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  1. Separate PVE Mode

    +1 for PvE with a separate stash. I'm trash at the game. Like seriously, my survival rate is way too low to call this game "rewarding". I barely ever bring loot home as PMC. With 3 or so scav runs I bring home enough loot to lose in the next 1 PMC run again. No progress, and honestly "fun" is fading away also. I like to play the PvE mode but there's no point when you can't bring stuff home. A separate PvE stash or character would be the most important (for me personally, and probably many other PvE-fans) biggest addition I can ask for.
  2. Factory exits are stupid

    Weird. I know maps should always have a permanent extraction point, yet it happaned to me that only cellars and Gate 0 (afaik both require a key) were available.
  3. scav are so overpowered!!!

    Firstly, was it an AI or a player scav? Fort doesn't protect the legs. It's a reasonable body part to shoot at and die from being shot at. IRL, there's no way you'd treat 2 legs shattered by tens (or hundred even?) bullets of a shotgun, let alone before bleeding out (hence AFAIK in most of the US, police don't shoot at the legs to prevent destroying main veins and having the suspect bleed out in a matter of a minute). And to be honest I think you shouldn't have given that scav so much time to shoot 4 times with the bolt action shotgun and reload. But I know how bad some situations can be, so I won't blame you for that. Huh, do you carry less than 4 shots into your raids? Because I don't. A couple of mags (for those pretty inferior guns) is reasonable. You lost me and all your credibility there. If it's so OP, why doesn't everybody use it? So... after typing and before posting this, I've read through the replies and noticed you weren't actually serious (I had my suspicions when you mentioned "toy" guns). Thank god. I'm terrible at Escape from Tarkov, yet I agree with the point you want to prove here. Well played. And yes, I'm still posting this because I can't be asked to bring arguments against someone and then just delete the text.
  4. True and touché on that, I keep my gear as well and I'm running out of space. But I know my mistake. It still doesn't justify toxicity, might as well just explain it in a more reasonable manner like you did, for example.
  5. Give EOD players priority queuing.

    Well, they could make the stash upgradeable. Have owners of all Editions able to upgrade their stash by some tiles, even EOD owners.
  6. What's with the toxicity? He gave his opinion (which he has a right to) and reasonable Feedback (exactly what the devs ask for). I agree with the OP.
  7. Nested Backpacks

    I guess that's fair-ish, it's weird anyway. Could you give me a source?
  8. Nested Backpacks

    The Standard Edition stash is incriminatingly tiny already, only the 2 most expensive editions have a reasonably sized stash. I think nesting bags is okay.
  9. Scav Timer

    Sounds fair to me. I'm quite poo at the game, I've done PMC runs and lost everything because I got killed at the spawn, 30 seconds into the game (note that I didn't escape a single time as PMC yet, kinda ruins the experience and is the main reason I think there should be a PvE stash, but that's a different topic). Having no timer for (quickly) failed Scav runs would ensure that even players like me can have fun (at least every 30 minutes anyway) without losing absolutely everything.
  10. I agree, I think it's weird that you can find duffel bags, open them and take items out of them, but you can't pick up the bag itself.
  11. PVE mode , hear me out

    I disagree, I think grinding in PvE and taking that gear to PvP is OP and exactly what the Battlestate devs want to avoid. I still think both should be separated. I agree, however, the game could use some unique modes. Right now you basically grind loot and try to keep it.
  12. PVE mode , hear me out

    Well said. The game mechanic is there. AI, everything works. Simply allowing us to stash stuff from PvE (and obviously lose stuff if you die) and perhaps keeping it on a different save/character/whatever is all that's required.
  13. PVE mode , hear me out

    I have to disagree, it's also no way to compare it. You can't compare PvE or PvP with real-life realism. The way I see it, the current free for all, everyone kills everyone gameplay in PvP is unrealistic. After all, we choose to belong to BEAR or USEC who should fight together. I think the most realistic part of the game is PvE because you clearly belong to your faction (in my case USEC) and fight against an enemy (apparently scavs). And those scavs may or may not shoot each other. Not to be rude, but why do you care? If you only play PvP anyway, why does it matter to you if others would like to enjoy PvE that is completely separated from PvP? And from what I've seen, the "rushers" still seem to win many firefights while the cautious players lose to the rushers. Why? I've always been sh*t at shooters. The hardcore style that I like about Escape from Tarkov makes me play very carefully. Yet I get shot by not-so-careful players all the time. Not complaining, just saying. This. I bought it and I instantly fell in love with PvE. Bots are powerful and smart but not ridiculously OP. Now, when going to PvP the frustration starts. As mentioned, I'm garbage at such games, yet they can be fun. I chose to try the Scav mode first. I spawned right next to another scav that then shot me (Weren't we supposed to be a team?). Back to almighty PvE then. After the scav cooldown, I started another game as a scav. I killed one person but I couldn't search the body. Then after sneaking around in a building, I wanted to approach the body and I got shot from somewhere again. I get that this is the way the game is. I just don't see myself actually bringing ANY loot home. Why even touch PvP then? To spawn, die and lose everything and in the end have an empty stash and no way to play the game? This is the mentality that can kill this game. When people that aren't good at this game just won't touch it anymore. They're too bad to bring home loot from PvP, and they aren't allowed to bring home loot from PvE. SO WHAT'S THE DAMN POINT? As mentioned before, I would absolutely LOVE it if PvE was separated from PvP. Have a dedicated PvE stash. Let those shy and unskilled players (including me) have fun with the game in a dedicated PvE like others have it in PvP. No holding hands. Just switch the players for bots like you've done it already. The only thing missing to make this an amazing PvP and PvE game is a dedicated PvE stash. This can't be so hard, can it? I beg you! The lack of this theoretically simple addition and the fact that this game runs at only 20 FPS on lowest settings even though I easily meet the system requirements makes me think about requesting a... dare I use this controversial word... refund. And I really don't want to. I want to love this game and this can be archived with only one little thing.