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  1. Event-preparations to All Fools’ Day starts!

    There is no mention of the quests Crypto-iron and Crypto-Kettle under Quests under the RPG, does this mean we have another means of starting these?
  2. Answer the question of the Scav - 1

    If he is in true need of help, i shall help him regardless of his promises for reward, and will not expect any. For as long as doing so will not put me and mine into mortal peril.
  3. The Tarkov RPG and you, the beginning.

    The cartridges are actually extremely usefull, you are not allowed to use a medkit to heal yourself during an encounter, but you may quickly inject yourself. (I'll edit this info into my post later on)
  4. Bugs of the text RPG

    Ok, i had exactly the same with the small diet, and reported it to Olloch (over the course of 3 turns, i used up 10 of them) This might have something to do with being in a group, if you where in a group, it might be possible your party member(s) are using your food instead of theirs? This is just a theory, i have been keeping a close eye on my food, and i have not used any food, or MRE for a couple of turns now, but we where in encounter, so i'm not sure if that has an influence or not. I want to make note of some possible item swaps btw, these are already reported to Olloch too, but i'd like to mention them for completeness sake; Look at the Item stats on the Paca and 3m body armor, and the MP-133 and MP-153 shotguns, now i would expect the Paca and MP-153 to be the better items (as it is in the FPS game), but they are not, the 3m and MP-133 are superior in every way, this is inconsistent.
  5. Game

    Group name: Highrise Corp. Action: On the move again Description: It's kind of surreal, waking up with just the three of us, Jules and me where up late talking about the past few days, and Lewis's sudden departure. Agnis seemed to be taking it really quite hard, he barely touched his dinner last night, and is still lying there where he slept. Jules and i try to engage him in a little bit of conversation, and involve him in our (by now regular) morning exercises, but he isn't having it, and keeps staring at the same spot on the wall. After our morning routine, we pack up our belongings, and head deeper into the city hopefully bypassing that Scav base the Russians mentioned. An hour or so passes, and we make our way past one ruined building after another. Sporadic gunfire sounds occasionally going off in the distance, we also see some people on the streets but they don't appear hostile, and hardly react to our presence. We do sometimes see one or more figure in the distance, but we are quick to take cover and avoid contact with them, and they seem oblivious to our presence, or maybe we are better at keeping out of sight then we think, who knows. I'm going up front, picking out the route, Jules takes up the rear, and ever silent Agnis is still lethargically keeping up the middle, and i plan to try and connect to him a little over our mid day break, hopefully get him to come to his senses a little. We enter a small square, lined with sandbags, a burnt out armored vehicle, or what probably was one some time ago, a couple of empty ammo crates, discarded medical items, everything covered by lichen, so thankfully nothing recent, but it's fairly defensible, so we hold up here to catch our breath, drink something, and take care of the necessities. Jules breaks out a pack of cards, and challenges us to a game of poker, which we play with spent casings as points, the bigger the casing, the more worth it represents, which is fairly amusing, until we find out the deck he found has 6 kings, and only 2 aces, both of them being clubs, probably just as well, since i was about to run out of casings. Afterwards i play a little bit with my radio, and randomly cycle through the frequencies, and manage to briefly contact someone who was obviously otherwise occupied, the shots i heard in the background of the other person where similar in nature to the ones i heard faintly in the distance, this guy was not that far away it seems, i failed to catch his name though, but i write down the band and decide to try again later. I also tune in to the frequency the Barkeep of the Romp bar gave me, and he tried to get me to recover some of his cigars? who on earth bothers about cigars while they're in a war zone, i guess he has a different view on things then i do. Saving the frequency Jules got from the Russians for last, sadly i fail to get any response on it, I'm either being ignored, or Jules had the same luck i usually have when going out, and we got a false number of sorts. The hike continues after this, passing through buildings, some of them where probably quite nice once, one of them probably being a brothel at one time. We come to another roadblock, and decide to try and get around it by passing through a subway station, which was an adventure in itself, part of it was flooded, and the rats where freaking huge, i was glad to get back out, and decide I'd rather backtrack the next time, instead of trying to go underground again. Finally we come past a highway, which looks more like a wreckers junkyard, and into the alleyways across from it, in a little more densely built up residential area, we find a building which doesn't look to decrepit, and are going to spend the night there.
  6. Bugs of the text RPG

