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  1. VPNV

    To people still using the factory stairs glitch . . .

    You should also ask ISIS if they could stop killing innocent people just for their enjoyment. Like how is that fun right?
  2. VPNV

    no more Hatchlings

    Please feel free to explain if you agree with them on how to earn extra money when you're completely broke? What...you mean I have to wait 18 minutes for every scav and I cannot hatchet run while I wait for the next scav opening? Deadly Slob and whoever thought of that idea have poor understanding on how things will work after it's set and done. Unless they take off the cool-down time for a scav, then feel free to implement that. Or. If they want this game to be "Realistic" like they claim, (Which it is pretty true that it is), they can add a standard issue set of equipment (LIKE THEY DO IN THE MILITARY) that you will spawn in every time with. Let's say if you're a USEC, your tier would be an M4, a p226, a mbss, and 6b47 helmet (or Fast Op, since it's American, but they would have to put in an a US class 3 helmet to be a fair match against 6b47) and body armor. Since everybody who hates hatch-lings, are complaining about no loot, then let's be real here. Or. (And) People just need to stop complaining about game-styles.
  3. I was wearing some Fort and a class 4 helmet (I know there's face hit-box now so no keyboard warriors needed for that) and using an MP5 but when I unload a 3/4 of a mag of Pst gzh 9mm into a scav player with no armor first (sure, he put a few rounds as well in me, but I was dropping more with that fire-rate), I expect him to drop, no excuses. Shouldn't take 3/4 of a mag to kill somebody with no armor, even with Paca or 3m. (I know this game is still in development, which is why this is a high suggestion). I've been noticing this happening a lot.
  4. VPNV

    no more Hatchlings

    They should actually nerf "whiners of game-styles".
  5. VPNV

    Change up the spawns to prevent camping

    Wanna explain to me how this will stop corner campers inside buildings with shotguns? I'll be waiting.
  6. VPNV

    What NEEDS to be fixed with scavs

    Even ex-military, nobody aims for the head as a priority. I get one tapped in the head all the time by AI scavs. Law enforcement, military, they all train to shoot at the chest, not the head. THAT needs to be nerfed.
  7. VPNV

    Hatchlings really need to be nerfed

    If you consider "smartass" a word of "harassment", you kinda need to grow up. This game is meant for 17+ years. Not children. I'm done wasting my time with a troll as well. You're just butthurt and want everybody to play the game your way. Keep wasting your time complaining though. So far, haven't really seen a bunch of people who support your theory anyways. We'll enjoy the game though, while you sit here and whine.
  8. VPNV

    Hatchlings really need to be nerfed

    Alright smart ass (who is still trolling the forums), what happens if some people are still new to the game and lose all of their stuff and can't afford more? Should we all of a sudden ban them now? Because that wouldn't be "realistic" to have them run around with a hatchet and try to earn stuff back.. Just as non-realistic as being able to die, go to the menu while carrying this magical container that somehow physically secures important items, deposit items, sell, pick a lobby, join. If that's all you care about is "realism" IN A VIDEO GAME, then maybe you should join the military. The developers can make it "close to realism" as much as possible, but there is absolutely no such thing as complete realism in a video game. There are going to be non-realistic aspects to keep the players playing and not bored as hell within an hour, like "hatchet running technique" Because I'm pretty damn sure 90% of players would quit the game within a day if they died and they had to restart a new account everytime. Having that option to run around with a hatchet gives them; A.) A chance to regain equipment. B.) Create a different game style (because kicking a lot of players asses with full equipment can get boring) Clearly you're saying that there aren't enough equipment around for you since you're complaining about PMCs not having full gear. You're absolutely wrong, as usual. I can find Fort armor on a damn scav and you're still begging the PMC players to make it easy on you huh? This proves you are more than likely new to Hardcore "Realistic" games. Honestly...what other "realistic" games have you played? Arma? Oh god. Please don't say that. That game is still behind that fine line on getting close to realism.
  9. VPNV

    Hatchlings really need to be nerfed

    Honestly bud, it took me a while to figure that out. No worries lol
  10. VPNV

    Hatchlings really need to be nerfed

    Hold the melee button. He pulls out a knife.... Right? Great example right there.
  11. VPNV

    Hatchlings really need to be nerfed

    If you only search PMCs for loot, then that's a personal issue. Not a game issue. Scavs actually carry decent equipment a lot of times. Why do other people's gameplay style get you all butthurt? It's honestly not even affecting you, but you're making it.
  12. VPNV

    Hatchlings really need to be nerfed

    It's not a bug or cheat...sooo that comment is irrelevant. Should we also ban the ability of camping? Gotta love those kids who camp with semi auto shottys right? Oh...that's right, it's part of the game, it's how they play. I just call them pussies and move on. Come to think of it....you sound exactly like those people in reality who believe guns should be banned.... Trying to ban somebody's right for your own benefit lol Ever heard of looting a scav then btw?
  13. VPNV

    Hatchlings really need to be nerfed

    Realism is also about going into detail on how you want to run in the game. If you're restricted, then that's not realistic, because you're not making your own decisions, like you should, which can have consequences if you're not careful and play smart. If somebody wants to run unarmed to see how tactical, stealthy they last for and to see how much equipment they can scavenge while trying to survive, then that's a + for that game style. It's more "PRO" to do it that way anyways. Have I mentioned it was a choice? Oh yeah, don't like it, don't do it.
  14. VPNV

    Hatchlings really need to be nerfed

    What more is there besides "getting good" anyways?? YOU'RE BITCHING ABOUT HATCHLINGS. You were a hatchling once, but now since you're not (I'm still calling bullshit), you think the game all of a sudden needs to be easier for you?? That's literally the most typical response when you suck at a game too by the way. "Ah, good ol' Git Gud mentality." Yeah? It is? You're really bad at this game. You act like this is a game you've played before also? List one game that is 90% like this one...at least 60%? I'll be waiting. You're used to Call of Duty, we get it, you want it to be easy for you...for you to kill a hatchling....that is some sad poo. Seriously. There's nothing more to say. When you cannot kill a hatchling, the only thing left to do is "GIT GUD".
  15. VPNV

    Hatchlings really need to be nerfed

    I have played the game. How else would I be able to comment?