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  1. On results of the New Year Event

    @BigManMav If I'm reading you right, you're essentially saying that if the devs are serious about having the community test the game and give proper feedback, then it's essential to have more detailed and specific notes as to the particular bugs and fixes that are being addressed. This way the community can be sure it's spending its time focusing on the right aspects of the game and returning useful information to the devs. Is that about right?
  2. gun switching

    @Tactical_Fister is correct here, sidearm transitions will win out 9 times outta 10 (I leave a 1/10 out there to account for smooth access being obstructed in some way). Standing with a proper sling that quickly gets the primary weapon out of the way and transitions can be suprisingly fast! And it makes sense if you think about it from an economy of motion standpoint. For a reload 1) a hand leaves the gun, 2) grabs a spare mag, 3) moves back to the gun, 4) performs the reload, then 5) chambers a round. For a transition to sidearm, 1) a hand leaves the gun, 2) grabs the sidearm, 3) then rotates to target and/or extends outward ready to fire. So three beats five in this instance.
  3. @Natalino Thank you for replying that makes perfect sense! I can confirm that I am now consistently joining within 90 seconds. Excited to hear more about the Hideout feature! What you have released so far sounds very well done :thumbs_up:
  4. Reloading loose rounds time penalty

    This will be an excellent and welcome feature!
  5. Clarification on Scav ROE for AI

    Thanks @dbrawler, makes sense about not trusting other player scavs! When you say "AI scavs in the area will become hostile", does that include scavs who are within a given radius, regardless of whether or not the scav had line of sight to the engagement? I'm thinking here of the GTA5 cops... A player kills a civilian out in the middle of some remote mountaintop and immediately, a swarm of of police converge on the area. Why/how were the cops able to "know" about the event, much less be able to assign fault? Is that more or lesshow EFT currently works regarding "triggering" hostile AI?
  6. If you go in as a Scav and do not engage other Scav players/AI, then you should *NOT* be engaged by Scav AI, correct? I only ask to clarify because last night a buddy and I were Scavs, teamed up, looting and heading toward extract. We came across another Scav who watched us for a few moments and then he opened fire, hitting us both. I was able to return fire and put him down, but my friend was killed. Given that we had played a "clean" Scav round, it's safe to assume that Scav was a live player, correct? Otherwise an AI would not have initiated combat. Do I understand that correctly? Now, given that Scavs are very much a no-rules type thing, I'm okay with what happened if that Scav happened to be a live player. What I felt was a little odd, though, was that immediately following that encounter, we were ganged up on by nearby AI Scavs and didn't make it out alive. Which seems a little odd given we were acting in self defense and the altercation was not seen by all of the other AI Scavs. From the other player Scavs angle, had I not killed him, he would have had to face the onslaught of other AI Scavs, correct? Meaning that was a risk he was willing to take in order to... What? To loot me and my friend? To just be a douche? Maybe he's a newb like we all once were and didn't understand the rules?
  7. micro mechanics and feedback (ammo and meds)

    +1 for mag reloads taking some time. That by itself is phenomenal! Add the idea of them being mocapped animations? WOW! This game is pushing every boundary imaginable and then some! Great work devs *high five*
  8. I particularly love your idea for the temporary shared stash that grouped players can contribute to and take from. That would be great!
  9. While joining a server, during the matchmaking period, it would be nice if we could manage our character, trade, and/or review our maps. By allowing players to initiate matchmaking first, the 5 minutes they spend "housekeeping" their character could be 5 mins closer to getting in game. As it stands now, players must do this before joining a server. Thoughts? Improvements?
  10. On results of the New Year Event

    Congrats devs! Thank you for letting us be a part of the testing!
  11. 1PN58 NSPUM (Night Scope)

    WOW!!!! The attention to detail you guys put into your modeling and texturing work is simply phenomenal! *slow clap* *passes the team a round of vokda*
  12. Teamate Indicator

    Directional VOIP will help with this, so you can hear their in-air voices in 3D and have a better sense for where people are in the room.
  13. More depth to melee combat

    Yes, that's a good point! You comment makes me wonder if there's a way to tie it to some sort of skill progression... Rather than have the RNG be for whether the block initiates automatically, what if it is for whether a block action can be performed by the player? Otherwise, in keeping EFT's in-depth character skill-level elements, what separates an experienced knife user from a newb who just started the game? ie What keeps players from simply spamming the block key during a melee attack? Maybe it triggers an animation that requires a cooldown so a player can only block x number of times per second? Maybe, as skill increases, the "melee catch" time is lengthened? For example, an experienced melee player's "block" action protects against any melee attacks delivered within the next 0.5 secs. Whereas an unexperienced melee player's block action only covers an attack within, say, a 0.1 second window and has a longer cooldown for when it can be used again?
  14. Since it's not letting me edit my original post, I'll say here that @Forien is right, the image I supplied is misleading. I should have used another example. Regardless, some sort of email notification to accompany insurance returns would be welcome addition
  15. More depth to melee combat

    Maybe, if the defender is facing the attacker, give the defender a chance to automatically block the attack? Say a 40% chance of the attack failing and/or pushing back the attacker to create space to employ a firearm or return melee?