    Where these named "small diet", or "food"?
  7. After playing a little while in the RPG, i have some advice for beginning players. The world of the Tarkov RPG is just as unforgiving as the real thing, and here are some things i wish i knew before i went in. Upon entering the world, you start inside your Hideout. All you have, is the stats you selected upon creating your character, 10 food, and 100 Rubles. First, take along all your food, since upon each turn, one of it is consumed, and there is no guarantee you will be coming back to the hideout anytime soon. This 10 food, will run out quicker then you'll think, since every square on the map, takes about a day to traverse, so if you move 6 squares, you will be hard pressed to return unless you find more of it. What i specifically want to talk about, is the 100 Rubles you start with. Going in alone is not advisable, because as far as i know, there are no quests or encounters tailored for only one player, this means you will most likely not get very far, however, you can always let chance decide who you team up with, as you will surely meet up with other players along the way (as there are only two entry points to the map) For a solo player, consider buying the following; 40 ₽ Makarov 2.5 ₽ 50x 9x18 Ammunition 15 ₽ First Aid kit 32 ₽ 2x Multipurpose Cartridge This leaves you with ~10 Rubles remaining, but in exchange you can shoot at things, and if you get hurt, you are able to regain some of your health. You can off course buy an Ambulance box for 50 ₽, but you cannot use cartridges without a first aid kit, so if you find any of those alone, and you don't have a first aid kit, they're useless. Yes, you can spend more money on better weapons, but then you will mostly go all in on winning your encounters, or getting lucky on your searches, to each their own. Now, if you start in a group, you can do a lot more interesting things, like for example, a group of three here's what each player could buy; #1 100 ₽ Kedr #2 90 ₽ 2x Makarov 10 ₽ 200x 9x18 #3 50 ₽ Ambulance box 15 ₽ First aid kit 32 ₽ 2x Multipurpose Cartridge Then trade between yourselves and you are more then well equipped for those first few encounters. You can be creative, but i would really advise to spend your starting money, it will do you no good (that i have found out) away from your hideout. Some other notes, if you want to try something weird, or are unsure about it, ask your GMs, they are here to help you, and realize that they are also, still learning, so take it easy, and ask many questions For the moment, everyone will be at 100% combat readiness, no matter how injured you believe they are. (i learned this the hard way) Do not include any coordinates in your posts in your relevant game thread, those are meant only for you and the GM. Do not write about finding specific items, or about fighting someone unless prompted to do so by the GM, you decide your route and actions, but they will decide who you meet, and what you will find. I hope this will be helpful to all you guys who are just starting in Game-2, and stragglers who are entering Game-1 behind everyone else. I wish you all safe travels, and hope you'll enjoy this as much as us already playing
  8. Game

    Group name: Highrise Corp. Action: Move Description: We kind of hightail it out of the area where we had our little scrap, and keep moving all through the morning. During the afternoon, we find a warehouse to take a breather, and catch up on our scrapes and bruises, and try to tend them as we can. We start to talk a little about what brought each of us here to the city, and i kind of feel a little useless, not having one, seeing i just woke up here after getting on a flight away from my home country. Lewis jumps up after hearing one of our trip wires go off, and makes for the entrance of the building ahead of everyone else. Coming to the door myself, i see another person, and he's breathing hard, while looking over his shoulder and conversing with Lewis, who seems to know him, and not consider him a threat. Lewis turns around with a grim look on his face, and tells us he has to leave, i'm just staring at him, dumbstruck and not knowing what to say. He tells us to hide, and he and his friend will lead the ones coming up the alley away from us. Lewis closes the door, and i hear some shuffling behind it and a thump, then a shot, shouts and what sounds like half an army coming past... It takes a while for me to come to my senses, all of it happening so suddenly, and i realize one of my friends is gone. When we dare to speak again, we begin to discuss what happened, and how we should go from here, we will spend the night at this warehouse, and continue on our way tomorrow, and perhaps, who knows, we might meet him again. //Thank you for sharing your time with us Lewis, i'm sure you'll enjoy yourself as a GM in Game-2
  9. Forcing Similarly Geared Players Into Same Lobby

