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  1. unplayable high ping for middle east

    Same here, I also live in the middle east with a ping ranging from 250-290. It started right after this patch...
  2. Can't handover fort armor

    Tried to do it, didn't work But I completed the quest anyways, I found a new fort armor with better durability, Thanks anyways
  3. Can't handover fort armor

    I just checked and it seems that I can't repair my armor. It gives me the option to repair, but when I press repair, it does nothing...
  4. Can't handover fort armor

    The armor is 8/8 durability. Ill try to fix it later today to see if the error will be fixed
  5. Can't handover fort armor

    I've got fort armor and Kiver-M for skier's first mission, but for some reason, I can't handover my fort armor to skier Here is the link for the error: http://prntscr.com/hzyy0p How can I solve this? I'm so close to completing this quest.
  6. Therapist second quest

    OK thanks
  7. Therapist second quest

    A simple question about the second quest of Therapist, the one that doesn't lower skier's rep. Where do gas analyzers spawn ?
  8. When can we expect optimitation?

    I also want to know my specs: Ndivia gtx 760 2 GB 8 GB ram Intel Core i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40 GHZ (8 CPU's) The game just recently starts to lag like hell on Customs, while I disconnect from the server after some minutes of game freezing... I expected to run this game on medium settings, but even after forcing myself to the lowest settings, it wil still run bad...
  9. Lagging and loosing connection

    I have those same issues as you, except I have Nvidia gtx 760 2GB and Intel core i5-2700 3.40 GHZ ...
  10. Upgrading from free trial to Standard edition

    Ok thanks
  11. Upgrading from free trial to Standard edition

    Alpha container loot would also be lost is wipes ?
  12. Upgrading from free trial to Standard edition

    What do you mean by the next wipe ?
  13. So I recently redeemed a friend's standard edition gift, the code redeemed well. But because there is almost no difference between the two versions I don't know if I should/need to reset my profile.What can you suggest? Do I need to reset my profile in order to make the standard edition playable? Or can I keep playing without bothering to reset my profile ?
  14. Shoreline doesn't load

    So yesterday I wanted to play with my friends on Shoreline map, but for some reason I can't load into the map. In the loading screen it goes well until the title 'Awating game session'. After that my game freezes and therefore I am forced to end it. And in addition, my friends described that they see me in the map floating in the air during my loading ... Note: This happens only in Shoreline, the other maps run well. here are my PC specs if it matters: Intel Core I7 Quad - Core 2700 3.40 Ghz Nvidia Gtx 760 2 VRAM 8 GB Ram