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  1. I wont be back till this broken game is playable which is looking more and more like DayZ every I play it.
  2. I cant send the crash report you ask for as the as the "Crash report function" is bugged and and wont let me send info you have asked for
  3. Kiwi68

    Got my first double tap

    Killed two scavs with my RSASS no.4 and 5
  4. Qith the latest patch I can't chose what side of the game area to start from i.e. spawn point 1 or spawn point 2, making maps pointless to carry into games.
  5. Kiwi68

    Cant change game server

    I play mainly on the Sydney sever in Australia but when my friends who live in the US play it on the LA, STL servers i was able to switch servers and play with them now I can't change the server since the patch. My game region is USA. is anyone else having this issue .
  6. Kiwi68

    Green Crates Unsearchable

    Same problem but only when im playing in a squad on woods
  7. Kiwi68

    Usb flash

    I found mine in PC's on customs and shoreline.
  8. Kiwi68

    Mechanic task Farming Part 1 broken

    This mission has to be completed on the day map, which is how I completed this mission.
  9. I cant complete this task, I have the tool kits but every time I go to the two control boards to repair them I don't get the option to start the repairs. this also happened just before today's patch as well
  10. Kiwi68

    Spawning deaths

    I'm getting sick to death of spawning into a game only to be killed with in a few seconds
  11. Kiwi68

    USEC bug ?

    I started a new USEC character as I have been playing BEAR characters is the past, have have noticed that when my character is walking or squatting there's appears a light shining on the floor just to the right of me, almost light a torch is pointed at the ground even though my guns are not equipped with a torch. Is this a known bug ?
  12. Kiwi68

    Can we eventually get a killcam?

    Sadly with the hacking in this game "kill cam" is needed. When the developers make hacking almost impossible then "kill cam" will not be needed
  13. Kiwi68

    Skier "Chemical mission Pt.2" Bug ??

    I know where the documents are and how to get them as I have done twice already but this mission is now broken for me. I tried with the axe, pistols, shotguns, SMG's and rifles day maps and night maps but still can't get these damed documents.
  14. Kiwi68

    Holo sights brightness

    thanks for the info