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  1. SavageBro

    Factory Shotgun fun agains TAW clan.

    Nope! <3
  2. SavageBro

    [DISCUSSION] - FOV and It's Pros / Cons

    I'm for keeping FOV low, but if it is to change, keep it around 90 MAX, and have it locked once in-game or give a player 30 seconds to adjust in-game settings, then settings become locked. I believe keeping FOV low is good because it keeps all players within a limited range of each other, giving no distinct advantage to any player since there will be no large gaps between players and their FOV sliders. In my opinion, the game only plays better when all players see the same things and no players can tweak/adjust settings on the fly for better performance/view. We can use the middle mouse button to free look for a reason. Because once you get to a certain FOV, if you want to remain competitive, you are essentially forced to change to a higher FOV to keep up with other players. So long as we stay around 90 and no higher, we shouldn't have too much of an issue.
  3. SavageBro


    To give you an idea, awhile back they did the same sort of thing with the SKS. Showed us in video, recorded it etc.. Took about a year for it to be implemented into the game.
  4. SavageBro

    Screenshots of new customizable Ops-Core helmet

    Can't wait to see more equipment that has this level of customization. Excited, keep up the good work BSG.
  5. SavageBro

    Development Diary: Preparing for the CBT

    Yup.. Still waiting on Star Citizen myself... lol
  6. SavageBro

    The interview with the head of BSG Nikita Buyanov

    I quoted this exactly and was banned from his channel. I was polite and said this one time. lol So yeah, I'm not disagreeing.. The game has survival elements, I stated this on stream, but is not it's main focus. I've been preaching this from the start.
  7. SavageBro

    The interview with the head of BSG Nikita Buyanov

    I've been saying that this game isn't a survival game for quite some time.. Some people just don't listen. *Cough* BreakinSkullz *Cough* Lots of streamers kept on saying this, because they did not bother informing themselves of what the game was before playing and now look where we are at. lol Game is not based on survival, and is not a survival game.
  8. SavageBro

    The interview with the head of BSG Nikita Buyanov

    No matter what anyone tells you, instantly dying upon being shot in a limb is not realistic. Period... It's just not realistic. If the developers are telling us that it IS realistic, then I tell you they are flat out lying.. Assuming nothing vital was destroyed, (You were shot in the arm, missed your brachial artery) the next problem is shock from blood loss. The more you are bleeding the faster shock becomes a problem. You can die quite quickly from it, if the bleeding is really bad, but in most cases, getting shot in a limb is not immediately life-threatening. Then the big dangers become infection and such other secondary problems. *Wink wink* BSG PLEASE. lol The most likely outcome from getting shot during a fight is that the person will keep fighting. Even if a wound is eventually fatal, a person will still be conscious and operational unless they’ve been hit in an artery or vital organ, so they can still fire their own gun at you while bleeding out. Getting shot sometimes feels a lot like getting punched (if there’s only soft tissue damage), and some people can run around for several minutes or even hours without realizing they have been shot. You can run around for a surprisingly long time with a hole in your lung or shrapnel in your liver. (You’ll pay for it later, but since we’re talking about "immediately after being shot"…)
  9. SavageBro

    US Escort In-Game Event Takes Place June 1st!

    Looking forward to it. Discord: BudBro#1702
  10. SavageBro

    Development Diary: Preparing for the CBT

    Great news! Glad to see some new information coming straight from the Devs. Can't wait to be playing this in Beta. (:
  11. SavageBro

    The Shoreline Location

    Gorgeous.. Can't wait to experience it myself.
  12. SavageBro

    Cheaters ban wave

    Me Gusta.
  13. I agree that I do not want to see Silencers everywhere.. Most modern equipment, silencers, explosives, should all have a spawn rate of less than .05%. Make it a "OH MY GAWD" moment when you get something good. Even with newer, more modern rifles that are not exactly "Rare" persay, but definitely nothing above a 10% drop rate. Things that should spawn everywhere are weapons that have had some years on them, that have been mass produced in the real world. (AK-47, NR-40 Combat Knife, TT-33, PPsh-41 and 43, Mosin, SVT-40, DP-28) To name a few. Either way, loot should be rather hard to come by.
  14. While I understand that games can be ruined through the implementation of K/D, you should care about it to some respect... If you don't care you are saying that you don't mind dying 10 times over and over while not ever managing to get a kill and survive.. (The entire point of the game) It tells me you're not hardcore and that you are a filthy casual... In which case, well... Why would anyone want you on their team? People who enjoy K/D enjoy winning, and in a competitive hardcore environment like EFT... You better expect nothing less. lol