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  1. Tallmilk

    Being accused of cheating...

    Just wrong, there are so many aim lock esp hackers right now it is unreal. I have never seen so much blatant hacking. Throw in people that blatantly exploit and bad server performance, and you have a recipe for frustration and bitching. Instead of constantly telling gripers to shut up, maybe stop ducking devs private parts and encourage them to fix things? WOW
  2. Tallmilk

    Strength @ 10.0?

    Training stats is part of the game. Those of us who legitimately trained our stats get back handed by the devs. I understand they needed to do something about the macros, but punishing people that do it the right way is just a dick move. This kind of treatment has to stop. Beta they say, feedback they say, test our game they say. Well, I am, and I am telling the devs they need to be more conscious of they way they treat their player base... Not just streamers and players that are on 18-7.
  3. Tallmilk

    Strength @ 10.0?

    Seems people already found a way to glitch it to max again. This is a serious game breaking issue. People abusing this need a wipe. End of story. I actually trained my strength up to 25. YES. I bought tons of shells and walked around the map that way. I get wiped? How the <snip> is that fair? These macro kids just do it all over again. These devs need to stop <snip> their casual players in the <snip> .