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    Maps of Tarkov

    Fantastic maps! So much better then the ones I’ve been finding else where!
  2. Wolfer9

    gun switching

    If your going from your slung weapon to a pistol no it’s faster then reloading. Even irl im assuming you are aware of double tapping R but?
  3. Wolfer9

    RDG-2B Smoke Grenade

    Yes please!!!
  4. Wolfer9

    UI for mixing ammo types [Graphic Examples]

    I’d use a beltfed SAW, Minimi or PKM! I think it’d be rad AF! Imagine hearing one of those going off on a map? It’d be holly crap get the hell out of this spot or let’s flank and take that persons big gun! back to the OP topic, I like your idea a lot because I do find it tedious having to split this stack and drop it in and blah blah blah! Hopefully once the devs have some time to look at ideas they see this one and implement it
  5. Wolfer9

    Open world rumor

    I do like the “arena” style raids and would keep playing them because of the intensity of it all! but having freeroam over the entirety of tarkov with no time limits etc. I think that would be highly enjoyable specially if we ended up with hideouts or what ever. Thats my opinion but none of us are the devs and there understanding of free roam could be different to ours
  6. Wolfer9


    I also find it hard to take good gear into the game as I feel the insurance is a bit of a scam as an example I recently ran a raid with a friend and took a bit of gear with me, since I was showing him around shoreline and failed to keep an eye on the timer the raid finished and we died or become MIA. I had my gear insured and have been waiting to get it back yet I checked this morning to find a message from prapor saying there was nothing there. how could someone have looted my gear when that particular raid had ended? I can understand why people run raids naked with a hatchet now
  7. I really love how weathered all the textures look!