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  1. Better Before Dynamic Spawns\Extracts?

    i think the new system is a step back
  2. is the pmm more powerfull that other 9mm pistols?

    he you are the one who doesnt know anything the device was called silencer before it was called suppressor the inventor Hiram Percy Maxim created the Maxim Silencer in 1902 "The earliest use of the term "suppressor" to refer to firearm noise reduction is in US Patent 4530417, July 23, 1985" ooooooohhhhhhh yeah COD invented the word silencer..... fake weapon geek got owned, i love it when gunnuts get it wrong because they follow the mainstream uninformed
  3. no name on kill screen

    nope a bear killed me and no name
  4. How to the trader levels work?

    ok thx
  5. How to the trader levels work?

    just a question prapor is at level 3 and for level 4/crown it says it requires level 29 (im higher) and 1 million (even though getting to level 3 also required 1 million) so what is the real number for getting prapor to level 4/crown?