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    New players

    Character name Merciless Description This character is nicknamed Merciless and is a Neutralizer. He works for USEC PMC company. His past Ever since he was a child, he was given a nickname. Merciless... Reason given would be because of how he acted, he acted Merciless. When he got in a fight he would beat the ever living shit out of a kid, no shits given. When he grew up he struggled throughout high school, his grades weren't good enough for him to possibly make it to any type of Medical Career. So he applied to South Carolina to make it through BUD/S. He always thought that was something to make it through and of course his nickname was true. He became a five star killer and joined Seal Team 6. He helped in many raids and has been through it all. Very honorable, very Merciless. Eventually he left in 2019 because of ongoing bullshit in the Military, being with all that Political Correctness. He joined Black Water then eventually was assigned to a primary USEC PMC unit in 2020. How did he get to Tarkov? He got to Tarkov by his affiliation with a USEC PMC group, details are unknown. Predilections The Study of Medicine, AR-15's, and Battle. Friends He has only one friend through it all, has been with him throughout his Navy Seal career. RC-Westbrook. Wounds, and battles No wounds, only battle scars. Bullet wound scar to his left peck. Aspirations To be the best, make money, and take care of his family. The greatest achievement that character did Achieving the status as being an Operator. Strength 25 Endurance 28 Accuracy 27 Scout
  2. Merc1less

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the 5 men I decimated with a single man ambush on customs, thanks for the 4 Fast MT's, RSASS, and 2 M4's. Was a lvl 28 atm, but now a lvl 51, glo'ed up babe!
  3. Merc1less

    Always campers in every building

    This is all strategy and aim, sounds like you need a strategical change.
  4. Merc1less

    Kill 25 Bears in 3hrs too difficult.

    We aren't talking about scavs. We are talking about killing bears....
  5. Merc1less

    Panic extract fail in shoreline

    Lmao, you have to see where you can extract,you can't go to random extracts expecting to extract.
  6. Merc1less

    silent death

    There's also an issue with cheaters, if you take a look at cheat providers to educate yourself, theirs an issue where if someone is using infinite ammo it makes your shots silent to other people and they here you trigger clicking instead of you shooting although if you were the cheater it would be completely normal and they'd just be shooting as much as they want.
  7. Merc1less

    Kill 25 Bears in 3hrs too difficult.

    I just did factory run for 2 hours, went off a got 57 kills back to back factory runs. I have pictures of all the dogtags I saved and sold all of them for 2.3 mil. But all in all the bear to usec ratio is half if you wipe factory back to back. The day I did it they're was also a huge spike in hatchlings going on runs so i took advantage but did kill hella geared dudes with fast mt's and M4's with fort. But out of the 57 tags I got the 25 bears with 20 minutes remaining. SO THE MISSION IS HELLA HARD, failed it about 3 times before I got the epsilon. Good luck, although I suggest using my method and just rushing the hell out of factory whilst being smart about your approaches. Got the game 2 1/2 weeks ago, already a level 45. Im on the grind dawg.
  8. Merc1less


    They don't within 24 hours. Its a long taxing process...
  9. Merc1less

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  10. So me and my friends watched the Degtyarev Plant video and can't help but wonder when the battestate Devs are going to visit the United States and let Americans show off some of their personal guns from their collections to you. I have a sizable inventory myself and know of a few people that would love to share what they have in their collections if it would help the development of escape from tarkov and record shooting sound effects while taking detailed photos. Here's some firearms we have available: "So me and my friends watched the Degtyarev Plant video and can't help but wonder when the battestate Devs are going to visit the United States and let Americans show off some of their personal guns from their collections to you" Take note he says let us Americans show off are personal gun collections, not us guns dawg. Read all of it. But the title of the post does say that.
  11. Merc1less

    17 scavs in a pile

  12. Hey bud he didn't say "American Guns" He said show off "us" Americans, guns. Not american guns. Us Americans, with a guns collection(s).
  13. Merc1less

    2 game files .

    Be more descriptive?
  14. Merc1less

    Extreme desync

    Yeah it is a server related issue, they definitely need more servers up to compensate.
  15. Merc1less

    Please fix the spawn trapping!

    How are you gonna report someone for killing you? Honestly dumb, thinking bruh.