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  1. In this video you can see a scav guard walk up to me. Another player ran by seconds earlier, so maybe that is what he is looking at. I shoot him 11 times with vepr 136 PS ammo. 4 shots in leg, possible 2 shots in armor (after match screen says 107 dmg blocked by armor) and then 5 more shots in, perhaps some missed but he kept yelling as if hit. So, say, 6 - 9 hits in leg, in about 2 seconds, and he didn't die. Please explain this to me. This has happened before, as you see below 80-90% of a full magazine of vepr 209 goes into his leg/groin (not armor) and does not kill. some said this was caused by the guard healing but in the first video you can clearly see he does not use meds (no animation). I would like the devs to explain what causes these scavs to ignore/soak up so much leg damage without dying, and when it will be fixed. If I can get killed by 2 shots into the arm, scavs should not be surviving so many shots into their leg in such little time.
  2. AeusDeif

    How much health do scav boss/goons have?

    watching in slow motion, only 1 out of 10 shots possibly hit the kirasa armor. I am still waiting for an explanation of how scavs survive 527 damage in about 1.5 seconds.
  3. AeusDeif

    How much health do scav boss/goons have?

    Please don't waste your time if you can't answer the question in the thread title. Kirasa armor's model doesn't cover the groin. AVS rig does, but it is not armor. How much health do scav boss's guards have?
  4. AeusDeif

    How much health do scav boss/goons have?

    not an answer to the question. and I doubt medkits can heal 100+ dmg in one second.
  5. scav run, spawned with vepr 209 standard ammo, looted a few dead scavs, shot this guard 10 times in the leg/thigh, 527 damage, after match says no kill. how much health do they have?
  6. AeusDeif

    Armor bug is back?

    just got hatcheted in the head through a fresh LZH w/mandible, after the hatchling tanked several 7.62 rounds if bullets can't beat lag armor, and armor can't beat hatchet, what is the point of any kind of gear in this game I can't recommend this game to my friends as long as it is fundamentally broken in this way
  7. AeusDeif

    Armor bug is back?

    again axed in the head through a helmet after the hatchling ate two shotgun rounds to chest. The angle of hatchet swing is downward at an angle, so it should be very difficult to hit the face without hitting the helmet first. so I can't tell if armor is working or still bugged.
  8. AeusDeif

    Hackers are back?

    Are macros considered cheating by devs?
  9. AeusDeif

    Nerf grenades?!

    I would be satisfied with fixing the sound bugs that make grenades land silently sometimes.
  10. AeusDeif


    I have had helmets save me a few times, but recently it seems helmets/armor don't always register with the server.
  11. AeusDeif

    Armor bug is back?

    So recently, a few pistol/shotgun shots get through my visor, I figured it was chance. But now in the last week especially I have been head-axed through helmets repeatedly. I did some offline PVE raids. Scavs repeatedly 1 tap me in chest with shotgun through fresh gen4 armor. Or headshot me from side through helmet. In about half the PVE matches armor appears to take hits and lose its own armor points. It seems the armor bug is back, where the server does not always register your armor, and then everything kills with 1 or 2 shots. Of course, it could be a penetration bug; I have noticed bullet eat as well (but that has improved from pre-9.0) Some suggest dropping armor, picking it up, putting it in inventory, then re equipping. Does this work reliably? Is there another workaround?
  12. AeusDeif


    Similar experiences to everything here.
  13. AeusDeif

    Was scav accuracy increased?

    Playing after 0.9, scavs still occasionally 1 tap me but it's more because of a mistake I made, rather than scavs instakilling anything that moves. They seem to act in a more human way -- except for seeing through bushes sometimes. Overall a big improvement in scav behavior.
  14. AeusDeif

    Scavs are bullet sponges now?

    After playing quite a bit I have to say the hit registration on scavs is Much better. Headshots usually work. I think the game still ignores 1/3 or 1/2 of your shots sometimes, but ignoring 90% of them seems rare. Hopefully they will continue to optimize and we can get to hardly any bullet eat ever.
  15. AeusDeif

    Was scav accuracy increased?

    Just had 2 matches in a row where the first scav I come across 1 taps me in head, with a shotgun, through my helmet, before I see them, while I'm running/walking this should have been fixed months ago