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  1. Oranje

    Pre patch 0.9 informatie

    Beste Ontsnappers, Het waren een paar hectische weken, en we zijn ervan op de hoogte dat er enige frustratie was met bepaalde elementen uit Escape from Tarkov. Wij willen graag onderstrepen hoe belangrijk jullie feedback is tijdens het ontwikkelingsproces. Bedankt hiervoor! Gebaseerd op jullie feedback, hebben wij wat antwoorden over de huidige staat van de game (pre versie 0.9) direct van de COO van Battlestate, en leider van het dev team, Nikita. Wij hopen dat deze informatie de sceptici enigszins geruststelt, en wij bedanken iedereen voor hun blijvende steun! De anti-cheat update wordt terwijl ik dit typ afgerond, en zal voor patch 0.9 uitgerold worden. Stotterende gameplay en freezes, wij hebben enige oorzaken hiervoor gevonden en opgelost, deze waren gerelateerd aan de physics, shieten, shaders en speler plus AI spawns. Sommige van deze oplossingen zullen voor patch 0.9 uitgerold worden. AI. Sommige van deze hadden een afwijkend gedrag, in de opkomende patches zal de AI volledig opnieuw uitgewerkt worden. Spawn systeem. De mogelijkheid spawns te selecteren zal verwijderd worden om willekeur in de hand te werken, en de mogelijkheid nabij anderen te spawnen te voorkomen. De levels zullen worden aangepast hiervoor. Netcode. Er wordt gewerkt om dit over het gehele front te verbeteren. ( met name; spawn lag, “peaker advantage” en teleporting) Optimisatie van Shoreline en Customs is bijna gereed, mogelijk in 0.9, misschien eerder) Quests. Tijdslimieten voor deze worden verwijderd, tevens zal het mogelijk worden deze in gedeeltes in te leveren, daarnaast zal het design van deze aangepast worden. Oude, ingewikkelde code wordt momenteel onderhanden genomen om de speelbaarheid te verbeteren (inventory freezes e.d.) Locatie problemen worden verholpen, denk hierbij aan Level of Detail (LODs) en de afwezigheid van collisie met muren e.d.) Vuursnelheid die gerelateerd was aan frame-rate (FPS) is verholpen. Andere problemen die ik vergeten ben bij naam te nomen, zijn ook verholpen. Nieuwe mogelijkheden en content, maar dat is van mindere belang op dit moment.
  2. Oranje

    Weird Encounter

    I am afraid that that is most likely the case, however we do not allow name and shaming here, so i edited the name out for now, it's for mods to decide if this topic is allowed to remain open.
  3. Yes, this is correct.
  4. Oranje

