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  1. Official Trading Thread

    WTB 3x Wallet
  2. Just upgraded to EoD, but I would like to have my items. I don't have any friends, so I search someone who is trustworthy enough to help me for money to transfer my stuff (if it's even legal).
  3. Official Trading Thread

    WTB key 220 for Chemical Task.
  4. Are there any possible date for discounts, like russian holiday or something? EoD for 90€ is a bit much imo...
  5. Official Trading Thread

    WTB Key 220 for Chemical quest
  6. Official Trading Thread

    WTB Room 220 for Chemical quest
  7. Official Trading Thread

    WTB docs case, PM me
  8. Official Trading Thread

    WTB Beta/Gamma Container - PM Me
  9. Official Trading Thread

    WTS 2 Wallets
  10. Official Trading Thread

    WTB Beta container
  11. EXTREME lags today?

    Started playing today, loaded in as usual, then started looting. It took soo long to open something that I could walk into a bush to hide and then loot. Then I saw someone hatcheting the way I went along. He couldn't hit me once, I killed him easily with one hit. Then later found a fully geared person. He started shooting "me" the whole way to the house, while I was already in a bush looting a dead scav. Took a gun and went into the house the player was in. He couldn't hit me once, I almost killed him. He threw a grenade that exploded after good 15 seconds, it killed me instantly from 10 metres. Did my region somehow change? I think my ping went from 30-50 to 120-200 today. Next round: waited 10 minutes to load, played 20 seconds and lost connection.
  12. Official Trading Thread

    WTB fort armor, really need one for the task
  13. Official Trading Thread

    I would like to buy a fort armor.
  14. Fort armor

    And do I have to accept it again, or does the timer start instantly?