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    Launcher don't show me info about latest updates

    I believe they were asking what changed now that the version is Also, what is this Telegram?
  2. Redemption224

    run through

    I've never had an issue with tasks not completing getting a "run through" at the end of a raid. I did the first 3 Peacekeeper marker tasks as run-throughs in the dark with no problems. As far as what it takes to not get that result, I'm not sure, getting at least one kill usually does it, but there are also raids I've gotten out of without shooting once and gotten 2-3K XP from looting.
  3. Redemption224

    Mag Drills skill -- Working or nah?

    I played for about 6 hours throughout last night into this morning loading and unloading mags in raids, and my mag drill skill advanced about - that far
  4. Redemption224

    Magazines being lost when reloading

    I'm also experiencing this quite often, I'm not double tapping R and I have room for the empty magazine in my chest rig