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  1. @eftballistics You buy guns & armor? Wut? That is too easy... it is only meaningful if you have to scavenge *everything*. Don't be a wimp and buy stuff you can get in game! (A little tongue in cheek here. I don't mind it being harder to get stuff. It is too easy right now, in my opinion. Just thought the approach was very subjective, even if I agree... I actually don't buy much from the traders are all. Only the things I cannot get in game. What frustrates/bores me currently is the lack of optimization for AMD processors. That desynch causes death. due to lag, not due to anything I can adapt to. But I know, they are working on desynch. )
  2. Seddrik-9mm

    Mark key cancer players

    @ShiroTenshi Yeah. They will probably up scavs when the server stability/desynch is better handled. Didn't know about the cultists.
  3. Seddrik-9mm

    Mark key cancer players

    1. If you see them... shoot them. Problem solved. 2. As for my customs runs... even late game, the door is usually still locked... *shrug*
  4. Seddrik-9mm

    Knife dmg too low, unbalanced between hatchet

    1. Desynch issues hinder melee. Multiple hits can be very hard to complete on target, and if the person you face has less desynch... you only see one hit if that before you die. 2. Knife/hatchet damages were nerfed to be the same and lower that before. They are (combined with desynch) now handicapping to melee. 3. They added stamina on top of it... so melee fights are really short now... because u can only swing a few times, you cannot chase anyone and then melee fight, and you cannot run and then turn and ambush one who is following you, you cannot even jump around to maneuver much, etc. Its extremely handicapping. Right now melee is pretty garbage, overly nerfed. And there are still hatchling runners for loot... so it didn't change that... just made one aspect of the game more boring. Solution? Melee having stamina cost is fine, just not as much cost. This alone would help make melee viable without being OP. Damage - shouldn't take more than 2 hits to the unprotected head to take someone down. It may be that way now, but with desynch its really hard to tell. So maybe desynch is the bigger issue here. NO to death moves/animations. No. I like melee, but this kind of scripted thing... that is not what Tarkov is. This would be like when people were stuck in the old door opening animations... and couldn't get out. Too easy to abuse. Maybe when out of breath you can still swing but, not hit as hard? After all, if you can still hold a gun up and point and shoot... but with shakes/less accuracy... why not at least wave the knife around?
  5. Seddrik-9mm

    fast walk to zero slow walk

    What toast said ^^^ If you loot while on max walk speed, its fine when you are done looting. But if you loot while on slow walking... then the min max thing gets broken. You are stuck with BOTH tab selections on slow. It has done this ever since I started playing, through several patches. I am not hitting tab accidentally. It is very repeatable and others have the same experience.
  6. Seddrik-9mm

    knife 1 shot ? hacker or skilled

    Yeah, desynch can make 3 hits look like 1-2...
  7. Seddrik-9mm

    Face hit box

    Why do people make up arguments like the face hitbox being different for diff people? I never argued that? As for any injury, we all know that any gunshot wound could put you out of the action,,, unlike in tarkovs magic medical supplies world. And I've played FPS for years. Even competitively. That doesn't matter. Bottom line, many many deaths by one shot to the head shows a skew in the system. Conditioned to hit the face doesn't mean it should be this easy. Literally, one click. The face is the face and the game is the game? What is that? A magic chant? Silly arguments aside, all I am saying is the rate of face shots is just ridiculously high. For a more serious game like this one... it is quite arcade like to have so many head/face shots so easily. Its about as reasonable as the scavs targeting your same leg for repeat shots while ur are in a dead run.... but that happens in Tarkov also. If I say "the leg is the leg and the game is the game" does this somehow prove it to be a good game model for a serious tactical FPS? Nevermind. Its like emotion and preference dominate even as ya'l admit to it not being realistic... *shrug*
  8. Seddrik-9mm

    Face hit box

    Not all face shots are fatal IRL. Tarkov's rate of fatal face shots is unrealistically high. There is no point in aiming center mass in Tarkov. But IRL people aim center mass *because* extremity shots & head/face shots are less common/more difficult. In fact, if you are not aiming, single fire, at the face... you are doing tarkov wrong. Which demonstrates how out of whack this is. I can understand that some people LIKE all these face shots being so easy. But when ya'll admit left and right that face shots are more in real life are more difficult, admit that IRL people focus on center mass first, and that tarkov does the opposite... and then say you don't get what I am saying... it seems to be an issue of preference blocking the facts. If you have a preference fine. But the rate of face shot deaths is just silly (my opinion) as well as unrealistic (facts which even you indicated).
  9. Seddrik-9mm

    Face hit box

    You make my point... offer evidence for my point... then argue the opposite? People keep doing this... *shrug* Most headshots are lucky muzzle climb? Then why are so many first shots headshots in Tarkov? Ever watch people play on twitch? See how many times people aim one shot to the head. Consistently. Intentionally. As for officers, they aim for what is the most effective at immediately stopping the threat. That is their (unpleasant) job when faced with a violent threat. This is not to "slow him down", it is to stop the threat. I've seen people shot in the leg, laying down, a gun still l in their hand ready to go until they went unconscious due to body shots... they remained a threat because a leg wound doesn't make them immediately unconscious. In addition to not immediately stopping the threat- aiming for limbs is a more difficult / less reliable & smaller target. Being more likely to miss... yo own that bullet. Wherever it lands. Being able to guarantee you hit smaller, moving targets consistently under stress is a movie magic dream. Kinda like head shots in Tarkov.
  10. Seddrik-9mm

    Scav instant detect/headshots AGAIN?

    Rather obvious. Change this.
  11. Seddrik-9mm

    Scav instant detect/headshots AGAIN?

    Come on. Night time. Sneaking. Round a corner... no scavs looking my way. I shoot ONE silenced shot at a scav's head. The other INSTANTLY SPINS 180 and headshots me. Getting very very old. Completely unrealistic.
  12. Seddrik-9mm

    fast walk to zero slow walk

    I've noticed for some time that your walk speed gets trapped at the slowest rate when looting. It is very repeatable. Could you change it to where tab changes walk rate from minimum to max ONLY? And mouse wheel adjusts it on a slide? The way the system is now constantly results in looting things, bring stuck on slow and slow (tab does not raise it) and then you are at the very least hindered in maneuvering and often have issues in combat because of this movement speed issue.
  13. Seddrik-9mm

    Have the cheaters won the game?

    It is frustrating, but don't rage at BSG. Cheaters hurt their business. They don't want cheaters. They are working on it. I've seen periods in EFT where I didn't run into anyone who even seemed possibly like a cheater. But cheaters will always try to come back. No doubt BSG is working on their programming to deal with this.
  14. Seddrik-9mm

    Ban system

    Primary thing is for BSG to actively check for unusual behavior in game then ban it quickly. As it is, it seems like they go through cycles of banning... then letting things build up again. Are they presently doing bans manually?
  15. Seddrik-9mm

    Face hit box

    I don't doubt there is a combination of things involved; but if the face hit box were smaller head shots would still be possible, and easy when stationary (target and shooter). But when moving... less so.