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  1. New rig as slow a 9 year old one.

    How much ram do you have forgive me if i am mistaken but i did not see a specific number in any case 8gb will not be enough as the game does have a memory leak problem at least it did not sure it was fixed anyhow i will tell you having 16gb does make a world of difference at least it did for me . please let me know as i may be more of help thank you.
  2. Is there a way to formally report a hacker?

    First it is against the rules to post on the forums with the intention of naming and shaming someone which you have blatantly done Second just because he shot you and your buddies though some bushes does not make that player a hacker/cheater espcailly if the player was full auto it's possible that one of the bullets he fired just hit you and your friends head after all it only takes one. Now i wont give his player a automatic pardon but in the event he was cheating/hacking the in-game anti cheat will catch them. Also please use the search function present withing the forums as you will more then likely find your answer and in the future please reframe from naming and shaming. Have a pleasant day/night .
  3. grant macdonald is a hacker

    This post will be closed due to the name and shame nature of the topic. There are strict rules against name and shaming people on the forums next time please have more respect and keep this info to yourself or contact support directly. Have a nice day.
  4. Please help me!!

    Try fence i've gotten 2 from him so far they are rare however but you might get lucky.
  5. They Wouldn't stop coming!!

    Factory is so fun now that they increased the amount of scavs that spawn
  6. Polikhim Hobo

    Alright thanks for the response
  7. Polikhim Hobo

    Hello i have a quick question for anyone willing to help after completing "Golden Swag" mission i accepted "Chemical part 1" from skier however i was unaware that accepting this mission would automatically start "Polikhim Hobo" quest .My question is once the timer runs out the mission will fail (I assume) afterward will i get the chance to complete it at a later time or no and if not is there any repercussion. Thanks in advance.
  8. GPU or ram upgrade for better performance?

    I recently upgraded from 8gb of ram to 16gb and i can tell you there is a noticeable difference after the upgrade. Maps such as shoreline now run at a playable frame rate whereas before it was unplayable , i know atm both ram and gpu prices are inflated due to a number of reasons and gpus are continuing to go up in price . Its a difficult call to make but i would suggest getting the ram for now as it's a cheaper alternative. Optionally you could browse the used market if you want to make a small upgrade without hurting your wallet to much either way i wish you luck and i'll see you in tarkov. ps i have a gtx 960 2gb if it helps.
  9. Sherpas gear

    I agree with this setup it not to overpowered but is good enough to be useful when training a new player , the map is something everyone should have as it is a vital piece of equipment when training new people weather its pointing out the best loot spots or showing a less hostile path to one of the exits, I also think a small notebook would be a nice idea as this would allow the Sherpa to keep useful note's and possibly pass this book on to a recruit as a form of graduation present for completing EFT survival 101.