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  1. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Pls verify Melancholy#0054 ty!!
  2. Headphones

    Wait, you don't have to buy a new pair to go on the helmet??
  3. Headphones

    I really hate how you can't wear ComTacs with the OpsCore helmet. People put those on under helmets all of the time...
  4. Headphones

    On a real life pair of Com-Tac ear pro, you can adjust the volume for that. Not just that but turning it off would muffle a lot of the sounds you're supposed to hear. I do like the idea though since it gets people's noggins joggin'.
  5. I Have an Idea for Teammate Identification!

    "It would be REALLY AWESOME if you gave players the option of making patches infrared or just plain cloth." Not only that but the way Infrared works is that you have to shine an Infrared light on a patch in order to see it reflect light. It even says it in the 1st picture, lol. Night vision doesn't inherently see Infrared reflective stuff but it definitely does see Infrared lights and lasers (which they should also definitely add onto the existing lasers in the game!)
  6. Now, these are extremely common among operators in the United States SOCOM (Special Operations Command), idk if operators from Russia use them at all. There are all sorts of different variants that these operators have. To translate this unique opportunity into Tarkov, perhaps allow players to make a patch reminiscent of this! (keep in mind that I have no ties with this company, it's just really nice.) There are some more options for unit patches as well. Battlefield 4 gives players the option of making their own patch through Battlelog's emblem creator but it's individualized which might not fit the identity of this game (patches are centered around the team you're on). "Ready or Not" is a game in it's early development phases but it will allow players to upload their own picture and use it as a patch. Like I said, there are many options. Operators put callsign and flag patches on their OpsCore Helmets and above the unit patches they have which could be made in the game engine or it can be an uploaded picture. It would be REALLY AWESOME if you gave players the option of making patches infrared or just plain cloth. Now, comparing this to armbands?? I don't think there's any competition, lol.
  7. There are many occurrences where I see a player and my game freezes for a solid 5-10 seconds before I find myself lying on the ground without a fight. Here's a tidbit of what I go through. Keep in mind that I'm only mad and using profanity in this video because I'm very passionate about the game's future and I have high expectations for a game with such awesome attention to detail. The developers, public relations people, and moderators of the forum are doing a great job at making this game better and I don't mean the harsh words. Sorry! What isn't shown is that my game froze for 5 seconds (just like how it did in the footage) when the gunfire happened. I didn't hear him say a word when I told him my game froze. When he said "I'm not on the stairs.", I was ready to shoot who I saw up there but as you could tell, I lagged out before I could even look directly at him. I'm not sure if he either didn't tell me he was dead or if the freezing disrupted everything on my computer including our comms. Regardless, I still could have won if my game didn't freeze in the footage shown. I've taken steps to optimize my game and it works a bit smoother because of it. However, this problem persists. Another friend told me it could be memory leakage but of all times it could lag like this, it has to be when I see someone. I'd expect my game to freeze when the fight actually happens and not when I meet someone though. It's kind of complicated and would appreciate any assistance with helping me make the game run smoother. All insight is welcome. Thank you!