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  1. Ban for forbidden software using 

    Is that your beasty stash there NoDG? Jealous.
  2. On results of the New Year Event

    Yeah it does it to me too. But it does allow me to play flawlessly with only having to search for 12 seconds at 3:00am (US) MT, but I don't have the time to do that on weekdays, so it's a bummer.
  3. Is this a glitch?

    I'm wondering if wait times like this are glitches or actually part of the temporary extended wait times? Thank you.
  4. Weapon Companies Thread

    Company: HECKLER & KOCH Contact: http://cs@heckler-koch-us.com Weapon: HK UMP 45 Silencer: Osprey .45 Suppressor Company: SilencerCO Contact: info@silencerco.com (Email)
  5. Ban for forbidden software using 

    I don't think that's even worth all that work they have to go through to achieve that. Do you really think somebody is going to buy another copy of the game after being banned? I doubt it. Even if they buy one, what are the odds of them actually trying to cheat again? They'd probably would have learned their lesson by now. Nobody has money for that crap. Besides, even if they get away with cheating for 1 day, chances are, they'll mess up, and they'll get banned. Also, they would have to get permission from Microsoft (or hack into their PC) to get their OS key code (Illegal). Another thing is, its physically impossible to ban a motherboard, cpu (Now I'm going insane just to repeat all of this) ect. The developers have it perfect right now. No game company has every took this step. (Purchase a game per account, having illegal software in memory, get banned, lose the game.) Priceless.
  6. Ban for forbidden software using 

    If you have "CHEATengine" in your computer, shouldn't have been using it for cheats in other games too.
  7. Ban for forbidden software using 

    Oh ok thank you. Yeah I cannot stand people using mods. Especially on a paid game. It should be part of a federal law to be honest, since we are buying the game with hard earned money. But banning a player when he is modding should do the trick, +$45 down the drain for them. I heard a lot of bs with that "Cheat Engine", with them all stating they use it for coding (Yeah, not legally). It's even in the name, "Cheat Engine". Haha The best answer would be, "yeah I use Visual C++ for coding, hell, they can use Unity for coding, called "scripts".
  8. Ban for forbidden software using 

    Soooo a bunch of people are saying that if there is a certain program (s) located in your memory, it will get you banned. What all programs? I don't mod, just wondering if there is a common program (s) that I didn't know about that I should avoid, and would not like to find out that I got banned for having it on my memory. Sorry, just never had this discussion on any game before. I'm really interested in buying the game, but I have worries about having game development programs on my computer like "RPG maker XP" for example. That won't trigger the ant-cheat system will it?