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  1. dezsnk

    Skier Supplier bug?

    I get another one with 70% of durability and now work.
  2. dezsnk

    Skier Supplier bug?

    It's impossibile (or maybe) to kill someone without ruin helmet and I don't have vendors unloked with brand new helmet From Fence are all used..
  3. dezsnk

    Skier Supplier bug?

    Repaired but it it doesn't work
  4. dezsnk

    Skier Supplier bug?

    When I try to give him helmet system gives me this error
  5. dezsnk

    Plese fix lagging servers!

    I know that is a beta. But you can't die in a closed room killed by ghosts without see or feel anything
  6. I'm tired to lost 4/500k of equipment killed by ghosts cause your server sux. 150€ of preorder deserve something more decent.
  7. After a SCAV misson a lot of times the game stays on "matching" for hours if you invite a friend for teamplay. If I click on "BACK" it reconecct itself automatically with a infinite loop blocked on "matching" loading. We terminate the .exe from win and now appear an error like the attachment.
  8. Please, fix those lagged servers. I'm tired to play and lost all things because your server sux. I would play a "decent game" and not with ghost that appears in front of me or "invisible kills". Thanks