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  1. Straight to the point. Scavs should work together in my opinion. They are one faction and not fragmented. I've heard of a Karma plan, but only for PMC, seeing as Scavs live without law. So here's my suggestion: A bounty. If a player Scav kills a certain amount of other scavs, a bounty is set on him. This bounty is only active while they are playing as scav. Playing a few matches might cause the bounty to be revoked, but excessive teamkilling could lead to a higher and higher bounty. There would also need to be some penalty as a scav with bounty: AI scavs are no longer friendly, but killing them in a firefight would have a smaller impact on this reputation system. In order to make this a real penalty though, bounty hunters might get some random information now and then. "Last Seen" info: little sentences like "Last seen near old gas station" or "Last seen carrying an assault rifle". Killing him and turning in his Dogtag would net the hunter a reward of money and experience. So, what do you think about this idea?
  2. Crash on launch

    Problem with this, and other games were fixed by a factory reset and then updating Windows 8 to its newest version, without going to 8.1. Thanks for the suggestion anyways, and this can now be marked as "solved".
  3. Crash on launch

    Tried that already. Tried a lot of things on the similar issue I am having on the other games. Upgrade is probably only a few days away. Hyped for this game!
  4. Crash on launch

    Hi, as you can see, my game crashes on launch. I just bought it and installed it for the first time. I tried disabling my firewall for one launch and running it as administrator. I will attach the crash output, I also reported it with the launcher option. I want to say that this is not a problem exclusive to EFT right now. I have had it on multiple Unity applications before. I've been looking for a fix for a few months now, but nothing ever seems to help, which is why I have little hope to find a solution here. I will be building a new PC using windows 10, as this might be a problem with DirectX, and Win10 has a newer version. Just thought I'd put this out there in case anyone found a magical solution. In the meanwhile, any way to refund this? I doubt I'd do it, but I might be able to wait for a better price while busy upgrading. crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt