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  1. NeoPhyte_1979

    Ghost ( NL/Dutch ) reqruiting

    Watsup Desperados! Ik heb ook wel intresse. Mijn steam id stuur ik je per dm.
  2. NeoPhyte_1979

    Patch Released!

    Tnx for reply, i really care about this game cuz the intensity is soooo good....but i really dont get it when it comes to the netcode and all that.. Isnt that the most importent issue for a fps shooter..? Fair gameplay....for me it is.. And they fixed it pretty much before patch,,,but now its all back to poo... players walk thru doors.... or the doors are not even going open or closed.... like wtf.. I die from pistol guys who just have 5 seconds ahead in their game...somehow? i am not an IT guy but c'mon...and there is no other game who have it...so they doing something really bad...or they have some shitty platform they build on...? i dont know...but it suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx What fun of playing is left when there is no fair gameplay possible...? Also i want to upgrade my game but i wait till they fixed it...if they ever will and its not lo late cuz everyone is bored...like popular streamers even poo on it now becuz they seem not be able to fix it. Cmon Devs!!!! Work harder before its to late !!!!
  3. NeoPhyte_1979

    Patch Released!

    This game is soooooo good...But some retarded devs destroys the fun....why is this the ONLY game with all the fps drops and bs netcode crap.... PLZ FIX YOUR GAME or it will die like all other games that fucked up....FIX GAME THEN UPGRADE MAPS ETC !!!!!!!!!!!!! Its not even fun to go in geared cuz you know you will die from the game and not of some good gunfight.... Plz...plz....plzzzzzzzzzz FIX YOUR GAME!!!!
  4. NeoPhyte_1979

    Desync faillure....not funny anymore...

    Hello Devs... What is going on with the massive desync failure after last patch..??\ I constantly lose all my gear cuz of that bs....for now i dont go in servers geared anymore until you fixed this crap.....but then i also lose my fun in eft... Looks like you are going to have same problems as pubg... Example: i am in a dorm room, then i hear a enemy coming to me...my door is closed....i hear him outside my room... Then 1 sec later he is in my room and have killed me.....but i never see or hear him opening the door.... This happens to me around 10 times after last patch and not only in dorms....i think i lost around 3 to 4 milions rb and around 15 k dollars by this crap....