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  1. Lonewulfza

    Cant catch a break in this game

    Please don't be an arrogant douch. The first thing that you could have learned from that would be the position where the enemy was and remember that position for alternative raids. Second, next time you can try extract from a different root or try a different extraction one less 'Hot' with enemies. Third, what was your combat options? Was running the best choice? What gun did you have? I'm not a ducking mind reader. Would a grenade have worked? What if you did the raid during night time would that have changed anything? Fourth, was the enemy close to the extraction point? As in was he camping the extraction? Was it a chance run in? Would lobbing a grenade and going prone have made a difference?
  2. You know... It gets really ducking frustrating when a hatchling is standing 7+ meters away from me, swipes his hatchet and hits me in the head.... Are you kidding me... This happened twice to me now. He is so far away that I do not even click to hit since someone could park an entire sedan in between the two of us... This is absolutely laughably bad and by god I don't know how it made it this far into the game... Seriously this needs urgent fixing.
  3. Lonewulfza

    Insurance is completely absurd

    I feel like you are the one who does not understand what this thread is about. The OP is talking about INSURANCE retrieval timer. Whether or not you think insurance is a problem is not really the topic of discussion here. Some of us agree that the insurance system is not really needed but that is besides the point. The system is in and it is as the developers intended it to work. However; OP and some of us have issue with the retrieval timer associated with claiming your insured items. If there was no insurance feature in the game we would not be complaining. But I damn well paid my hard earned money to insure those items. If there was no insurance I would not have paid any money would I?! Thus limiting the retrieval of the items to a 12 hour period is way too short. It needs to be extended. There is one other topic that you mentioned that I just want to comment on. You talk about the 'magical' scavs retrieving your loot or the 'magical' pouch container breaking realism and not allowing people to loot every item you have in order to dumb down the game... Well in that case and if I follow your train of thought and logic I have to wonder why you are not mentioning the 'magical' resurrection of your character after you are killed in a raid... How does your character resurrect? Why does he keep his trader levels and his skill levels?! In fact why does he keep all the items in his stash?! I do not agree with this line of thinking, I just wanted to point out how absurd it is. I think BSG did say something about adding a perma death mode in the future somewhere but I am not certain of this fact. Perhaps if/when a perma death mode is added then people like yourself would not have a reason to complain anymore.
  4. Lonewulfza

    Cant catch a break in this game

    I understand your pain. But at some point you have to learn from your experience. That is what makes EFT so great. It is a 'take no poo' kind of game for hardcore players. You win not by escaping with loot (everyone can do this to some degree even if/when you get a lucky round) but you win by dying, learning from the experience and tackling the next raid with a different mind set or strategy. I know it gets frustrating at times. I've been there. But try to focus on the learning experience part. Try to think how you can escape differently. I had a similar experience last night, but I over came the last minute scav spawns and exited the raid with loot and 18 kills, see attached. PS: Why don't you try to complete your quest objectives at night?
  5. Lonewulfza

    Stash - Approximate value display

    Good day, I was going through my stash today and I wondered to myself how I would be able to tell how much better my stash has grown since I started playing. This led me to the idea of a 'Stash Value' variable display at the bottom of your stash. This value could be calculated by the 'top sales price' of every item in my stash vs the general item price (excluding any reputation discounts etc). This will allow me not only to see growth and accomplishment of my actions, but also give me the ability to compare my stash vs the stash of my friends. We would then be able to try to compete against one another for the highest stash value. I know it is a tiny idea in the scope of the whole game and what still needs to be done, but I wanted to mention it here anyway and see what you guys thought. Thanks for the awesome game BSG. <3
  6. To be 'fair', he is posting his problem of a issue he encountered while playing the game on the games beta forums. That in fact is the whole damn reason why we are all here. To notify BSG of the bugs and issues during game play and how we think it should be handled. Ala feedback and suggestions. So contrary to your entire post, he is right. PS: Sorry for raining on your parade.
  7. Lonewulfza

    Edge of Darkness question

    Do we know what the unique ID will represent yet? Like is it cosmetic on your character or on your outfit?