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  1. prapor quest

    Find a friend. Have hem as a get or reset profile. Run factory together and kill him 25 times. Bear ftw Stupid auto fill..... get a friend who is a bear or have him reset profile and change to a the end of last post
  2. Thinking about upgrading but...

    For realms. I' say you should wait til the servers are at east stable. I upgraded at the beginning of January and I have yet to run a full match due to disconnecting every 5 mins and randomly die. Have resisted the urge to punch my computer with a sledge hammer since then. Save your money until the devs show signs that this game doesn' become days
  3. Maybe the difference is the pc set up. Maybe it works for the people with lower end builds.
  4. Tarkov Tacticians

    Hey sounds interesting. Send you a f.r. when I get home. Solo is fun but tired of getting wrecked by squads.
  5. Next Update/ Next Wipe

    You can manually reset your profile to get your upgraded version on the website in your profile settings. I did that a ew days ago and got my new stash.
  6. A scavs dream