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  1. Dev's am i supposed to even have this item?

    Gives shivers of COD noob tubes...
  2. Looting dead body bug

    Exploit. Players should be banned. Devs taking time to fix. Remove epsilon containers till then imo.
  3. 9mm AP

    Dunno. I've honestly never used one. Use the little AK win factory.
  4. Make Loot more Rare!

    Ive found 2 document bags and 1 key bar in 42 levels... Doesn't seem like too much to me.
  5. Spawns need addressing big time

    Just think of it as the hunger games.
  6. 9mm AP

    There's a reason people don't go into situations like Tarkov portrays armed just with 9mm.
  7. Spectate Mode for Team members

    Depends. Could just make it so their surviving teammates have an eye in the sky.
  8. So Weapon glitching is a Problem

    Found three of them last night. If they can't fix it quickly, remove the epsilon containers until they can.
  9. Remington R11 not lootable.

    Or fix it or remove epsilon containers until its fixed.
  10. Remington R11 not lootable.

    Weak. Found a player with a pistol doing the same thing.
  11. I don't see the big deal. Containers aren't big enough to be overpowered.
  12. Remington R11 not lootable.

    Second game in a row I kill someone with a R11 and I can't find it on the body. The last guy didn't even bother to bring gear outside the R11, so I'm guessing this is a recurring bug he knows about.
  13. I suck at this game

    Find some friends. They'll help you get what you need and give you help in runs.
  14. Jump Scare!

    Several factory runs tonight have been... well... quieter than most of them... Typically is just a dash for three story. Tonight we had a few rounds with the standard couple hatchlings and some serious stalking.
  15. friendly fire

    Sounds like a disaster is coming for USEC and BEAR.