Your arguments are pretty null to OP's aggravation. To address your comments directly: The OP essentially cannot play the game that (gender here) payed $40 for. Playing a buggy beta game is one thing. Not being able to connect to a server to play the game is another. Justify it how you'd like. I just wanted to address the comments themselves. People can sense shade even if there is no tone to the words. The only person who even tried to help was the Moderator but even ( gender here) left some shade in the text. Sympathy and Empathy, together, are leadership traits. Let's use some. @BooneIsBad although you posted this on the 2nd; this thread might give you some relief as to what's going on.
  9. Sirjonnyboy

    Max Quiet Walk

    i believe 0. even on +1 tick i can hear my buds.
  10. Sirjonnyboy

    Next Update/ Next Wipe

    no. there is not.
  11. Sirjonnyboy

    Invisible players?

    hide, alt f4 turn game back on should be fixed. alternatively you could wait it out, and someone will desync so badly they get kicked out the game. and in rainbows and unicorns land, everything will fix itself after a short while. and you'll see ppls again
  12. Sirjonnyboy

    Shoreline doesn't load

    its the ram homie. and you're lucky! some people running 8gig ram can only run factory
  13. Sirjonnyboy

    Exit Camping

    you can see whats inside that extraction before entering by, going far back, and looking to see if u see a camper. if ur already hurt and bleeding out and cant spare the time: Good luck my friend.
  14. Sirjonnyboy

    Outrageous Wait Times

    servers have a relatively less load during american day time. 5AM - 6PM EST
  15. Sirjonnyboy

    Is shared quest within a group planned?

    question for the "ask the game devs", section.