    No. It's not even that i personally do not like the idea (which i don't) the developers (there was a post about this by Col. Twerkins) have said that they will never force any kind of matchmaking in the game, not on player level, or gear score, none.
  10. Escape from Tarkov book

    Would you know if there are plans for an audio book, and if so, would it be sold separately?
  11. Escape from Tarkov book

    Does this include the same in game items the Russian version had? (Just checked, it does include the same items.)
  12. Game

    Group name: Highrise Corp. Action: Move West. Description: After my little shut eye, i find a security office, and behind the kicked in door there's a Paca body armor on the coat rack, along with a bag containing a pistol, some ammunition, and even some MRE's, i cannot believe my luck here, and quickly shimmy into the Paca, being gentle with my still tender rib cage. Being really chuffed with myself, i head to the building next door, a small shop, with boarded up windows, also a kicked in door (or judging from the partial headlight still sticking out of the dent in the wall, someone used a car to get in here?) Regardless, this is a fairly defensible position, which is just as well, because looking at the 3 way intersection here, with it's dismantled checkpoint (trust me, saying dismantled is putting it lightly) and all the car wrecks, there's been some action here. While i'm inside, eating my meal, Jules walks in, with a huge smile on his face, toting his finds and looking thoroughly pleased with himself, asking me how i feel, probably referring to my bout of nausea earlier in the day, which has disappeared completely after my nap, and i tell him so. He begins to pull out his MRE's saying "Found some new food", so i show him the ones i found, "All right he says, i also found this;" and pulls out this Kedr, my mouth drops in amazement, and i ask to see it for a second, marveling at the weapon, i show him the Grach i found, and the ammo. Then i pull out my jacket a little bit, showing him the armor i found, and he laughs saying, "if this was a contest, i'm not sure who won here mate" Before we get much further, there's some shouts, and even shots outside, first a couple, and then it starts sounding like a full scale battle is being fought in the streets. We both duck deeper into the store, but i can't fight my curiosity, and make my way to the window as soon as i realize we are not a part of this shoot-out, yet. And it's not a pretty picture, i see three guys in military fatigues falling back to the middle of the intersection, they look like they belong to the Bear PMC company, their leader is a huge bear of a man, armored, the SKS in his hands looking nearly miniaturized, his companions are wielding small rifles, and they are doing their best to keep ahead of easily four times their numbers in assailants, coming from two sides of this intersections. The leader steps behind a car, and takes out one of the attackers with contemptuous ease, but then takes a round and he stumbles behind a pile of sandbags. This prompts the bandits to push even harder, and they literally rain shots on the trio, but after taking a closer look, these guys are almost all armed with hand weapons, and they all look fairly ragged, but they still hold the advantage here, and they know it. The defenders hold their ground for a little while, dealing out some hits, but sadly none immediately lethal from what i can tell, and the bandits are slowly but surely gaining ground, the three by now desperate Bears come under increasingly accurate fire, as they can only really fend off approach from one side of the intersection at a time, not both. I see a guy at the end of the street, with what looks like a rifle, and obviously wearing body armor, take careful aim at the Bears, and make an amazing shot to one of the rifle wearing ones, who stumbles against a car, and barely manages to keep standing The Bear leader stands up from behind the sandbag, coming back on his feet, pulls something from his belt, and throws it towards a cluster of bandits, some manage to jump away from the following explosion, but i do see a couple of them go down and not stand up afterwards. The situation the three Russians are in is becoming more desperate by the second, and they know it, they start a controlled retreat, right towards the building i know Lewis and