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    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Delta Tree#0054
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    Idea For Arena

    Here are some good examples of Simunition in use:
  3. Delta-Tree

    Idea For Arena

    Hello! So, maybe some people would like to do 1v1s, team battles, or things like that in Tarkov. Perhaps there can be bets placed on who would or wouldn't win a certain arena battle. These bets can be placed by the ones apart of the battles or those who spectate. Think of it like "If I win this 1v1 in a Best of 5, then I can get your RSASS!" "You're on, I want your DVL-10 if I win!". Instead of guns, you could also bet money or barter items. The stigma of eSports might rub the wrong way for these ideas I'm bringing up but allow me to explain myself. Another question you might be asking is "How can we portray this without breaking the immersion in Tarkov?" I have an answer. Simunition! It doesn't affect the health of any person involved in a Simunition exercise but you use real guns with relatively harmless ammunition. Now if you do any research on Simunition, you will soon realize that they're virtually recoil free, they cannot do any damage to real armor, and you need certain equipment to make it work (like face masks, protective equipment made only for it), and other things I might have forgotten that you can bring up. Let's start a discussion with that! Now, I think that it would be a great idea to maybe have Simunition simulate the real game in every way possible with armor value, recoil, and other things that affect gameplay. Also to make it seem a little more realistic, the players fighting in the arena wear different face protection. However for immersion, maybe leave out things like starvation, thirst, or blood. Perhaps add existing parts of maps that players agree on fighting in or new ones made just for the arena that vary. This variation could either be equal in who can win or make them confusing to add cognitive intelligence to a battle instead of just simply shooting your enemy. This could play a big part in the Safehouses too. Rather than simply having a Shoothouse where it's just target practice, use Simunition if you ever wanna do training with your friends/unit with no risk involved; it would merely be training to give people experience. That's a little something called "Force on Force Training" so you can shoot REAL people. Give people the same options in how they design their training courses like a sandbox? That's pretty dang complex I know.. but it's just an idea I had. Maybe with more money, you make bigger training areas for your Safehouse! That's the purpose of Simunition in the real world and I think it would have a good place in Tarkov. If you have any ideas, questions, or comments, feel free to leave them down below.
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    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Pls verify Melancholy#0054 ty!!
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    Wait, you don't have to buy a new pair to go on the helmet??
  6. Delta-Tree


    I really hate how you can't wear ComTacs with the OpsCore helmet. People put those on under helmets all of the time...
  7. Delta-Tree


    On a real life pair of Com-Tac ear pro, you can adjust the volume for that. Not just that but turning it off would muffle a lot of the sounds you're supposed to hear. I do like the idea though since it gets people's noggins joggin'.
  8. Delta-Tree

    I Have an Idea for Teammate Identification!

    "It would be REALLY AWESOME if you gave players the option of making patches infrared or just plain cloth." Not only that but the way Infrared works is that you have to shine an Infrared light on a patch in order to see it reflect light. It even says it in the 1st picture, lol. Night vision doesn't inherently see Infrared reflective stuff but it definitely does see Infrared lights and lasers (which they should also definitely add onto the existing lasers in the game!)
  9. Now, these are extremely common among operators in the United States SOCOM (Special Operations Command), idk if operators from Russia use them at all. There are all sorts of different variants that these operators have. To translate this unique opportunity into Tarkov, perhaps allow players to make a patch reminiscent of this! (keep in mind that I have no ties with this company, it's just really nice.) There are some more options for unit patches as well. Battlefield 4 gives players the option of making their own patch through Battlelog's emblem creator but it's individualized which might not fit the identity of this game (patches are centered around the team you're on). "Ready or Not" is a game in it's early development phases but it will allow players to upload their own picture and use it as a patch. Like I said, there are many options. Operators put callsign and flag patches on their OpsCore Helmets and above the unit patches they have which could be made in the game engine or it can be an uploaded picture. It would be REALLY AWESOME if you gave players the option of making patches infrared or just plain cloth. Now, comparing this to armbands?? I don't think there's any competition, lol.