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    rebalancing vendor

    I have lost a 2 thermal scopes, so i have cut back using them. Also crap Netcode + 30hz in the reapIR = a lot of missed shots. Besides it is not that expensive, the price was lowered from 8.3€ > 5.3€
  2. Gustavhamselv

    Planned Features 2018 (unofficial)

    Just remember to make the 1pn58's performance correct,. With the fisheye and generally gen1-ish specs.
  3. Gustavhamselv

    Weapon Lasers

    It switches between high power and low power red if you ask me.
  4. Gustavhamselv

    Weapon Lasers

    There is a few PEQ boxes, but the both red and IR laser is visible to the naked eye,. IHO it is a low priority fix the the developer.
  5. Gustavhamselv


    The NV is pretty broken, with the fact that you can use with optics with magnification. And there is no correct IR reflection on the vegetation, bushes and trees. About the image quality, should be dependent on the amount of moon/star light as with real NV., But with the amount of light there is on all maps except factory, the image would be very crisp and clean,. And the thing with focus, that would require to extra buttons, which IMO would be too much technicality., Further more speaking from experience a dual tube setup really helps with the depth of field.
  6. Gustavhamselv

    Optics and PEQ15s

    Further more both Aimpoint and Eotech optics have NV modes,. So some automatic adjustment when used with nv would be nice.