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    Scavs are bullet sponges now?

    players have 435 hitpoints, although you can kill them with much less damage than that. if a player has time to heal with, say, a salewa, they can get back their hitpoints, but in a decisive close encounter it is unlikely that they can heal more than one or two of their body parts, because of the heal timer.
  2. AeusDeif

    Scavs are bullet sponges now?

    scav with nothing on but a white vest, ate 15+ PP rounds into the head and chest, then killed me
  3. AeusDeif

    Scavs are bullet sponges now?

    just died while shooting a scav, the after match screen said I did 512 dmg to him (mp153) but he did not die. Ran into him on the stairs and unloaded, was killed by another as I turned, match end said I got 0 kills, so I have to wonder if devs gave scavs more HP. A few days ago, something similar: scav walking towards me in factory office hallway, we both had shotguns. multiple headshots on him, his face was bloody. With my gun empty, I turned to run and he headshots me through the back of my helmet. terminator scavs = broken game. the 180 one shot kills from them were already bad enough.
  4. AeusDeif

    Scavs are bullet sponges now?

    I found this post because I am having similar experiences, but more so now than at any point in the past -- many 7.62 into the back of scav who is running directly away, nothing. buckshot into face of scav at 2 meters, nothing. Many deaths as a result of this. It happens in perhaps 5% of scav encounters, but when you fight 10 or 20 of them you will usually see it. raid end screen only shows what the server registers, so if the server or connection is functioning poorly, you may empty a magazine into a scav and only see 1/2 to 1/3 of the hits reflected in the raid end screen.
  5. AeusDeif

    Was scav accuracy increased?

    instead of leaving the game unplayable for an 'ETA unknown' amount of time, they should just turn down the accuracy a bit. the bugs of being seen and shot through cover and concrete is bad enough without aimbot scavs.
  6. Loading into factory as scav, immediately heard a USEC pmc spamming taunts, and shooting a shotgun. Shot him a few times, he killed me, after match report said I had 0 hits. Suspicious, but possible desync. He also didn't move at all, his behavior was unusual. Quite a while later, at least 30-45 mins I would say, load another scav run on factory. Again, hear a USEC pmc spamming taunts, this time using an SKS. He was camping in the exact same spot as before, under the 3-level stairs between the 1986-stage and the big gate. So I decided to experiment. I sneak up high, unseen, after acquiring an sks from dead scav. I shot his head, and then several shots into his torso, 6 or 7. He did not shoot back for a while, and when he did he missed, so I assume no aimbot, but he certainly survived. I avoided shooting anyone else, and after a while I exited the factory. After match screen showed what I thought: I never 'hit' anyone. So either there is an exploit that allows eating bullets, or a hack of the same effect. (I seem to encounter situations more now than 2 months ago, which can't just be explained by desyncs.) So my question is, is the hack-detection aggressive enough? It seemed this guy was doing the same thing over several matches.
  7. AeusDeif

    Was scav accuracy increased?

    Recently returned after the wipe - previously I was level 48 or 49 It seems about 1/3rd of scavs will get immediate headshots when the player is in view. This is quite a bit better than the average player I encounter. Scavs are excessively accurate.
  8. AeusDeif

    Prapor stealing insured goods via insurance lag?

    here's the ss -- as you can see it's pretty strange, the message comes up only a few minutes after a previous insurance message which I had collected from yesterday. When I collected the last package, I closed the game and came back later and found no new insurance packages; that was when I noticed this strange message which does not show up in any of the Prapor logs before then.
  9. The title is kind of a joke, but I got this message from him. "Wha? Your stuff? There is no your staff anymore -- It was too long to wait. Next time be more watchful." I have been logging on regularly to collect all insurance. However I have noticed in the past that sometimes the time at which the insurance shows up is irregular, and this may mean you only have a small window of hours to collect insurance. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it possible that the insured items never show up and the game just 'withholds' them until the timer expires, then giving you the 'oops you waited too long' message? edit: it's especially annoying because I lost a full set of gear due to a connection problem during a match, where I hit back and afterwards it did not give me the reconnect option. The gear was insured so I have been checking to see if I get it back, hopefully it is not completely lost due to this other bug.
  10. AeusDeif

    Cant Exit Factory As Scav

    I agree, it seems to be that when you get the cellar/gate 0 exit set, you may not be able to exit the map, even after alt+f4 and reconnect. I preferred it when you could exit office window or camera bunker door. An 'unwinnable' match is a waste of time.
  11. AeusDeif

    Nerf grenades?!

    in my experience, sometimes grenade shrapnel/concussion will hurt you through obstacles, walls, through floors when you're a floor above or below. That is the first thing I would hope they fix, if they didn't address it already.
  12. AeusDeif

    Was scav accuracy increased?

    I'm kind of thinking, maybe they shouldn't make scavs any more difficult as long as hit-registering is wonky? I don't know if the player eats scav bullets as much as scavs eat player bullets, but when hits dont register on scavs, that makes the game hard enough sometimes
  13. So me and another player are moving around the office/bathroom area on factory trying to get the drop on eachother. I hear him shoot up near the far end of the hallway (ak automatic fire), I bump into a scav in locker room and kill it. 5 seconds later he is behind me and kills me with 0 sound of footsteps. I have tried to recreate that movement without making a sound but I cannot, there is always the grainy sound with a few tile sounds. Is this is a common bug? It's also happened to me @ barrel spawn. Does the sound just get thrown to another part of the map? This is important because the game trains you to listen, so if a sound bug conceals sounds, it can throw the match for you.
  14. AeusDeif

    Was scav accuracy increased?

    thanks for the quick response if a scav seems like a really good player, that's fine. I do like difficult scavs, but I don't like scavs that seem like aimbotting players or have ESP.
  15. AeusDeif

    6 Hits, No Kill

    just put 10+ sks rounds into a guy with BP ammo, and yet he killed me. there was no time for healing unless he was doing it while strafing and shooting. /shrug FTR I'm counting those shots by the after match screen, not the sound of fire, because by the sound of it I unloaded a full magazine at 5 feet away.