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  1. Beginner314

    Lights, Jumping, and more

    Some lights you are already able to shoot out (since the beginning). But unfortunately not all lights.
  2. Beginner314


    They said it will be bannable at some point. And with the lack of communication by the DEVS I would not be suprised if we don't get a "proper announcement" (that's why I said "you will risk...") if they anncounce it in a proper way, even better.. but personally, I would not count on it..
  3. Beginner314


    The question is: How long can you use it? You risk that your account will suddenly be banned when the Devs decide to change the rules (and don't expect to be informed beforehand!)
  4. Beginner314

    Keybar disappeared from Gamma

    There are know bugs when you discard (resp. delete) an item in raid it could also discard other items from your character. I didn't hear of any items lost because of connection lost. But if it was insured you might get it back. *fingerscrossed*
  5. Beginner314

    Long range shooting : math is might.

    All nice and everything. But useless at the moment as the zeroing seems to be bugged in connection with FOV.
  6. Beginner314

    Fog is ruining gameplay

    do you mean not everyone has this fog or everyone has the fog but some people don't care?
  7. Beginner314

    Error message and Game unplayable

    Only the Devs will know. But of course the Dev do not communicate as always...
  8. Beginner314

    Can someone please explain to me WHAT this is?

    Looks like Lag + no hit registration. Unfortunately no new issue.
  9. Level 3 helmet seem to take 15-20 shots from a SKS (7.62mm). Don't know about the visors. so yeah: At the moment helmets seem to be f****d up...
  10. Beginner314


    My guess is: forever.
  11. Beginner314

    Invisible NPC and Players

    That's their standard answer, so don't worry.
  12. Beginner314

    Game launcher & Game wont load/start

    One thing to try: Start Launcher as Admin
  13. Beginner314

    Suddenly cannot shoot anymore

    In the beginning of 10.5 (and also 10.6) I sometimes had trouble to interact (reload, shoot, discard items, etc.) in the beginning of the raid for about 20-30 seconds. I thought OK, maybe the server needs to sync up or something like that. But yesterday I was in a raid, shot some SCAVS, etc. everything was fine. Then we met this SCAV-Player who shot my friend. As he was looting my friend I tried to head-shot him but I was suddenly unable to shot! Neither pistol nor VEPR-136 did work (correct ammo was inside! It worked before in the same raid). I could do all animations like ctrl+t, shift+t, etc. but I could not reload and could not shoot. Did I miss something or is this a new bug? Just interested if other people experienced the same thing.
  14. Beginner314

    Scavs are just ridiculous. - Poll Inside

    I think the hardness of the SCAVs would be good I guess. They are just too buggy at the moment.
  15. Beginner314

    Can't scroll to adjust height with rebinded key

    Just to be sure: Is N also binded somewhere else (e.g. default it is binded to nightvision and helmet shields)?