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    PVE mode , hear me out

    I agree with the op, i think there should 100% be a separate coop mode with a separate character, personally i think many of the players are in a disadvantage because they don't have all day to play the game and loot up and they instantly get destroyed by a player who can play all day once they spawn, i can relate to this myself because of people who camp spawns and extract zones i am deeply disadvantaged. in addition coop game play should have been in the to do list since launch, i think that is part of what the game should be as a tactical shooter, currently the game is basically a huge pvp sandbox with little incentive to work as a team and if you have a group who is working as a team they own the whole sever. All im saying is that a coop mode with a separate character and possibly more scavs instead of players would make the game appeal to a much wider audience. id be encouraged to hear opinions from a opposite viewpoint so if you disagree, say so and why, thanks!