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    2019 plans

    No, he will be more like Bear Grylls. Bushcrafter or smth
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    War With Cheaters!

    Yeah and a bunch of 14 days free trials(
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    Insane Kalashnikov Show-drills

    [youtube] [/youtube]
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    But watch you video once again. Can you tell the dirrection of the shot? No, Even on this video with perfect sound hardware you can't tell from where the bullet is comming from and where is the shooter. And no, I didn't saw one random video from youtube, I saw a lot of random videos) Here is another one. And I dont see a lot of the difference. If you don't put a very sensitive mic in radious of one meter(as many gun blogers do), you have a totally different sound. [youtube] [/youtube] [youtube] [/youtube]
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    A lot of times in EFT community I heard a thought even a claim that suppressor are to quite, that in real life they are much louder. I heard that even from big streamers like Dedly Slob and Kotton. And of course I have no doubt that all the guys who are speaking about this issue not once have been shooting a suppressed gun and have been under suppressed fire. However I will take the liberty of showing you a russian special forces drills with suppressed weapon. And tell me after viewing it, that the sound of suppressed weapon in this video is louder when the game analog. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3y75y4Fvl8