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  1. Oranje

    [Wijziging] Traders 17-08-2018

    Welkom bij de club @Vaeriah!
  2. Oranje


    Sektion 7 - @Cyver, Seeing this area is somewhat familiar to you, you make good time getting into the city. Off in the distance to the south, you hear a lot of gunfire, but it's not a danger to you. You wonder where your new friends went, maybe you'll meet them again someday. The Pack - @Kinoda, you did a lot of things right, but you did not post a write up in the game-1 thread as required.
  3. Oranje


    United Survivors @NoisyCosmos, Despite your aching feet, and your protesting stomach (at its meager offering at breakfast.) you and your buddies make great time. These surroundings are beginning to look really familiar, and you think you could get back to your hideout in a days travel. Just when you are about to go look for a place to spend the night, you hear the nearby rattle of gunfire, now you have to decide, travel a bit further to find a spot you can spend the night, or investigate the gunshots. Message me if you and your group want to get involved.
  4. Oranje

    1,000,000 and Counting...

    Congrats BSG!
  5. Oranje

    A new GM approaches - Twitchley!

    Hello everyone, As you might have seen, lately it's been a bit rough on the English side of the RPG, with only sporadic updates, and delays. Today is the day i hope that stops, and we can go back to a more regular schedule. For this reason, i would like to introduce you all to @Twitchley, most of you probably have seen his well written posts already, and i am excited to see how our RPG will change with the influx of some much needed fresh blood. Without further ado, i will let him introduce himself here;
  6. Oranje


    Abelinda's Recon Team @zekebomb, Pushing those ugly memories to the background, you realize you walked into a bad neighborhood, someone followed you for a block or two, but you manage to shake him off, or so you think. (+25xp role play bonus) United Survivors @NoisyCosmos, @Dunteon, @FatherFenrir, The group struggle to travel through the barren and mostly destroyed setting of the industrial zone, overrun with wildlife and foliage. Even on the main roads and paths the odd crack causes a bit of discomfort. Traveling through doesn't result in much action or anything to be worried about, you and your group feel on edge as things seem too quiet for your own liking. The odd chirp of a bird causing you to jump a little bit delaying your venture into the woods but nether the less. You reach the outskirts of the woodland as it just falls night. It'll be far too dangerous to venture into the woods now as it's so dark. Perhaps setting up a camp would be the best path to take? (+25xp role play bonus) STKG @Sparticus, Exploring this area doesnt really turn up anything useful, you see the forest off to the West and East, and the suburbs of the city, through the trees to your South. There's a few people around, who look just as in need of the exact things you need. Potatos @lucaboox, You did not correctly set an action on your group management panel, please message me if you require further explanation. (also, please do not use map coordinates in your post.) Squad Zulu @g1shocwave1984, After leaving your hideout, you immediately begin looking through brushes and kicking against trees, looking for hollow compartments. Then you see a plastic bag hanging on a branch, swinging there as if it was just left there, or maybe it was just the wind. In any case, you find some small diets in it, and add those to your belongings. Perhaps you would find richer spoils if you venture further out into the city. @SilverAti, You did not make a group, it seems the group limit was reached, we made some room, please try again now. Everyone else, and there where quite a few, please message me if you want to know why you where not included in this post.
  7. Oranje

    [Feedback] Welke servers zijn voor jou het beste.

    Alhoewel Amsterdam de beste ping heeft, heb ik op deze server vooral bij de Factory map last van onredelijk lange queues. Sterker nog, de keren dat ik het probeerde was deze wachtrij on-eindig. Momenteel speel ik op de Strausburg servers, en ervaar geen problemen meer.
  8. Oranje


    My apologies for the delays people, real life is preventing me from putting the time forward to work on the RPG, i am working on a solution.
  9. Oranje

    Patch hype! 0.9 voorwaardelijke patch notes.

    Ik denk dat ze dat ook wel door hebben, er is al wel wat verbetering geweest, maar ze hebben nog wel een lange weg te gaan.
  10. Oranje

    Game Upgrading.

    Yes, if you reset your account, you will have to start from zero again.
  11. Zeer binnenkort wordt er een hotfix uitgebracht, deze heeft het doel om de stabiliteit van de client te verhogen, mogelijk zal hierna een update via de launcher gedaan moeten worden. Sterker nog, hij is net live gegaan, ik raad allen aan even de client te herstarten.
  12. Oranje

    Standart Edition einfach weg.

    Meine Deutsch ist nicht so gut, meine untschuldiging. Haben sie ihren kopie gekauft auf die EfT website, oder von einen reseller wie G2A?
  13. Oranje

    Korting in Augustus!

    Je kunt natuurlijk overal iets negatiefs in zien, maar het maakt alles zo deprimerend, vind je niet?
  14. Oranje

    Korting in Augustus!

    Vanaf 3 tot 5 Augustus zal er weer korting worden verleend op de verschillende versies van Escape from Tarkov. Standard - 15% Left Behind - 15% Prepare for Escape - 15% Edge of Darkness - 20% Deze valt te combineren met de pakketkortingen die al geldig zijn, deze zijn als volgt: 2 voor 10% 3 voor 15% 4 voor 20% Als je wilt, kun je dus vrij voordelig jezelf en vrienden van het spel voorzien, dus hopelijk, tot gauw in Tarkov!