Agnis are in! Before they get there, the front door pushes out, and Lewis bravely steps out, yelling something towards the Russians, and taking out the closest bandit to him with a couple of shots. (man, can that guy aim, or what!) then i almost scream out as i see him take a shot to the chest, and he drops back inside, followed closely by the Russians, after which the door closes with a dull boom. Jules and me are still a little shell shocked from this, when we see two the the bandits about to pass in front of our little hiding place, making some gestures we both get ready, as the couple are tunnel sighted on the building they just saw their quarry enter, instead of their surroundings. Jules opens up on one with his new toy, and absolutely shreds the guy, a fraction of a second before i open fire on mine, my first round goes through his arm, and ends up in his torso, he stumbles into a run, and dodges behind a wreck, while i whiff the rest of my shots around him. Following through, i run out of the building, dropping on the ground to try and finish what i started, i only see a leg, and shoot it, the guy takes cover behind a wheel, i stand up, and try to creep around the car just in time to get shot twice from close range, in a haze i pull the trigger and drop to the ground. Lady luck was on my side, my last shot hit him squarely in the head, which took me a couple of minutes to realize. While i lay there, there where more shots from the direction of the building, and worried over my friends, i make myself stand up and check myself, without the armor i found earlier, i would have been dead, now however, only bruises and maybe some internal bleeding, which will only kill me if i live through this gunfight, so i push it to the back of my mind for now. There's only a few attackers left, and the cracks from the gunshots have dropped considerably in number, just as i see another of them literally lose his head. This breaks their will to fight, and they begin to retreat back up the street, i take a few shots at what i assume to be their leader, and watch him stumble as i hit him squarely in the back, his armor does the same mine did, and saves his life, and he drops all pretense of a fight, and starts to run. Confident they are running, and seeing Jules come up next to me and continuing his fire on the now running bandits, i hurriedly pick up the closest weapon to me, a Kedr, and run towards the building Lewis and Agnis are in. Opening the door carefully, and announcing myself, i walk in, seeing Lewis look up at me, with a bandage sloppily tied around his waist, i throw him the Kedr (after putting the safety on) and ask him if he is alright, while looking at the Russians. The scene is actually fairly relaxed, one of them is tending to the other his wound, and the Big totally not stereotypical looking Russian dude was just finishing his chat with Lewis. Lewis sticks himself with a needle, and immediately starts to regain some color, he then stands up (wasn't he just shot?) and walks out of the door, saying something about checking the aftermath. Looking surprised at the Russians, i ask him a few questions of my own, getting only so far, as he only speaks marginally better English, then i do Russian, i try to haggle a few grenades off him, but he laughs at me as if i where a child, saying something about only blowing myself up. Frustrated i turn around, and help Lewis check the bodies (Did i hear a crunch just now?) while Agnis and Jules keep an eye out for the ones that got away (or their friends) After all was said and done, i asked Jules to rebind my chest, it growing increasingly more painful with every movement, while Agnis tended to Lewis, the Russians content to watch us, and our surroundings, they obviously don't think us much of a threat. They also have no intentions of staying around much longer, and pack up their things, we awkwardly say our goodbyes, and head off in our own directions.
  13. SCAVS Attacking Each other?

    I have seen an AI scav try to shoot someone, and then by accident hit another AI scav, he was summarily executed by all, very funny to see.
  14. Hideout and EoD

    This is not how i understand it, not that i think it's important. But are you able to give me a source for this info?
  15. Hideout and EoD

    The hide-out does not have an unlimited capacity, the EoD will still simply have more of it, i think.