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  1. It happens

    ...only in Tarkov. Funny how even in the 90ies with terrible servers, first person shooters weren't such laggy garbage. This game has literally the worst netcode I have ever experienced in a game, including all the f2p bs. Even games with TCP connections had less issues in concurrent timing. This video clearly reveals that the server is processing old player information from seconds ago instead of just dropping it and using the newest packages, which is a huge no-go for cycled servers and every programmer should know this, but what do I know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Teamers

    A well placed shot by a 9mm into a vital organ will be lethal. Maybe not right away, it may take a few seconds or minutes due to release of adrenaline, but you certainly wouldn't be able to run or fight anymore with not functioning heart or lungs. Stabs from a small knife obviously don't reach vital organs and are not comparable. Iraqveteran has shown in a video that a 9mm round will go straight through a human body (without bones) at a range of 400m. Your ribs may slow down the bullet, but won't matter at closer ranges. An assault rifle will kill you right away with a hit to your upper chest, even if it misses your vital organs. Not the case in EfT. In EfT all weapons except the OP shotguns with buckshot are a lot weaker than they would be in reality. And I fully agree that the game wouldn't be fun at all if Pistols would kill you right away with a single shot and it would all come down to who gets the first shot off. Realism by itself is not something to aim for if it makes the gameplay worse. Realism is just a side treat to make a game seem more immersive.
  3. Teamers

    I don't agree with Discord/TS being a cheat. After all the developers are defining what is alright to use and what isn't. And since they cannot do anything about non-injecting programs they are forced to be okay with it. Accordingly I also don't see gamma correction for nightvision or a crosshair on your screen as cheating. But I see how you can view it differently. I'd rather just call teaming a scumbag move just like spawn camping. The only game mode we have is a deathmatch and teaming up in a deathmatch is a scumbag way to gain an advantage over others. I am also playing in squads now, not because I support this poo, but because there is no other way to have fun in this cancerfest of a game. And usually we just end up fighting each other because there is practically no challenge in getting through a raid with a squad and its more fun to play against each other. I find the rest spot on, but what kind of reaction do you expect? Obviously those who team up to have an easy time running through raids just to then pretend and brag how 'hardcore' this game is will be against any change. Most players who team up only do so because they suck at the game and would never have the balls to risk their good gear while playing alone, if they got that gear by hard work playing solos and not from essentially free loot in squad raids. If the teams would get changed in the way you suggest those teamers would probably start crying and uninstall the game after realising what they played before was nothing but a casual run-and-gun.
  4. Budget Gaming Computer help!-*

    Keep your current case and HDD/SSD, try to find used (up to 2 years) i5 cpu and a total of 16gb ram (parts which pretty much dont break if you treat them properly), invest the rest into a new gcard and the cheapest mboard you can find for the cpu/gpu combo. If your current PSU has not enough power, buy a decent one with around 650W. If you dont have old parts at all, buy the cheapest stuff you can find, maybe even used ones. For a low budget usually an AMD gpu is recommended, but people have trouble with those in this game, so in this case I'd say go for nvidea. That is probably the best way you will get away with it for a low budget. Otherwise you will have trouble running EfT at all at high fps. Keep in mind that if you build a PC yourself, you run the risk that if a part breaks at some point, you have to manually find out which one to make use of the warranty, which can be a pain in the arse if you dont know much about the tech. Thats something many people forget before it actually happens and why prebuild PCs are usually the more comfortable (yet more expensive) option.
  5. Beta Timeline

    They don't. They don't owe anybody anything. They can release the game as it is right now and nobody could do anything about it. Essentially what No Mans Sky did. That doesn't mean that it isn't justified to complain about it or point out the lies behind the project. What exactly is it delivering? What do we have now in the game which wasn't already shown more than a year ago in the gameplay trailer? What did they achieve in those 1.5 years? If anything, we have less than that... If this pace continues this game will not be done by the time you or me are still playing games. Don't forget that this game was advertised for a release in 2016 and many people preordered it for that reason. Now the game is about 20% done after 3 years of development. Sure its our own fault for preordering. That doesnt mean it isnt justified to complain about scam like that. At this point all we can do is hope that the game becomes good at some point while we are still playing games.
  6. Details and screenshots of the Scav gameplay

