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  1. Making Splints Useful

    I like the idea of splinting a blacked limb for a gain of small HP. They are relatively useless right now.
  2. Escape from Tarkov clothing store?

    I would, pick up a few things as well. I'm a total shirt ho soooo......

    Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii don’t know man, I had a couple as impressive as that Lol
  4. I made a comic cause scavs lives matter

    Comic art style is on point, I support this nice work man.
  5. New helmet screenshots

    Ha, Jousting? I can dig it
  6. 12Ga Flachettes

    Would there ever be any interest, for being able to chamber some 12Ga flachette rounds for increased range on unarmored targets, or to keep effective range on a armored target. They have been confirmed lethality up to 100Yards. I am rather a fan of shotgun use, an if I could engage a armored target at say 50-100Yards an have effective damage on his limbs outside of his plates an helmet, (Which the flachetts should be more lethal against some forms of helmets) i would be excited to see a perk added to something so implemented as the shotguns. A Flachetted Saiga 12 would be brutal.
  7. Animals

    I wouldn’t expect to see much wildlife around a location that has highly active firefights. As Tarkov where it has been a battle zone for a while.
  8. Dogtags selling for this high are bad for the game

    I vote, 29 an below be tradeable for medical supplies. 30 an above be sellable, or tradeable for firearms.
  9. Grenades

    I threw one the other day an it literally like fell out of my hand Lol.
  10. Will there be a report option for offensive chat?

    Lol @ That raging 12Yr old
  11. Pew pew on sight or create distance I tried to befriend people for days, lost a lot of gear over it, if I see a hatchlin or someone that don’t see me I just try to let them pass by, passive not friendly has done more to keep me alive currently lol
  12. Customs Invisible players !

    I was on customs back behind the apartments there walking along the wall on way to extract, I was walking to keep track of sounds in the apartment building walking slow with my back against the wall with 2 AK's. AVP vest and a blackrock full of mags in my back pack with a few other goodies when I didn't hear anything, not a gunshot, voice, foot steps a grenade nothing. screen hit once with black border an I was done, dead before I could even flick the mouse. then 2 lifes after that I think my life span was 16seconds in the spawn Lol. Hard to keep gear at that rate.