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  1. Spectator6

    Change how prone works

    I think he means something like this? https://youtu.be/zGOH6h2KZtk?t=241
  2. Spectator6

    New game modes?

    IIRC, there was some talk about Arena possibly having different modes that limit the choice of gear that could be brought in. If so, then perhaps a version of option A might be available? Of course you know better than we do Natalino Thank you for being so involved with us on these forums, you do a great job!
  3. Spectator6

    *New WIP Materials*

    A vein finder? Wow! Yet again, BSG surprises me with just how deep and far-reaching their research is for EFT. Unbelievable! Great work everyone!
  4. Spectator6

    Talking Tarkov Podcast #4

    Medical animations update? If not coming in the near future, any chance of just getting the functionality, similar to how you handled magazine reloads? This could be something like have the weapon lower when using meds and any major movements stops healing. Any love for the royalty-free Unity plugin Steam Audio? https://youtu.be/e4L8Kc1oma8 Might give the team some great tools for bringing some great real-time audio effects into Tarkov Great job on the game BSG, you guys are doing a great job and we're all rooting for you! Thank you again Nikita for making time in your busy schedule for these podcasts!
  5. Spectator6

    Talking Tarkov Podcast #4

    They were picked! Just not asked :p In my opinion, there should be a quick-fire section of the podcast solely dedicated to community questions. Otherwise, if you guys would rather run your own show, that's completely fine, just quit advertising the community feedback part of it by asking for questions.
  6. Spectator6

    Honest Question about Hatchlings

    I don't know if this would be a proper "fix", but if one of the main motivations behind hatchet runs is to *NOT* face the risk of losing gear and one of the main complaints from geared players about hatchlings is that they don't pose enough of a threat, why not just get rid of the Scav timer? Let players play as a scav as often as they'd like. At least this way players would always be coming in with something more than a hatchet... Except now, scav players would be left with nothing to lose AND be more dangerous from the start. Which is why in my mind, it's not ultimately about hatchling vs geared. It always comes back down to introducing a comparable element of risk for all players. Figure that one out, and I suspect everything else will take care of itself.
  7. Excellent post @eftballistics! You express your thoughts clearly and the format of your content makes it very easy to read. I agree 100% with the notion that real-work mechanics should set the benchmark and serve as an unwavering guide for the developers when making decisions. However, given that threshold for quality and detail, balance may be more about WHAT to include rather than HOW it should be included. For example, is it possible for a REAP-IR equipped semi-auto marksman rifle to go up against a WW2 era PPSh? The naive answer seems to be, "Maybe... Sure, why not?" But here's the rub. No matter how meticulously detailed and true-to-life the individual components are made, it's possible that their "fantasy-like" match-up negates most of that realism. To borrow from your article, it's kind of like DCS. At the start of DCS, it was a sim focused on relatively modern combat aircraft. So you have these high tech jets armed to the teeth. Cool right? Yes! It has a focused and narrow purpose and serves it well. BUT!!! The moment the developers started broadening the scope to allow historic airframes, well that changed the equation a bit. Remember when the WW2-era planes were initially being developed and added to the sim? Sure, they may be "real" and modeled to the same exacting standards, but the sim, merely be "innocently" introducing an iconic airframe to the mix, now allows for situations/environments that simply would not exist in real life in even though their counterparts do exist in real life. As expected, the mash-up flopped and those WW2-era assets didn't start to take root until they were properly given their own isolated mini-verse to play in by themselves. So while realism can be a good threshold for standards, it's entirely possible that a game's scope and context is more important when it comes to how the sum of the parts eventually fit into the whole of the game's universe. When realism is used as a benchmark, more care and attention may need to be given to how the scope of the game is LIMITED, not expanded. Unfortunately, in order to stand out in today's saturated game market, there's an incentive for developers to be innovative in the variety of the content they allow. "The more exotic and rare, the better!" Why? "Because it's cool! Because we can be the only game on the market to have gadget xyz!" But is some fundamental aspect of the game lost/sacrificed by injecting them into a rather "unrealistic" scenario? Or are those same outlandish mashups part of what makes games interesting in the first place? EFT is facing an interesting conundrum. Being loot based, variety makes it interesting. But while variety may be the spice of life, in a gameworld, what if stretching the boundaries too far introduces nothing but headaches?
  8. Spectator6

    Talking Tarkov Podcast #3

    Is there a chance for ComTacs (when turned off) to give an even GREATER sound reduction? As the team well knows, when wearing a proper set of ear protection in real life, you can hear next to nothing except for the punches of gunfire. In-game, it's more of a sleight muffle effect that, in my opinion, could be much more drastic.
  9. Spectator6

