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  1. ben alpha döneminden beri cheat engine pc de kurulu şekilde kaldırmadım ama açmadımda. PC de cheat engine var diye banlanılıyor olunsaydı önceliği ben alırdım Adamlar işine emek veriyor nabalım bizede bi beğenmek düşüyor şimdi
  2. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    REECOOOOORD still people coming in
  3. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    I must download and play again. Or it will be eating my mind now
  4. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    Morning comrade general (God this comrade word reminds me cod 2)
  5. Bounty hunters needed - big prizes

    If you can look at my signature you know. Or just follow this link. www.taw.net
  6. Bounty hunters needed - big prizes

    U sthu. U sold me to bounty hunters.
  7. Bounty hunters needed - big prizes

    Many DIs for diffirent time zones and some people comes early some doesnt. Rank only for showing loyalty to the community and sometimes for their help to the community. We mostly do it at mandatorys but sometimes it happens outside of mandatory days ( diffirent mandatorys for diffirent timezones ). Go on leave is like i wont be active around a month or more so we our FSs wont be thinking something might have happen and try to find you asap. Organised community i call.
  8. Bounty hunters needed - big prizes

    If its older then post its not accepted
  9. When will EOD become unavailable?

    in future you wont be able to get it away from player. + will only be obtained if a guy solds it to fence or sells it at black market / aucting , or drops it in-raid. (as far as i know)
  10. Shoreline health resort loot Guide

    I started drawing whole resort like the one you just posted. I stopped when i find this. Good job.
  11. Change key spawns again

    Well do skier missions and pass to peace keeper missions after it. After you finiah peacekeeper last mission gives a key.
  12. I have its ammo vog25 3 pieces atm but not the gl itself yet. Maybe i will find it later but i think it is . but hidden
  13. Prapor Task 2 impossible to do now

    im far from australian a advice take a grach with 2 extra mag go for headshots. also have 1 grenade with you so when you kill scavs at construction & bus station give ur self a gift and throw a f1 Do it this way you can finish it like 20 minutes remaining.
  14. Prapor Task 2 impossible to do now

    I can help you about that task.
  15. Time Rocks :D

    Meh no body noticed the extraction time