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    Game start time questions.

    Hello everyone Curious of a few things, as I'll try my best to explain them. And, as a disclaimer, I've kind of searched the forums to these specific questions to no avail. 1) I noticed when selecting "Woods" from the map selection screen, it says, "6-12" players and "25:00" time. But when I spawn into the game, It's usually around a "35:00" time limit. Is this the actual start of the raid for Woods map? And, if so, what is the purpose behind the "25:00" time at map select? Most of the material I see on the forums say that maps have like a 1 hour Raid time. Which is kind of strange because it's neither 35:00 nor 25:00. 2) Furthermore, when and if all 12 PMC's spawn on the map, can any more spawn in if they spawn within the threshold of maximum PMC spawn time? 3) And if so, what is the maximum spawn time for PMC's to spawn in? If, in fact, game start is "35:00" then can no more spawn in after, let's say, "25:00", meaning a "10:00" threshold? Thanks, let me know if there are concrete answers on this! Cheers, __Jester__
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    When can we expect optimitation?

    Yes! I would also love to know this as well. I have: 8gb ram intel I3 quad core 3.3ghz directx12 nvidia gtx 1050 ti 1tb hdd I'm super excited to follow this game and support whenever possible, but it feels restricting to play only woods and factory all the time. Just curious as to when and how we can find the information on updating performance, as I've been looking and have not seen much information anywhere about this topic.