    Scav mode will have a long cooldown. So IF you cannot play because your main character is injured¹, then the scav mode will only slightly reduce the problem. Scav mode was only made to balance the economy a bit for bad players. And the general rule is that if a solution only improves something and doesn't fully resolve it, it's not even a solution to begin with. Forcing bad players who constantly lose all their stuff to spawn in naked and search for a weapon is a solution which would always work and people could keep on playing the game at all times. There will be multiple main characters². So instead of the scav mode they could just increase the number of main characters by 1. ⇒ Scav mode is not the only solution. Just because thats how they want to do it, doesnt mean it has to be that way or that is makes sense. I find that (¹) and (²) are both out of place, including the scav system. To cite @Jezeppe here, saying "scav mode is necessary because otherwise there is literally no way to play the game" is like saying "slavery is necessary because otherwise there is literally no way to get any work done". Us being able to play the game right now without a scav mode is already proof that a scav mode is not the only solution to "not being able to play the game", you just have to think in a broader way instead of just staying in the box that BSG gave you. I drew the comparison to a BR to show that spawning in without a weapon and searching for it can be fun for a lot of people, nothing else. Others being geared doesn't change the fact that it would still be fun, if there would actually be some scav weapons spawning somewhere. That is literally all it takes to solve the problem of bad players not getting enough action. This game will never be balanced on a match-by-match basis, so I don't understand what balance has to do with all this. Nobody was talking about ingame balance to begin with. The problem is they are not doing anything wrong. Why do you think playing active in games like Incurgency is rewarding? Why do people play fast in most FPS, but in EfT they are not? Why do people play very active in Paintball, but actual war fights are hour long snoozefests? I tell you why: Because playing active is actually the more effective thing to do, if and only if you have nothing to lose. The surprise effect in direct combat is a huge advantage. A soldier can storm a house full of enemies and kill a bunch of them - the problem is he will die for it. The economy is what keeps the tactical play in EfT. Even if the chance is 10% to die to a scav, it may not be wise to fight him. Scavs on the other hand have nothing to lose, so there is basically no reason to not engage a fight for them. They will actively try to hunt you down. You gain practically nothing from killing them, while all it takes is one out of many of them to get a good shot on you and you lose everything. That is fairly ridiculous to say the least.
  7. Details and screenshots of the Scav gameplay

    Oh boy, this community is "special". I don't know where you get the impression that I want an explanation on how the system works. I wanted an argument to why the scav system makes sense. And you have provided absolutely none. You are literally only describing what it is, not why it is good or necessary. As it stands it is a useless feature which will very likely make the game experience worse by allowing certain people who do not risk anything to easily kill people who risk a lot. 6 people in this thread have pointed it out and nobody has said anything against it. As I have shown there are better solutions to the problem of people losing all their gear without the need of such a system and without the frustrating experience of losing all your stuff to a guy who has nothing to lose. If you don't have any arguments, don't even bother responding, especially not with empty conclusion without supportive arguments like "Scav mode does not harm the game in neither way" after not even replying to the no-risk issue. Nobody cares how the system is supposed to work with all the upcoming pieces or what and when they planned something. It doesn't imply in any way that the scav system is good, which is what the discussion here is about. If you want to explain why the scav system is good and necessary, show something that is possible only with it and that what it brings to the table outweighs all the mentioned negative aspects. Wait, are you saying I have to try flying into space in a cardboard box or see someone else do it, before judging it as a stupid idea? Where do I become this naive?
  8. Details and screenshots of the Scav gameplay

    What kind of generic argument is that? Should they now also add flying unicorns to the game, just because games with 100% realism are not fun? How does that in any way imply that scav mode is a good addition? So? Does that mean it makes sense? Isn't the point of the game to escape from Tarkov? Why are you controlling several characters then to begin with? Who is escaping? What does that have to do with the scav mode? Why does joining a game after it has already started require you to be a "scav"? Why cant just the regular character join? Would have the same "you need to watch out more" effect. Great. You explained to me how the scav system is supposed to work. Now where exactly is the argument in that for the mode? Why can't you just play your regular character all the time? Why cant your regular character just BE a "scav" whenever you decide to join with shitty or no gear? The scav mode harms the game in some ways as I argued above. What does the scav mode contribute to the game to negate that, which isn't doable a lot easier, like by having loaded weapons somewhere on the map, or scav corpses lying around as @Bulveye13 suggested? What is the point of scav mode over those simpler solutions, which don't have the negative side effects? I fail to see that.
  9. Details and screenshots of the Scav gameplay

