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  1. TheUniT

    For the devs,Offline mode

    +1 for offline PvE with completely independent character and seperate stash. It can't be that hard to implement. It does not get less hardcore, it will only allow for more playstyles. I suck at the game but the shootouts and exploration are so fun. Being beaten over and over again by Fort rushers just is not fun. I'd even go as far and say perhaps have a way to play PvE with a friend, again, with that independent stash and character.
  2. TheUniT

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    @DARKREAPA You just shot me (HveSumFkinMercy) on Factory, I had a quite f!cked Fort that I got from Fence and an AKM I found on a dead body. Not sure how you didn't die after my 2 headshots, you weren't wearing anything but your gun. Hope you have fun with that fcked up Fort, the Brand new Kiver and the nice AKM. What gun did you kill me with?
  3. TheUniT

    Insurance is completely absurd

    Oh yes, because "hardcore" means having a game mechanic that requires you to be online at certain times to use a specific (vital imo) game feature. The game doesn't need to schedule around our life, just have it not schedule in real time but in in-game time. I surely won't schedule my life after the game just to get insurance back, that is plain stupid. You're basically saying people who have a life shouldn't be able to claim the insurance because they chose life instead of all-day Tarkov. Totally reasonable. /sarcasm
  4. So I just spawned into Customs, ran to where I needed to do my quest but got shot. No big deal. So I select Customs again, the same spawn. Loading the map and loot took as long as usual, quite reasonable time. Then matching and synchronizing with players took 7 minutes only for me to see I'm dead (and then stuck on a black screen) right when "loading finishes". Usually, I'd elaborate more, fill a thread with more content. But I don't know what to say. However.... When I bought the game a month ago I had loading times of 5 minutes for Factory and 10-20 minutes on Customs. I searched the forum and Google what could be done and after I did what some people suggested to improve loading times and performance, Factory loaded within 1 minute and Customs usually needed way less than 5 minutes (both after having pre-loaded the map into PVE before going into a real raid). I think that's more or less reasonable for a mid-end PC. But the user (I for example easily meet the minimum requirements and for the most part the recommended requirements as well, although there are people with ultra-end PCs with only mediocre performance) needing to use some dense "tricks" from Windows to be able to load into the game in the first place is stupid. I sincerely hope this game will be optimized drastically as soon as possible. I don't care about content yet, I'd rather have the game more enjoyable performance-wise first. /rant
  5. TheUniT

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the guy that just shot me (HveSumFkinMercy) running around on Customs with only a pistol trying to do the Bronze Watch quest and I didn't even shoot back and to the guy that just killed me on Customs while I was still on the loading screen (for some stupid reason), Have Some Fvcking Mercy.
  6. TheUniT

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    I just did a regular, pleb gear run on Factory just now, all other 5 players were hatchet runners. Sorry, I shot all of you guys despite my in-game name being HveSumFkinMercy. So after shooting 2 and picking up 3 dog tags, 2 other guys approached me. One armed with a scav's TOZ, one with hatchet only. Sorry, I shot you, TOZ guy. I then ran out of ammo (forgot to bring some), wiggled with my hatchet at the remaining hatchet guy that had been chasing me. I reloaded a gun I got from a scav, shot in the air a couple of times and then shot you in the head. I'm sorry. We were alone on the map and I didn't quite trust you. If that makes you feel better, I got shot by a scav afterwards. And I sold the dog tags before making this post, so I can't tag anyone. Unfortunately. Oh well.
  7. TheUniT

    DOG TAGS!!

    Jesus I'd love to have some of those.
  8. TheUniT

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To everyone that kills under-equipped/unequipped players... Is your greed bigger than your mercy? Jesus after all, I do think dog tags are worth too much, they make people kill greedy as duck, even low-levels are profitable for them. Show some mercy. What's wrong with helping out a low level (or anyone for that matter)? It works in DayZ, why can't it work here?
  9. TheUniT

    Saiga Key

    Question is "if", not "when". I do agree it would be a nice addition.
  10. Twice in a row now (and some other times too) I've been killed right after spawning on Factory, losing my newbie gear. I understand you're supposed to be alert right off the bat. The thing is that on maps that aren't Factory, you can try to avoid enemies after spawning. You don't need to face them. This allows players with significantly inferior gear to be alive for more than 10 seconds into the raid. On factory, however, the tunnel spawns are absolutely terrible. There are some spawns that leave you sandwiched between other players. If the gear is equal-ish it's fair-ish but the person with inferior gear (basically me, always) will always die right at the spawn (as long as it's in the tunnel, as I said). To "fix" this, I think all the players shouldn't spawn in some sort of "lane" of people, it would be nice if spawns were spread around the building a lot more. Obviously, players shouldn't spawn too close to loot spawn, though. Alternatively, spawns (or the map) could be altered in a way so spawned players always have 2-3 ways to flee. This would eliminate the occurrence of a) being stuck between other players that want to kill you and b) fleeing from one superior player and running into the arms of another one 3 seconds into the game. I'd also like to mention that this sort of stuff doesn't happen to me a lot on the spawns that aren't directly in the tunnel, so I guess those are fair. However, Tunnel spawns aren't. What do you think about this? Any other suggestions?
  11. TheUniT


    But who tells when it's over? A post-apocalyptic referee? Realistically, what would stop you from just staying in the zone (or at least escaping AFTER the timer)?
  12. TheUniT

    We need a compass

    Yes, there are alternatives. This doesn't automatically mean that it's not unrealistic, though. You have a soldier with high-tech gear and guns, yet he lacks a compass? Hell, you can easily build a compass yourself at home. Some parts you'd need for that even exist in the game. I think it could make a nice tool in the game. As in, have it in your inventory and be able to lose (and buy) it like every other item.
  13. TheUniT

    A Solution to the Hatchling Problem

    What dapps said. Also, I think it's not viable to force hatchlings out of hatchet runs as that doesn't fix the culprit of why they do hatchet runs in the first place. I'm talking about people who do hatchet runs because they don't have anything left. Not those that just don't want to risk anything. I like the idea of having unlimited scav runs under certain conditions. For example, I HAD to do some hatchet runs because I simply haven't had any gun left because I kept dying (survival rate of <10% here, oh well) and I had already done my scav run for that 30 minutes. However I wouldn't fix it to the stash value. My stash may be empty, but just the item case and the keybar some people get at the start are of very high value, even when they're empty as well. Selling those isn't an option, particularly for beginners or Standard Edition owners with a tiny stash. I'd say it would make sense to have a scav timer like we have now, just that you can buy yourself another scav run for a couple of thousand roubles. Not too expensive, the poor guy with the empty stash needs to earn something after all. Then again, he may as well just buy a low-end gun from a trader.
  14. TheUniT

    Separate PVE Mode

    +1 for PvE with a separate stash. I'm trash at the game. Like seriously, my survival rate is way too low to call this game "rewarding". I barely ever bring loot home as PMC. With 3 or so scav runs I bring home enough loot to lose in the next 1 PMC run again. No progress, and honestly "fun" is fading away also. I like to play the PvE mode but there's no point when you can't bring stuff home. A separate PvE stash or character would be the most important (for me personally, and probably many other PvE-fans) biggest addition I can ask for.
  15. TheUniT

    Factory exits are stupid

    Weird. I know maps should always have a permanent extraction point, yet it happaned to me that only cellars and Gate 0 (afaik both require a key) were available.