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  1. Hardcore

    i really dont like the idea of points for gear like gearscore in a hardcore realistic FPS it would only sense that you wont be able to trow all kind of items into a safe container. like weapons, meds and task items.. and then put scavs at "loot" areas... atm marked room is not deffended, for example should there be 2-4 scavs on each floor. would kill all hatchlings trying to run for fast loot. if you look atm ingame, all streamers have tons of meds, and ammo in the container.. plus trow Fast MTs in there also. if the container only could hold money keys maps and doc, it would force players take backpack along just for extra meds if you want it.. would make alot more decesions about taking more meds or ammo with you. wich in my opinion leads to more hardcore.
  2. Hardcore

    bitcoin should not go as money.. but a trade item.. so you would not be able to put it in the container. as said only money,keys maps and Doc. all things you you just said, is complete diffrent from what ive said. my idea would not let meds/bandage or weapons in the container, other then those items i alrdy said.. so the bitcoin would be lost if getting killed. = no profit. you can still go in as hatchlings, np.. but you cant put anything of decent value in the container. or quest items. so very low reasons to even go naked.
  3. Hardcore

    your proberly right, but how fun do you have now atm ingame? as i said you could trade in items for weapons and such.. atm we can buy everything wich kinda ruin "end game" if you can say that ? And the biggest plus would be to make safe containers unable to hold other stuff then money keys doc maps.. not so realistic you just put your minisass or M4 in the container ofc grind is not fun, but its a part of a progression, if you have everything, what to do ? nothing to go for !? ou could just play counterstike then. or any arcade game. Plus Devs have told they are going for that niche of players who want "hardcore" and it would be more hardcore if you need to farm and survive. Devs dont care for the casual player who wants "fun" at least they said.
  4. Hardcore

    indeed, i really hope they gonna change it, nothing confirmed, but i do understand that we are getting a "easy" way to all items atm to test them... would not be much testing if all items were to be found first but indeed, he does use the trade option, trade items to equipment. and it feels fair. but std equipment would be ok.. like normal bullets bandage and AI med. would make the game abit more realistic, and keep players looting and searching ingame... atm no1 even look at scavs there killing.. or chests / cabinets. you can buy everything from traders trade in items for AR´s or other type of items would be nice.. and better gear as traders lvl up.. but not be able to buy every item ingame.
  5. Hardcore

    hi guys, after follwing most EFT streamers specialy Deadly with hes "hardcore" mode. where he cant put anything then, Keys, money, maps and Doc inside hes safe container, would this not be a great idea to put into base game ?? would proberly remove alot of hatchlings.. and wep glitchers.. think it would be a great idea, so hatchlings cant run Tasks and put for example Selewa kits in container and die.. what do you guys think ? im a EOD user and i would not mind it. even thoe i have a bigger safe container wich would be useless, kinda
  6. 2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    wauw such great news, really looking forward to a great 2018 !
  7. EFT Ammo table

    ok can confirm... TT still sux balls... 1 hit - 1 dmg...
  8. EFT Ammo table

    so the TT ammo got buffed i see ??? Saw Kotton last night using the hunting rounds.. he got poo on but i can see those are crap.. and the 762x25tt_Pst_gzh is the one to go for thx for this nice spreadsheets
  9. well you simply just showed us a BETA game ? if all these things you say here was fixed, dont you think the game was released ? jezz ++ if you had followed up or reserached abit yourself, there will be first aid animations, and ammo loading for mags and so on.. so just relax dude..
  10. So no money no items just a knife now what?

    money is ez to get even while killed all the time.. go naked. fill your safe container with what you find.. is u die sell it. go back in.. not the most fun gameplay, but you will fill up your wallet, and if you extract with loot you did even better.
  11. as above says, its proberly not the game if you still have low fps on all maps all the time.. and 8GB is kinda low on a modern gaming rig. if you cant afford more RAM, maybe you shouldnt playing pc games ?
  12. Beware of This hacker

    ^ this
  13. why am i an idiot ? by pointing out that all you say here is exact the same thing all others are saying again.. only place my FPS is changing is shoreline rest is fine. if you have fps drops everytime every map, it aint the game sorry.
  14. Unlootable Weapons?

    yeah just post hes dogtag so we can see this douchbag... its a abuuse of a bug... and nothing you can do about it other then publice hes name so we can see the looser
  15. Additional game with alpha preorder

    dno maybe they just meant the "new" copie is the EOD that you got.. ?!?