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  1. LordSquidworth

    Maps are useless now

    I thought when 80-90% of us spawned on the same side in customs it was a thrill... One of my favorite rounds was when my three buddies got mowed down basically at spawn and I spend the next 5 or so minutes being hunted. 5 PMC kills later I was trotting to the exit on the other side.
  2. LordSquidworth

    Meh, I'm done.

    Doesn't matter what they claim. Been playing games long enough. This isn't a beta. Doesn't matter what they claim. Been playing games long enough. This isn't a beta. Doesn't matter what they claim. Been playing games long enough. This isn't a beta.
  3. Before the last wipe I had 71 forts (physical or bitcoins/whatever to trade for) and 50+ m4s. I seldom used either. Ak-74N + Paca I was content with. I had a bunch of the big guns sold by peacekeeper that everyone was using as well. Never actually used one myself, wasn't very fond of them. Would've had a lot more but they were the favorite of the epsilon container glitchers.
  4. LordSquidworth

    A serious discussion about Tarkov's early game.

    Maps like customs and factory are going to have a fast pace. If you survive the first 5-10 minutes, most of the other players are dead and you're mostly just waiting for the survivor from the other side of the map to find you. I can think of at least one customs map where 9 pmcs spawned on the same side (my four man, everyone but me died in seconds. another four man I spent like 5 minutes playing cat and mouse with until I killed them all. a loner that tried to pick me off as I wrapped up looting their corpses, though honestly have no idea where he spawned from. had he made a quick rush across the map he might've been from the other side). Think of it as the Hunger Games. Woods has it do a degree but much more open map. Customs and factory are basically funnels. There's only really two routes across the maps.
  5. LordSquidworth

    What Helps You Survive Better?

    Knowing how other players play. It's pretty easy to figure out where the majority of people are likely to be on a map.
  6. LordSquidworth

    End of Tarkov is near

    DayZ is still alive? Age of Empires II has a larger viewing. 19 years old. It's still in Alpha. Something widely misunderstood. Some reason a bunch of people think open beta is over the horizon. Id guesstimate we're at least two years from release at the pace of things.
  7. LordSquidworth

    This game is brutal for newbies

    Offline doesn't really do anything. I'd only use that to find the exits, but if you watched videos enough you should know them. Stock Ak-74U, Scav vest, one extra mag, some bullets in your container, one pain pill and health pack. Go play around in the game with that. If you run out of money I think you get some money sent to you. Do the scav runs whenever they're open to you. That's the load out I would use most of the time when playing by myself. Could drop geared groups with it. I was using the SKS too sometimes. Came to sorta enjoy that weapon after getting pinned behind a dumpster by four guys and dropping them all.
  8. LordSquidworth

    End of Tarkov is near

    That wasn't a "big" update. Any game maker needs to learn to ignore the fanboys. They're not the majority, they need to cater to the majority. The fanboys will always be there. There have been many games I've loved that listened to their fanboys (I'm never one. I believe criticism leads to a better product rather than sucking up) and the games died in the long term. You don't wipe them. You roll them back or give them something to keep them close to where they were. When I upgraded to EOD I didn't get my Beta container. I didn't have any container. What does support have to say? Try resetting your account again in two weeks... Both instances above are flat out pathetic. Again, terrible PR. Terrible support. That's what makes or breaks games more than the game content itself. Even in production. People will come back if mechanics are broken and they're eventually fixed. The chance of them returning after terrible service is a lot lower. What main twitch page? I just went to one with a fresh browser and it's not. It has like 4,500 viewers. Everything on the main page is 20,000+. It's current competition is pokemon catching. You're not alone. There's a lot in the same boat.
  9. LordSquidworth

    End of Tarkov is near

    They handled that terribly. They have no PR. When you start taking peoples money, you need to have PR. After the last wipe I came back and it was pretty much the same game, just one more map. The changes that were made, imo, didn't warrant a wipe. I grinded to level 20 then had enough, none of my friends had any interest in playing either. I'm fine testing a game and the account issues/resets that come with that. I'm not okay with repeated pointless grinding. There's still what... 5?6?7? more maps to come out? If each map requires a wipe, I've got far better things to do. The streamer that was caught on camera using a macro should be/have been banned.
  10. LordSquidworth

    Sick of cheaters.

    Escape from Tarkov: Where the devs support cheating, exploiting, and macros! Finding an exploit and reporting it isn't a bad thing. People who repeatedly use known exploits to ruin other peoples times should be banned. As should macro users.
  11. LordSquidworth

    Bought EOD, but did not receive Gamma Container.

    Pft. When I upgraded my container disappeared totally. Didn't have the alpha. Didn't have the gamma. Support told me to reset my account again in two weeks...
  12. LordSquidworth

    Meh, I'm done.

    It's still in ALPHA...
  13. LordSquidworth

    About the game economy

    There is no game economy.
  14. LordSquidworth

    dehydration is BS OP

    How about we don't lose dehydration while in a one hour instance from normal activity. That's more realistic than what we have. I've worked like a dog outside for 10-12 hour days sweating and drank a whole lot less water than these pansy characters of ours need to drink.
  15. LordSquidworth

    Meh, I'm done.

    There's a difference between testing and having to repeatedly grind the same things. Yeah, there is a lot of fun to be had when everyone has low tier guns and no gear. However, when you declare "two more wipes" and keep wiping and saying "two more wipes" bringing little between wipes, that annoys your "testers". There was nothing in this patch that called for a wipe. Weapons, armor and helmets should be rolled out as they become available between big patches. The tasks are straight up grind fest with little substance, that didn't change. The changes were extremely minor. Interchange is a lazy map on the part of the devs. This goes much further than wipes though, so refer to the link of devildogs video from an earlier poster.I still have concerns about the long term viability of this game. The developers seem to be winging it and need better leadership. Realistically, there are not that many maps or diversification in the game. The maps it has play out the same ways, people use the same gear. If you want pureblood testers, then the industry needs to return to the closed betas most of us probably remember from when we were younger. As soon as you take peoples money, you have to have far better PR than BSG has shown recently. They could be far more honest: "Guys I know we keep talking about open beta being two patches away. Honestly though, at the rate we're going, we've still got 2-3 years of development " sort of stuff. Ban the streamer that used a macro blatantly. These are all little things. I'll be back for sure. Net code issues were an annoyance, I really don't see the rampant cheating everyone is crying about, I found nothing wrong with the old spawns, etc. The game still needs tons of work and no sense getting burned out in the early stages.