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  1. SafetyTurtle

    Cant catch a break in this game

    Well that explains a lot...
  2. SafetyTurtle

    Cant catch a break in this game

    Is your reaction always to be a complete douche? because then I can imagine why you have to play alone...
  3. SafetyTurtle

    Why is this game so hard to get a head in?

    I've been playing for about three weeks...two weeks ago I got constantly frustrated with dying constantly, losing everything and never get anything done...now, two weeks later, I'm doing raid after raid with a fully modded AK, opscore etc and the biggest thing that changed, except generally getting better at the game, understand it more, was finding someone to play with that share my style of play. You don't even need a whole team, most of my raids are done in a two man team and it's a complete blast.
  4. SafetyTurtle

    Whats wrong with this game?

    Because I was eating and waiting on a mate to get ready...and have never waited more than 10min to get into a game. And getting it on track? it is on track, you think the devs just sit on their arse picking their noses?
  5. SafetyTurtle

    Cant catch a break in this game

    Felt the same when I just started playing, then I found someone on a discord channel that I play well with and it completely changed the game, it became "easier" and a lot more enjoyable. I personally don't see any of the things you mentioned as a problem that needs to be fixed, just part of the learning curve.
  6. SafetyTurtle

    Quests should not be obligatory

    If doing quests makes you frustrated and angry, that's on your, I personally like it and think it adds another great dimension to the game other than just shoot and loot.
  7. SafetyTurtle

    Whats wrong with this game?

    I haven't personally experienced most of the things you mention here after 3 weeks of play, but again, even though you don't like that reply...it's a BETA, as in not complete, if you can't handle playing a buggy game, don't play in a beta, it's pretty simple really. The devs are aware of the bugs but as mentioned before: fixing bugs creates more bugs...they're also not a huge team, which slows down how quickly bugs are fixed. The quality of the game, considering it's a beta is pretty damn good, I've had many many great raids, I've seen games on release that were a lot more buggy than this game is in beta. But hey, maybe I'm not as easily angered by the minor bugs I've experienced.
  8. SafetyTurtle

    Whats wrong with this game?

    Well then why play a game that the developers have said from the start will be focused on team play? you're handicapping yourself by playing alone, and that's fine, just don't complain about it.
  9. SafetyTurtle

    This game is so harsh on new player

    See that's where you're wrong, the game doesn't need to do anything the designers don't want it to. They're making a game that they want to make and currently, a lot of people also seems to like it.
  10. SafetyTurtle

    This game is so harsh on new player

    Okay honestly, not every game has to or should appeal to casual gamers, if you're a casual gamer that's fine, nothing wrong with that, just don't expect every game to be tailored to you.
  11. SafetyTurtle

    This game is so harsh on new player

    How do you think the good guys got good? by going to a forum complaining that the game was "too hard?" no, they kept playing, learned the game and got better that way. It's the same road we all take and if you can't cut it, tough luck, then the game isn't for you...there are some of us who are tired of games that hold your hand, this one does not and if you don't like that in a game, stop playing, simple as that. Game is equal for everyone, we all have to deal with the same stuff.
  12. One more word? what? "hack"?
  13. SafetyTurtle

    Just wanna get his name known to people

    Facts you can't prove. And yes, you are naming and shaming as you're showing the name of the person you accuse of hacking...and it's still not allowed.
  14. SafetyTurtle

    This game is so harsh on new player

    Yes, the game i hard...it's designed to be hard.
  15. SafetyTurtle

    Plese fix lagging servers!

    Okay I have to ask: people are aware that problems don't get fixed the second they are reported, right? I mean, this stuff takes time. People are acting like the devs are just sitting picking their noses and not doing anything...they're working on it, have a little patience or stop playing betas.