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  1. Beginner314


    My guess is: forever.
  2. Beginner314

    Invisible NPC and Players

    That's their standard answer, so don't worry.
  3. Beginner314

    Game launcher & Game wont load/start

    One thing to try: Start Launcher as Admin
  4. Beginner314

    Suddenly cannot shoot anymore

    In the beginning of 10.5 (and also 10.6) I sometimes had trouble to interact (reload, shoot, discard items, etc.) in the beginning of the raid for about 20-30 seconds. I thought OK, maybe the server needs to sync up or something like that. But yesterday I was in a raid, shot some SCAVS, etc. everything was fine. Then we met this SCAV-Player who shot my friend. As he was looting my friend I tried to head-shot him but I was suddenly unable to shot! Neither pistol nor VEPR-136 did work (correct ammo was inside! It worked before in the same raid). I could do all animations like ctrl+t, shift+t, etc. but I could not reload and could not shoot. Did I miss something or is this a new bug? Just interested if other people experienced the same thing.
  5. Beginner314

    Scavs are just ridiculous. - Poll Inside

    I think the hardness of the SCAVs would be good I guess. They are just too buggy at the moment.
  6. Beginner314

    Can't scroll to adjust height with rebinded key

    Just to be sure: Is N also binded somewhere else (e.g. default it is binded to nightvision and helmet shields)?
  7. Beginner314

    Killed by cheater

    Maybe not a cheater, maybe you joined late and spawned directly in front of him?
  8. Beginner314

    TT nerfed?

    Most likely: A few of your shots were simply not registered by the server.
  9. Nothing to do with the sights. Well sights are broken, but that does not matter in this case, because I often shot a SCAV in the Head and saw blood. So it was clearly a hit in the head, but they just run away.
  10. Beginner314

    Scav question

    No. As long as you don't shoot any of them, they will not be aggressive towards you. Except for the Guards of the SCAV-Boss on Customs. They shoot you if you get too close to the SCAV-Boss.
  11. Beginner314

    how do i get lvl 3 peacekeeper?

    So you say, on a regular basis you had lvl4 at peacekeeper without ever doing any of his quests? hmm I say I don't believe you or it is a bug. In both cases, nobody will know it.
  12. Beginner314

    how do i get lvl 3 peacekeeper?

    when exactly do you mean? About 4-5 Days before the Wipe, all players got lvl 4 at all traiders.
  13. Beginner314

    How is this possible?

    This patch (specific network and hit registration) is broken at the moment. Wait until they deploy more hotfixes (and pray that the hotfixes will actually fix and not break the game).
  14. Beginner314

    Cant play with teammates

    if you did a raid before, you have to restart the game. Afterwards it always worked for me and my buddies.
  15. Beginner314

    Auto reset profile???

    they do it only during Beta.