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  1. Looking for NA players

    Discord info? US Central time. Tactical/team player.
  2. Why is this game so hard to get a head in?

    Don't they still lessen damage from other weapons? I know I live a lot longer under fire with them than without.
  3. Killing six guys at WOODs in a low time

    1. How do you change the gun's position? I have yet to find it. 2. Whats your internet connection? Runs so smooth. lol 3. Nice round. Fun watching you spray. hahah (I'm usually the guy sneaking round looking the bodies killed by others right now. Working on getting a better internet connection.)
  4. Game is 18+ and..

    I like that they keep it civil. I'm here to play a tactical/survival game. Not exchange words. : P
  5. No free gift?

    Ahh thanks. Found it on the main page. I forgot there is a separate download page from the forum section. Looking forward to getting home and seeing whats in that gift. : )
  6. No free gift?

    Where would you look to see it if you have it? Heard something about needing to activate it in the forum or profile?
  7. If you are not in comms with them/ don't know them - don't expect friendly behavior. Wigglers can be backstabbers. If you want a buddy, get in comms.
  8. Good Headset?

    What is a good headset for under $50? Wanna hear more steps.
  9. Dogtags! Too easy money!

    Like one above said, base it off the $$ value of the gear carried into the match. Solves farming because if you bring in a lot of gear... you will be losing money if you die just to "farm" tags. Simple. Keep tags valuable though. There is a certain risk-reward & daring-ness to getting those tags off bodies.
  10. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Seddrik#8971 Please verify.
  11. FPS ISSUES/ changing resolution scaling ?

    Probably need more ram to run this game well. Dunno about your computer, not familiar with it. Tried lowest graphical settings?
  12. The SCAV extraction points?

    Best map I've seen yet. Awesome!
  13. Spawning Near Other Players

    ^^ Dying within 2 seconds of spawning happens. Frequently.
  14. AK-74

    " What i can tell? Its AK. Who dont know the AK?" AK? What is an AK? (lol)