    100 % cheated

    Please do not link to cheats on this forum, we are aware of them.
  5. Oranje


    Dante and friends - Moving through the underbrush is tough going, and you keep hearing sounds you can't immediately place, near and far, at one point you think you even saw what looked to be a couple of guys trampling through the forest, making you dive for a ditch, and lie there, in the mud. After waiting for what seemed like ages, you went back on course, ending your trek for the day near a freeway, you could decide to search some of the abandoned vehicles, follow the road deeper into the city, maybe you could even set an ambush here for anything that might pass, thinking of that makes you realize you might not always be the ambushing party though. Raw Dog Crew - (Please, read my tutorial, next time you will skip a turn if you do not do everything correctly) Against better judgement, you search the area directly around your hideout, this area is well traveled, but who knows what people throw away or lose, right? Searching through the bushes, and throwing over trash cans, hoping that one mans trash, will be your treasure, you are about to give up hope, when the last trash can you throw over (you said this five cans ago) seems to hold more then just trash, you pick up, and wipe off (you hope that was ketchup) a set of body armor, this has definitely seen better days, but is still serviceable, if just. The Outsider - You and your furry friend Max look at the bodies, and Max is growling softly in their direction. The rain slowly soaks you both while keeping watch for someone to make his presence known, which never happens. The two of you walk towards the bodies, but Max refuses to come close to them, against your better judgement you tell him to guard, and go pat one of the bodies down, before you get to that point however, you look at them closely, and see no markings of violence on them, they look as if they just fell over and died, they are however all bleeding from their eyes, ears and noses. Deciding that this is not a smart idea after all, you go back to Max, and you get the hell out of there. The rain has finally stopped, yet you still feel something trickle down your face, you rub it away, to see your hand come back covered in blood. FireControl - Walking in to the fuel transfer station feels like walking into a trap, the guy could have easily set you up for another trap here, seeing this area has lot's of cover from just about everywhere. Remembering him saying something about a fellow tank, you carefully scout out the lot, seeing nothing of the sort. Until, yes, there it is, in the north east corner. walking to it, you dig in the lose soil right under the tank. And find a solidly wrapped package, which you eagerly open. It contains 5 Days worth of food, 2 cartridges for an injector, and one pristine HG-78 grenade. So the guy was true to his word, you suddenly put more faith into his description of the events unfolding at the port as well. Parabellum Team - Going through these alleys gives you the willies, all those shadows and crumbling walls can hold all sorts of surprises. Thankfully the reality is more forgiving then your imagination, and no one jumps out at you. The gunfire in the South-West doesn't let up for a long time before finally puttering out. When reaching a parking garage, you walk up, to survey the area. Coming out of the stairway up top, you can see some smoke from the South, maybe that was where the firefight went down? In the West you see an office building, with a light still on one of its floors, that looks to be a good place to maybe get some new equipment, you decide to sleep in the garage, in one of the maintenance closets, and decide which direction to head off in tomorrow. Find weapon to defend myself - After cleaning the weapon, and re-familiarizing yourself with it, you feel a lot more comfortable, seeing and hearing the signs of violence everywhere. Trusting your luck to hold, you rummage through sheds and yards, deciding that all the houses themselves are probably picked clean by now. You come across the scene of a gunfight, empty casings spread all around, the fence riddled with holes. Then your eye catches a few magazines on the ground, they are all full, and pocket them, hoping to find a weapon that matches them later. @everyone else, if you are not mentioned above, and feel you should have been, message me, and i will explain why you where not, and what you can do to be included next time.
  6. Oranje


    I am going to delay today's turn to 19/05, because i would like everyone to read and understand the first part of the post i made here. There are still quite a few who either have not understood all the actions that have to be taken for me to count them for today's turn, the players listed below, if you do not understand why i have listed you after reading my tutorial above, please message me, and i will make it clear. @robertacedane, @superdicky, @Gongal66, @Headkraker, @Mo0N_Of_Tarkov, @WorstAtBest, @OsamaBinSmokin, @SquejeMofo, @beanzrod, @MrPicklesTheDog, @Casti3l, @HKPackee, @Kronikx3, @Liszon (There is no time limit to this help, even if you see this two weeks from now, and want to pick the game up again, shoot me a PM) The rest who posted in Game-2 and not specifically mentioned here, you're good, my apologies for making you wait another day, but as you can see, there's quite a few potential allies or targets that we could help with this extra day.
  7. Oranje

    Forum RPG - Create A Character Contest

    It's in the name, you are required to act as if you are a person in the world of Tarkov, and describe your actions while in it.
  8. Oranje

    Trader Standings and Limited Edition

    Hello, i am sorry if you feel you have been misled, but you are not playing the finished game yet, and that is what the rewards are for, in the mean time, EoD owners do have access to their increased stash, and i believe they gain bonus reputation every time reputation is gained with a trader, i am however not certain on this point. On the point of refunds, as others have pointed out, BSG does not offer these, except when they have made it clear they are not going to deliver the game, and stop developing it. Since this isn't the case, you cannot get a refund.
  9. Oranje

    Bad Day in Tarkov...

