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  1. Should Toz be buffed against armor?

    What i'm saying is this. The TOZ is completely and utterly worthless and shouldn't have been brought in to begin with. The dev-resources could have been spent on better things than the TOZ. Shotguns in general need a giant hit with the nerfhammer, A 12gauge can barely penetrate cardboard at 70m(provided your pellets hit it at all) and yet they claim that the effective range is 70m. ((Who hasn't been wrecked by a scav with a shotgun at 50m? Raise you hands please)) A normal 12gauge will have a spread the size of 4x barns even with the tightest of chokes(we are talking lead here). Whilst choking a 12g(steel) will litteraly just do damage to the choke and mess up the ballistics of the bellets. The only real shell that could and should do damage to high end armor are slugs, and we are talking maximum 30m here. After that it's like getting hit by a baseball. Unless you supercharge your shells, and thereby change the ballistics entierly. I can agree to Mp133/153 doing damage to a paca at <5m but otherwise? hell no. There is a reason why it's more or less illegal to hunt animals with shotguns at 25m+ (in most civilized countries anyways).
  2. Should Toz be buffed against armor?

    Or just remove it completely.