    Why not? People have no trouble starting without any stuff in BR games like H1Z1 and just looking for a weapon to use. Without scav mode, people could just join naked and sneak around while trying to find one out of a couple loaded but half broken scav weapons somewhere on the map. That is, if there would actually be such weapons on the map, which is literally the only thing that would have to be implemented for this to work. It would also make looting a lot more enjoyable, if you know you can find a loaded gun somewhere. With scav mode, people will just join and play like Rambo because they have nothing to lose and get a weapon for free which they dont get to keep anyway. It will lead to less immersive gameplay, because you are essentially controlling a second character. It also ruins the whole hardcore concept, where you should be afraid of dying and losing your stuff. And all that for what? The only difference to the solution above is that you already start with the gun and dont have to find it first by playing sneaky. Ultimately they developed an entire new mode to achieve something that could have been solved very easily in a more enjoyable gameplay (at least for me personally) by just randomly spawning a couple of loaded scav weapons on the location. If somebody has an explanation on whats so amazing about this scav mode that Im missing, feel free to elaborate.
  10. Details and screenshots of the Scav gameplay

    That goes against the entire concept of the game. What exactly is the point of the scav mode anyway, if you intend to keep AI in the game? Just add some broken but loaded scav weapons to random loot locations on the map, so people can spawn in naked in a BR fashion, find them and use them, and you have your "scav" mode without really any effort. This would essentially be the same thing, except it will make looting overall more fun and give "bad" players who lose all their stuff all the time a lot more action to work with. Sorry, but this scav mode is completely useless, breaks the concept of the game and is a waste of development resources for a game which is already very far behind in schedule.
  11. Beta Timeline

    I'd rather compare this to Survarium, another Stalker inspired shooter by a CIS based company Vostok Games. VG made all those amazing promises about an open world, a Karma system, player interaction, trading etc. and made the impression that the game will be fully done as promised within about a year, but after cashing in on the funds and after years of development, the game barely changed and had none of the promised features. Right now it still is nothing but an Arena shooter with a few RPG elements and barely any players left. And I feel like EfT will follow the exact same scheme, if it doesn't do so already. We have all the empty promises, we have an already overdue release and we have an Alpha version which doesn't even have the basic features yet after years of development. I imagine the Beta will come out this year and the game will stay in Beta forever and they will feed us a map every year until the game loses all the players before all the promised features have been implemented. I pre-ordered the EoD edition and have regretted it since. Could have wiped my ass with the $170 instead.
  12. How long it will take?

    Closed Beta is already there. "Alpha" testers are playing it.
  13. What is this horrible sun flare in the shots? It looks like a cheap photoshop filter which makes the sun appear like it is in front of all objects and trees. Aside from that the graphics seem like an improvement, if they are not edited that is. I am hoping for a couple of new locations. Going by the trailer which got released a year ago, the only additional thing we have now is the AKS. Everything else is either very similar to the trailer or not even there. For a year of development that is a whole lot of nothing. So hopefully we get the skill system and at least 1 or 2 maps in that update and hopefully still this year. Time to get excited again? I am running the game on max setting with a gtx770 at about 60fps with just occasional cpu stutters on certain actions. So whatever your bottleneck is, is definitely not your graphics card. And they are still optimizing the performance (at least that is what they claim).
  14. Second wave started!

    As long as nobody confirms that he has received the access, I doubt the invites have been fully sent out. If there were more than about 50 people in the 2nd wave, at least one would have confirmed by now to have gotten a mail.
  15. Second wave started!

    Not everybody seems to have gotten an E-Mail yet. You can check if you have access to the Alpha Forum to see if you gained the invite.