    No, they won't please stop acting like little children ppl.
  10. Oranje


    Naming and shaming is not allowed, furthermore, reports on cheaters are currently not being accepted, perhaps this will chance after launch, but for now the devs spend their time developing, and not going through hacker/cheater reports. Having this thread locked.
  11. Oranje


    Energy – @Projekt, Please post your progress or actions for the day in the Game-2 thread, without it, I cannot process your actions. Un Reg – @Dr_Remger, Please post your progress or actions for the day in the Game-2 thread, without it, I cannot process your actions. StatTrak – @Gongal66, Please post your progress or actions for the day in the Game-2 thread, without it, I cannot process your actions. The Outsider – This building you choose, or did it maybe choose you, you idly muse to yourself. Not trying to think too much about it, lest it give you a headache, you walk to the second floor, and rummage through a couple of rooms, getting nothing but a few paper cuts for your trouble. Coming to an office where the door seems to be stuck, you put your shoulder against it, and get it open on the first try. The desk inside the room holds even more paper in its drawers, but you grab something firm underneath them, pulling out some cans, from the labels you assume them to be fruit on syrup. Adding these to your pack, you quickly finish through the other rooms, sadly finding nothing else of use. Parabellum Team – Making haste to get to your destination before dark, you move quickly though the underbrush, already seeing the first buildings come up ahead of you. Crossing a small road, and jumping a few fences. In one of the backyards, sticking out of a tree, you see an axe, one of those tactical looking ones, you walk up to it, and pull it out of the wood, it’s got some moss on it, so it might have been here for a while already, that’s good you consider, no one will miss it anytime soon, as you hang it off a ring on your belt, and continue on your way. Obesity – Please do not use coordinates in your posts in the Game-2 thread. You walk into the City, and are unable to shake the feeling you are being watched, occasionally seeing a curtain or set of blinds move, or maybe it’s just the wind, maybe. Deciding to go into a building to see if there is any food, or maybe even a weapon to be found, opening a cupboard in some lounge, some box falls out, blowing some white powder in your face, immediately your eyes begin to burn, and you quickly grab your canteen to wash out your eyes. After some tense minutes, your vision begins to slowly return, you try to check out the box, but can’t understand a single word of the Cyrillic language, only the common labels for skin irritation jump out at you, the rest of the day, your vision occasionally goes blurry, and your eyes keep that burning feeling for quite a while. Find weapon to defend myself – Walking through the forest gives you a tranquil feeling, hearing the birds and seeing the occasional critter scurry from your path, you make good time getting to the houses you saw in the distance. It’s slowly getting dark when you finally reach them, and the first thing you see, is a fence, with one of those big armored vehicles that swat teams always use in movies sticking through it. It’s windshield is smashed, and the engine is still running. A few houses over you hear a lot of gun fire. Deciding to risk it, you run towards the back of the van, it’s door slightly ajar, you take a quick look inside, and see a small case, you grab it, and run! Running through back yards, past buildings and sheds, you run until your breath comes ragged, hearing no cries of alarm, you think you got away with your ill gotten gains, you sag against a shack, and lay the case on your knees, then click it open. You scarcely believe your eyes, it’s a brand new P226, and right next to it in the foam, a full box of ammo. @Everyone, For us to be able to process your actions, you need to do two things before every single turn (which are on Tuesday and Friday). On the group management panel, you choose an action (Search/Explore/Attack/Clean up/Set a trap/Make an ambush/Create a stash/Move to destination), select it and write a short commentary meant to convey information you do not want other players to have (coordinates, nefarious plans, etc) in Plans and Comments, after that is done, select a location next to you on the map where you would like to move during this action (you will always move a little on the map, even on a search) rule of thumb is one sector per game day (turn), you may select a distance a lot further away, but you will have less control over your precise path. Then you go to the Game-2 thread and make a post there (do not use coordinates here, this RPG allows player versus player combat, and it might not be a good idea to relay your location to other players) outlining how your day went, this may be as exhaustive as you please, and well written posts may even end up gaining you bonus XP, but a short, clear description is allowed as well. (Please do not write about encountering other people, or finding specific items, this is decided by us, the GMs) Again, if anything is unclear, or if you have any questions, please message me, we are here to assist you.
  12. Oranje

    Something positive.

    I just LOVE the RPG, does that count?
  13. Oranje

    My friend is too scared to play!

    Get him to play offline a bit first, cant lose anything there, eventually he'll get annoyed he cant actually keep any of the cool things he find. And to dying. That might get him going.
  14. Oranje

    Forum RPG - Create A Character Contest

    Get to it folks!
  15. Oranje

    Wooden Wire Coil, the destroyer of dreams

    Please report this through the launcher, if you use screenshots made by the game, these include map coordinates, which makes finding issues like this easier for the devs. Thanks!