    Talking Tarkov Podcast #3

    How are the radios and VOIP coming along? Thank you @necujafor organizing this thread and for all the hard work you do for us here in the forums! *vodka toast*
  10. Spectator6

    Talking Tarkov Podcast #3

    Not at all my friend, I'm absolutely against cone fire as well! What I described would be accomplished with a *tight* free aim box. All the same great firing and recoil mechanics we both love about EFT would be here to stay! Out of respect for necuja and to keep this thread on topic, check out this thread for more info and to continue the conversation. Cheers!
  11. Spectator6

    Talking Tarkov Podcast #3

    Artificial penalties... Like the uncontrollable weapon sway while standing still that's currently in game? Why not, instead, have these slight "off-center" movements be induced by the player's own inputs? This would allow a baseline shoulder-fire onto a man-sized target out to about 50 meters with the added possibility for a player to become more accurate if he's able to further master his inputs. Seems to me that could very well be the best of both worlds, no?
  12. Spectator6

    Kill Cam (Hear me out)

    Personally I'm against kill cams. Not knowing provides it's own mystery and allure to the game and makes death that much more jarring and immediate. On the flip side, I think it also serves to heighten the thrill of surviving encounters too. The many side effects of The Unknown (tm) should not be so quickly taken for granted in how it shapes the feel and pacing of the game... Autopsy reports for purchase from Therapist? Possibly... Entry and exit wounds, estimated bullet trajectories, etc. But honestly, are players **really** that interested in learning how they died? So much so the it warrants CSI-Tarkov development? I think not. At the end of the day, I suspect it's more likely they're just upset and want something external to rail against...
  13. Spectator6

    Adding a MAG SPEED LOADER into the game

    Leaning towards "No" on this one, if only because I rarely see them used in real life at gun ranges, etc. I'd be surprised then, if speed loaders were part of standard gear sets for combat troops (but maybe some one with better experience can chime in?). I suppose a designated ammo bearer may have one... But long story short, in my opinion, this only highlights how critical proper ammo management is. In a real life situation, if you're in the sh!t and have to resort to loose ammo, let's hope you've got a place to hunker down with friends to provide you cover. PLUS! Keep in mind that most chest rigs carry far more magazines than what is typically allowed in EFT. If they expand on this and let people carry 10+ mags, manual reloading will naturally serve as its own (deserved) punishment. One exception I may be willing to make, though, are speed clips for revolvers as they're somewhat common among old-school law enforcement officers who choose to carry wheel guns. I've tried one and they're definitely not a panacea. They can be a little fumbly to carry and are a little odd to have on a duty belt.
  14. Spectator6

    Refill medkits

    I really like this idea! It may be a good way to help "guide" the player in how to build-out and stock his own IFAK components. As it stands now, IFAK's serve as a double-buff of sorts wherein each use is able to stop bloodloss and replenish some HP. This makes them more useful because, not only does it allow them to take up less space in a player's inventory (compared to a separate bandage and AI-2), they can do more than one thing at a time. In game, however, this may be a little weird... If each IFAK can be customized in non-equal parts to, say, 2 blood-loss stoppages and 4 heals, when the player "uses" it, does it always consume both types at once? If the player is not bleeding, but is low on health, would the IFAK "know" to simply use one of its heal components. Or visa versa? If the IFAK is empty of blood-loss stoppages and has two heals left, when the player uses it to for a bandage, how would he be notified that there are no bandage uses left for the IFAK?
  15. Spectator6


    My dudes, I think we all might be talking over one another here and not understanding what @xGRAVExDANCERx is trying to get at. @necuja You're exactly right in how you describe the process and yes, it is extremely easy. I get the impression, though, that OP may be wanting something a little different. Rather than forming up groups from the various Raid lobbies, I think OP is saying that it would be more convenient to allow the raid group to be formed up at the main menu start screen, allow the group leader to click through the various multiplayer selections, and effectively "pull" everyone else in behind him. As it stands right now, each player who wants to play together must first coordinate what map they all need to pick along with the time slot to insure they all get to the same pre-raid lobby. Only then can they proceed with actually forming up the group. With this "new" system, all that would have to be done is form up a group and only the leader would have to make the map and time slot selections. After the raid is over, the group could stay intact at the main menu screen, already together and rearing to go for the leader to make another raid selection once everyone is ready. Does that make sense? @xGRAVExDANCERx, did I get close to what you were trying to describe?