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  1. no name on kill screen

    Hey ! It's happen to me a lot too, but it's just a bug, sometimes that also tell the name of your friends (and yes i'm sure they haven't kill me), it's seems that the armor have been reworked with the last patch and now the kiver no more protect the face part of the head, and yes you can be 1 shot in chest with the right weapon and the right bullet even with a PACA
  2. New Player question, with alot of deaths

    I'm in since Alpha Day 1 and I can say that I never met a cheater, sometimes it can be a bit confusing with desync, lag and all, but cheater have nothing to do here, sometimes in pmc it happens to me that a scav spawn on me as you pass across scav location it's surely what happens to you
  3. Skier Chemical P1

    Ok thx i will try ! <3
  4. Skier Chemical P1

    Same here ! Any idea so far ?
  5. Rourk#9458

    1. Frantic



      Enable the ownership package option on your forum's profile (Forum Profile > Edit profile > Display bought preorder ...).


      If you're owner of LB or PFE Edition send me a screenshot from your account profile (not forum's) here in Discord.

  6. Welcome we realy need you ^^
  7. EFT players worldwide

    Oh pretty nice ! They didnt say anything about that and i think a lot of the community have many question, you going to get some serious work there x)