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  1. tiagobr6

    Peacekeeper Wet job pt 6 bug gone?

    wet job ? theres quests for peacekeeper?
  2. tiagobr6

    Scav aimbot making me want to quit until fixed.

    i feel that too also. ducking annoying too , sometimes they are normal and sometimes they are aimboting you , i once died to a 1 shot scav with helmet paca and aks74u, nothing helped me tho, i just dropped dead with one single shot
  3. tiagobr6

    infinite matching timer

    well , here we are, past jan 11th and same story goes on.
  4. tiagobr6

    Awaiting Session

    stuck on matching for 2 hours now.
  5. tiagobr6

    i love this game, but im done

    if you are playing far from the server host the scav will headshot you before you press the trigger, lag is beautiful
  6. tiagobr6

    i love this game, but im done

    but its a damm simulator.
  7. tiagobr6

    i love this game, but im done

    sorry i dont know what you are talking about, im doing just fine and i just started , im a lvl 18 and i could kill 14 scavs on the woods for a task from Prapor, git gud
  8. tiagobr6

    Meme and Fun Art

    if you arent a trump supporter im sorry to tell you but you are as daft as a bush, stupid commie he's the best president so far.
  9. 1 hour matching time i just left it matching , also with scavs.
  10. tiagobr6

    infinite matching timer

    i can't join the game, i can't join the game since the matching time has been increased, help !